Prada Lux Saffiano BN1874 Review + Authenticate your Prada Lux Saffiano BN1874!

I opted for Lux Saffiano because I realized that all my bags are too slouchy and casual. I needed a formal- looking bag that I can take with me to meetings and semi- formal occasions-the IT formal bag for me will always be a Chanel Quilted Flap, but no budget for that yet haha so I figured that this bag will be perfect for now. Prada is my go-to brand if I need anything that looks elegant and timeless-they're experts at that so I knew my money will be well spent.

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Following the success of the Prada Tessuto and Nappa Gaufre' line is the Lux Saffiano range. The former style is casually cool and chic so Prada thought of releasing an extreme counterpart sometime in 2011 (thanks for the correction, Gem)-one that is structured, solid, clean, and basic but a total eye (and arm) candy and out came Lux Saffiano.

Lux Saffiano and all of Prada's leathergoods for that matter come in GHW or Gold Hardware, meaning all the metal parts on the bag are colored in Gold, but recently, they came out with SHW or Steel Hardware for the lighter colors such as Marble. Lux Saffiano comes in small, medium, and large sizes and in tons of styles (double zipper, no zipper, full zipper, etc.). I got Bluette, this dark shade of blue with a hint of purple because I find it gorgeous just like that! Popular colors are Black, Caramel, and Argilla. Aside from these colors, I find it equally fabulous in the colors Cameo, Fuoco, and Dark Green. Initially, I wanted Argilla, but the color and the bag just disappears on me!

I got this bag in David Jones Mall in Sydney, Australia. Back then, it was a fresh release so value was P74,000.00+ in pesos and minus Tourist Tax, I got it at around P67,000.00++ only. Locally, Lux Saffianos start at P68,000.00+ depending on the style and size. This bag, if I'm not mistaken, retails at P96,000.00+ in Prada Greenbelt 4.

Please bear in mind that this authentication post is intended for this particular style and color only. Other Lux Saffiano styles bear different features.

Lux Saffiano's leather is made with dyed Calf leather. It feels super tough and needs very minimal cleaning: it attracts a lot of lint and a few dust particles, but I just wipe 'em off with microfiber cloth and the bag's fresh again. The bag will soften overtime (as I've seen on the Lux Saffiano of my friend), but the bag will still retain its shape somehow. My issue with the leather material is that the dye chips easily. (I got a small chip at the back) There are even cases wherein the bag chips continuously on its own so before purchasing one, check its body thoroughly: the square markings should remain intact, the exterior should feel smooth, and you shouldn't see any cracks on the surface of the leather.

The leather of Lux Saffiano has tiny, irregularly- shaped square markings. It has a bit of texture to it, but overall, it's very smooth and has a hint of sheen. It emits this strong leathery smell and I love it! :) Oh, this bag has a bit of weight too. Fake Lux Saffianos are made with a rubbery kind of material with uniform square markings. If your bag or the one you're eyeing has uniform square markings, feels significantly gritty, feels super light, and smells like rubber (or has no smell), BEWARE!

Be a Prada Lux Saffiano BN1874 connoisseur after the jump!

BN1874 was released in the latter part of 2013. It's a decent, medium- sized bag. It looks so simple, but classy and it perfectly suits my fashion taste. :) This bag looks so luxe despite its simplicity and you really can't help but admire it. Its clean style makes it a versatile bag as well.

I will always be a fan of long straps and I love that this bag has one! It doubles as a body bag and a top-handle bag. If the one you have or you're currently eyeing doesn't have one, BEWARE!

The entire bag is joined on the sides, thus you will see two long lines on the left and right sides of the bag. If your bag or the one you're eyeing doesn't have it, BEWARE!

Here's the logo. It's located at center part of the bag's exterior, right underneath the rim. The logo is atop a triangular patch of leather and the leather is atop a metal plate. If your bag or the bag you're eyeing does not look like this and the logo is placed off center, BEWARE!

Handles are pretty solid and they can stand on their own. Lux Saffianos feature clean, tone-on-tone stitching too so if your bag is Black, the stitch should be in Black as well. If your bag or the one you're eyeing has flimsy- looking and short handles, stitch is different from the color of the bag (and is uneven and crooked too), BEWARE!

Here's the strap. It is adjustable and bears a gold buckle. The strap is also a lil' stiff and solid, just like the handles. If the strap of your bag or the one you're eyeing does not have a gold buckle or isn't adjustable, BEWARE!

The strap comes with two automatic clamps in gold and the word PRADA is engraved on the middle. It's pretty much like the ones on Tessuto Gaufre'.

The clamps have a rotating base too. If your bag or the one you're eyeing doesn't have a rotating base, the word PRADA is engraved off center and looks messy, and the gold tone looks rusty than vibrant, BEWARE!

The bag comes with a key ring and that bell- shaped leather serves as its cover. The ring feels thick. If your bag or the one you're eyeing does not have the key ring and bell- shaped leather hanging on the handles, BEWARE! Similarly, if it has the two, but the leather cover does not bear two prominent vertical stitching near the topmost area, BEWARE AS WELL!

On the rightmost side of the bag (bag's perspective) and near the handle base, you'll find a small slit. Actually, I don't know what it's for. Maybe a secret pocket? Maybe not because it's nearly impossible to fit something in that. Lux Saffianos have this, except the round styles.

Here's the base of the handle. The bag has four of these. If your bag or the one you're eyeing comes with round or square- shaped bases instead of bell- shaped ones, BEWARE!

Here's the base of the bag. I love that it comes with studs to prevent the leather from coming into contact with any surface.

Studs are in gold as well and the word PRADA is engraved on the top and bottom areas of the stud. If your bag or the one you're eyeing does not bear four studs at the base or if it has but you don't find the word PRADA engraved on them, BEWARE!

Time for a top shot! BN1874 has three compartments, but only one has a zipper. The two other compartments are sealed with their very own magnetic closures. The zippered compartment is roomy enough to store precious stuff such as wallets, cellphones, and jewelry. Obviously, if your bag or the bag you're eyeing has more than three compartments, only has one magnetic closure or worse, has more than one zippered compartment, BEWARE. No, RUN AWAY! :D

The front compartment has a big, square open pocket on the right side of the bag made from leather. If your bag or the one you're eyeing doesn't have this pocket, material is made from textile, has a zipper, and is smaller than this, BEWARE!

The back compartment is where you'll find the zippered pocket with a metal tag right underneath. Zipper lining is thick, the zipper pull is bell- shaped and has the word PRADA MILANO engraved on it. Notice that there's also a leather 'tongue' sticking out at the end of the zipper lining. If your bag or the one you're eyeing doesn't have a zippered pocket at the back compartment, there's no leather tongue, the tag is in leather or if it's in metal but placed off center, and the zipper pull has no engraving, BEWARE!

Lining is made with Prada's signature Jacquard lining. Click HERE to know how an authentic Prada Jacquard lining looks like.

On the zippered, middle compartment, the zipper lining is thick as well and much thicker than the zippered pocket on the back compartment.

Here's the inside of the zippered compartment.

Zipper pull is also bell- shaped, has the word PRADA MILANO on it and it's bigger than the one on the zippered pocket. For this style, the middle compartment is the ONLY part with a zipper closure. Otherwise, BEWARE!

Despite its semi- formal style, I find that I can use this bag even when I'm wearing casual outfits without looking off or trying hard. My only issue is it's a lil' heavy and I can't put a lot in it. Also, this is not the best bag to bring if you're commuting because it isn't something that you can just dump anywhere and lug around carelessly, unless you don't mind seeing a few chips on the leather! I've commuted with it for a few times and I got a few chips on the edges so never again. :p Commuting here in the Philippines could get pretty nasty as you have to transfer from one PUV to another, not to mention you have to deal with some commuters who just don't care if they hit you on the face, crush your toe, or squish your bag. :P That, and pickpockets too. Nevertheless, material is pretty good because the leather has been treated with a gloss- like substance to resist scratches. The chips on the edges, I got 'em from major bumps. Prada bags also have the sturdiest and mightiest stitching and even if I fill this bag to the brim at times, the stitches are still intact, and I don't feel that the bag's gonna fall apart.

The bag is structured so it's not that expandable, but you can fit in a good number of stuff such as an iPad mini, a large makeup kit, a long wallet, a mini umbrella, a phone, a small jewelry pouch, a 30ml perfume, and a calling card wallet. However, if you put everything I wrote in the bag, it will be really heavy so choose what you'll put in it wisely. If you can downsize, do so.

It's not my super favorite amongst my collection because it requires careful handling, but I still love it anyway because it looks so elegant and lady-like. This style is best for corporate gals because it is perfect for the professional setting, or anyone who wants a no-nonsense bag that's very simple yet posh. 

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23 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Love the bag! Great choice!

  2. I'm sure all the Prada lovers will be thanking you for this post. I really love Prada as well, but I don't have lots of money to just buy a bag this expensive. This design looks really classy and elegant by the way. It totally matches your style!

  3. Hmmm I thought Bn1874 was released before 2013 as I read some ladies from purse forum debating which one to get way back 2012. I love Prada saffiano totes. I have the Bn2274 and Bn2316. :) They have so much colors to choose from but better be quick coz sometimes it gets sold out quickly. I usually ask them to put me in the waitlist just in case the color I want is out of stock or they can have it transferred from other stores, even as far as nz (i'm from Melbourne btw).

  4. That slit near the handle is for when you want to hide the key fob like this:

    Is it really cheaper to get Prada here, than through Prada e-shop, or US?

    Great bag, and love the color! D

  5. I really love the look and feel of saffiano leather, and this bag (in red) is a dream bag. Sad to know it chips easilyt though.

  6. Gorgeous bag! Suits you very well!
    Gosh I do hope one day I can afford to purchase bags like these :)

  7. Hi Martha. Lux Saffiano has been around even before 2013. It was released around 2nd half of 2011 in Europe. In Manila, price starts at Php91,000 for the small one (with straps). There's a certain release of Lux Saffiano that doesn't have a strap probably because it's too big for a shoulder bag :)

  8. Narita: Thank you! :D

    Gem: Hi Gem! Maybe the SA in David Jones gave me the wrong info haha! I remember it clearly, he said that it was released 2013. Maybe he was referring to the style though! :D Thanks for the input! Checked last month and they have LS bag starting at 70k na, but for the small ones. :)

    Kikay Si Kat: Hi and welcome to my blog! :) I believe you will soon! :D

    Joyce: Fuoco is sooo gorgeous too, but I have a red Balenciaga already. :p The chipping, it happens when you're really super careless with the bag though, which is me sometimes haha!

    Anonymous: Hi there and welcome to my blog! Thanks for the info on the key slit! The price comparison, I'm referring to the pricing in the Philippines and Australia-it's definitely cheaper in Australia. Of course you can get it cheaper in official websites, but I prefer not to buy because I don't trust the customs here haha! :D

    Jo: Hi there and welcome to my blog! :) Yes, Gem had corrected that already. :) Thanks for sharing. I'm actually lemming for another Lux Saffiano despite my issues with it. If given the chance, I'd get Argilla! :D Wow! I wanna visit Melbourne one day. Heard from the Sydney locals that food there is great! :)

    Kat: Welcome dear! :D

  9. Amazing "grown up" bag. Actually, grown up but quite fun. The leather and form are classy, yet the color is a little bolder and a little brighter. Nice.

  10. matromao: that's why I got a modern color to counter the 'grown-up' look of the bag. :)

  11. Thankyou so much for this.

    I've been on the hunt for the Prada BN1874 for awhile & have found someone selling one in melbourne.
    sent over the photo's for authentication to Carol Diva & completely forgot to ask about the strap (which is what I really need when using this bag).
    Great info & i've saved this post so I can take another read when I get the bag.

    Another Melbourne-ite here too :)

  12. I have a question...I recently purchased this in red and noticed that there is an exposed exterior stitch for the shoulder strap the upper right hand corner of the bag as well as in the back. I noticed that yours was hidden along the side crease. I have looked online to see why this has changed. These new stitch marks are even visible directly on Prada's website for this particular style. I know I am being picky, but I kind of think it looks a bit tacky. Any idea why they changed the location of the shoulder strap loop stitching?

  13. Hi does your bag have a cut for the piping trimming under? Mine does even if it's authentic. I'm being told it shouldn't but from your photos it seems like yours does too but it's hard to see.

  14. Hello! There is someone using your pictures to sell her bag on Poshmark and just wanted to let you. She is claiming that you in fact took hers. Her account is MedinaHR

    1. Hi! I have addressed the issue already. Thank you for the heads up!

  15. Ladies please do not buy from Authenticbagsforless on instagram! She sold me prada bags and claimed authentic but it was found fake after I had the bags authenticated. Refused to reply on viber and deleted me as her follower, maybe afraid I would comment on her account that she sold me a fake bag! Her real name is LORRAINE JANE SALOMON of Pagadian City. BEWARE!!! Maybe all the items she's selling are fake!

  16. Ladies! Please do not buy from Authenticbagsforless on Instagram. Her real name is LORRAINE JANE SALOMON from PAGADIAN CITY. This lady sold me prada bags and claimed they are authentic. I had the bags authenticated and they were FAKE! I told her about this and hasn't replied to my viber messages and now deleted me as her follower on ig! Beware!!!! Maybe all the bags she's selling are Fake! To all those who bought from her, better get your bags authenticated!

  17. This bag is not authentic. The R in Prada has no space between the first line and the curve of the R. Please refrain from attempting to give authentication advice when you are carrying a replica.

    1. Okay, please call Prada at David Jones Sydney then and tell them that they are selling knock-offs. It's where I got this bag. :)

  18. Thank you very much for your information. It is possible ? If the front compartment bag in side not made from leather? Thx u

  19. Is it true that 2012 -13 will not have the saffiano pocket inside? It will the Prada Jaquard fabric

  20. Is it true that bags made in 2012-13 don't have the saffiano leather pocket

  21. would you be able to post the dimensions of the bag? Theres so many variances online ie. 13" x 9" x 5.5" vs 13" x 8.25" x 5"


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