Piandré and Macadamia Natural Oil- Reviving My Almost Dead Hair With The Never Again, Unruly Hair Treatment

If my hair were my child, I am indeed an irresponsible mother as it was so dry already that I started experiencing hair fall, which freaked me out big time as it was the first time I experienced it ever. I haven't even given it a decent deep conditioning treatment at home for the past three months (Ulk! Sorry, hair) so when I got an invite to Piandré's Macadamia Muse Party, a hair pampering event at their new branch in Bonifacio Global City, I immediately jumped on it before it's too late for my locks!

At the Macadamia Muse Party, we were treated to nourishing hair treatments using Macadamia Natural Oil's professional hair care products. Just a recap, Macadamia Natural Oil is a premium hair care brand enriched with the precious Macadamia Nut Oil that's valued for its intensive moisturizing properties--Locally, Piandré is one of its retailers.

We were asked to choose our preferred treatment from the menu of exclusive services and I chose NEVER AGAIN, UNRULY HAIR TREATMENT, which aims to soften and revive dry, coarse hair, my hair's state then.

The products they used on me were the following: Healing Oil Treatment, Rejuvenating Shampoo, and Nourishing Leave- In Cream.

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My therapist for the day was Charles, a crowd favorite in the Piandré BGC branch. Charles specializes in hair treatments only and he's also very well- known for his signature back massage. Charles had first prepared the products by mixing the leave- in cream with a dollop of the Healing Oil Treatment in one bowl and poured some of the Rejuvenating Shampoo on the other.

My hair was shampooed using the Rejuvenating Shampoo. My locks normally need to be conditioned after shampooing, but this product's texture is so rich and creamy that I didn't need to condition after.

Next, Charles applied the Healing Treatment Oil and Nourishing Leave- In mixture onto my hair, from the roots down to the tips and he massaged it in for a while. The products smell really nice-they have this floral, caramel-ish scent to them.

My head was then covered with a shower cap and left for a while (about 10-15 minutes) to allow the products to penetrate my hair shafts better.

Now onto my most- awaited part: Charles's Signature Back Massage. It was awesome and that loosened up a lot of tangled muscles in my back-I just had an intense Resistance Band Boxing sesh a day before this event so this extra was very much appreciated!

I want all my readers know that Charles has gifted hands-I think he's the only therapist who would make me want to come back to Piandré for hair treatments!

Never Again, Unruly Hair Treatment is designed to be a no-rinse treatment and you should leave the products in your hair for a day. My hair needed that intense conditioning badly, although I wasn't prepared for all that greasy and heavy feeling as I had to go to a dinner that day plus my scalp is oily to begin with. My advice is take this treatment if you're going home straight right after the sesh or if you have a very, very dry hair and scalp. At least the products left no residue after rinsing, the treatment softened my hair big time, and the hair fall episodes are finally over!

Just sharing some of Macadamia Natural Oil's best- sellers:

Deep Repair Masque- A weekly at- home treatment to restore elasticity and vibrance to the hair.

Rejuvenating Shampoo- a moisturizing and cleansing shampoo with superb detangling, softening, and smoothing properties.

Flawless- My favorite Macadamia Natural Oil product! Find out why in this review. :)

Piandré will soon offer these Macadamia Natural Oil- exclusives to the public. In the meantime, please visit PIANDRÉ on Facebook for updates and to inquire about this brand.

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  1. So jealous ;( huhu
    Vloggers that I followed also raved about macadamia natural oils and swore by it! It's just so pricey ! Can't splurge yet on hair care products.

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  4. Macadamia is def my Holy Grail when it comes to my hair. I am fond of flat ironing my hair and constantly doing that made my hair very dry. My friends starting to notice. So I used their healing oil treatment. That is the only product from their brand that I only use. I am planning to purchase their deep repair masque/ ;)

  5. I super love Macadamia! Hopefullly I'll be able to try the natural oil product!

  6. Very creative! Now mama hair, your locks will love you more lol! If I get to try this treatment, I'll look for Charles :)

  7. Betsy and Eddielli: If ever you decide to splurge, try the flawless hair product! I swear by that! :)

    Jen: Yay! Don't forget to ask for the massage! :D

    Itsmefati: That's on my list too! :D

  8. I was looking for a great salon in BGC and I stumbled upon your post. I will try to have this kind of treatment din. Hope they're also great in haircut.


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