Dove Patches: Do you believe you're beautiful?

There are some days wherein I don't feel beautiful at all-I would loathe at my skin, criticize my body harshly, and would just submit to physical inferiority. Sounds downright unbelievable for a person who blogs about Beauty, right? Well I'm only human and just like any other human, I, too, have my own battles.

It pays to be in a spiritual journey, I tell you. It's where I am at this point and this helps me BIG TIME when it comes to battling these insecurities of mine. When my monkey brain becomes dominant, I just turn on the inside and find that voice within saying "Hey, you're being too harsh on yourself. Trust me, you don't look that bad"-it gets me through all the time.

Only 7% of women feel good about themselves.

I just thought about these because of this new video by Dove called 'Patches'. It's about a group of women who wore beauty patches that promise to help them feel good about themselves for a time. So what happened to these women after the experiment? Watch the video.

Why do 93% of women don't feel good about themselves? A lot of factors influence this number such as unattainable beauty and body standards, societal pressure, proliferation of single- minded concepts of men and women (e.g. tall, dark, handsome; tall, skinny, fair), colonial mentality, and so much more. Moreover, almost everyone supports these standards too. 

The truth is, these ridiculous standards will never go away-they might be diminished, but they will always echo in our society. So what do you do? Just turn on the inside-at the end of the day, you only have you and your opinion about you is what only matters. Stop chasing what's inside on the outside.

So that's my beauty reflection for today. How about you? What do you think about the video and its message?

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Aww! Relate much :((
    Sometimes I ask myself, why is it so hard to like my self??

  2. Aww! Relate much :((
    Sometimes I ask myself, why is it so hard to like my self??

  3. This is so touching :)

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  4. I must say that happiness and contentment is all but a resolution to anxiety, insecurity and pessimism. I may not be that successful but I can pay my own rent. I may not have a flawless skin and a tight abs but there's my man who loves me faithfully. I know it may seem easy to say to be happy at all times but everything happens for a reason. I am beautiful. We are beautiful. Everyone has a mission in life so we have to fluorish.

  5. an eye opener indeed, but I think that being beautiful is HOW I SEE MYSELF , how I am myself, it is not how I should look.

    BEING REAL (having good attitude,pure intentions, not being pretentious and A POSITIVE OUTLOOK IN LIFE) and BEING CONFIDENT IN YOUR OWN LOOK AND BODY is BEAUTIFUL.

    It is how to handle things , how to see the world. Beauty starts within thyself, it is like playing ping-pong , what you throw comes back to you, if you have a good attitude and personality you've got nothing to hide and you are ready to face everything beautifully, truthfully.

  6. I've watched this video weeks or months ago, I think from Dove page. I got curious. I was touched by the reactions of the women on the video. We just need to know who we really are and it will radiate:)

  7. Thanks for all the lovely insights, girls. :)


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