FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Life Span of Makeups

I got this question from one of the comments (specifically from Marielle) in my Fan Mail Fridays post about expired makeups-she asked if I could make a blog post regarding the life span of beauty products and that's what I did today!

I classified the common makeup products into two categories: Unused (aka Brand New) and Used. Click READ MORE for the charts-you can also download the and stick them onto your dresser so you'll be reminded when to toss away that makeup!

Brand New makeup doesn't mean it's vulnerable to expiry. If you find yourself in a makeup sale and you see beauty products at a crazy, discounted price, before hoarding, be sure to check the manufacturing date and count from there until the current year to know if they're still good to use or if you should ignore them instead.

And for the beauty products that you are currently using, be mindful of their life span. It's better safe than sorry!

TIP: To prolong a beauty product's shelf life, always store them properly and in a cool place, cover right after use, wash your hands before touching them, and don't share them with others!

Can't see the manufacturing date or it got erased? Here are tell- tale signs to look for to know if you should keep or ditch that makeup.

Hope this helps! :)

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. how about concealers? I have this new concealer that has 6 colors, I accidentally left it open for days then 1 color turned rock solid , is it broken? because the other 5 did not change,

  2. While I don't follow these rules to the letter, I do tend to play it by ear. If it starts to smell funky (mascara and lipstick, most often), then it's time to dump it. --Matromao

  3. Find this helpful especially if the expiration date is seen on the box of the product and I always throw them that's why I am not aware of the expiration of those. always excited using that I sometimes forgot to check the expiration dates.

  4. So informative and definitely helpful esp. Your tip to prolong the shelf life of the products :))

  5. Thank you for sharing this Ms. Martha! I think I should throw away my unused lippies because they smells "kakaiba" na. Hehe. Glad I know now these things so I can consume them before they expires. Thanks again! Godbless!

  6. Hala, ang short pala ng life ng Mascara! Thank you Miss Martha for this post. Naging aware ako to look on labels. Minsan kasi, bili lang ako ng bili.

  7. Thanks for answering my question Martha. I had learned my lesson to just buy products that I will use frequently and not just because it's awesome. I regret buying one foundation from shu uemura that I had only used once. Now it's expired and knowing the money I invest in it makes me sad to let it go.

  8. Very helpful! How about BB Creams and lip gloss...

  9. This is indeed a very formative post, thanks! I will screen cap this and let my folks read about this. ;)

  10. Kim: we also have to consider the formula-I have new concealers that ended up dry even if they're fairly new, so maybe that answers this issue. :)

    Matromao: same. I rely on the smell and texture because I always tend to forget when I bought and received them. :)

    Itsmefati: lol! I always encounter the same problem too. :)

    Claire,betsy, and Aegeanna: You're welcome, girls! :)

    Majorie: Welcome! :)

    Marielle: We all learn our lesson haha! Right now, I only buy makeup when I need it. :)


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