HOW TO: Salvage Old Makeup Brushes

I cleaned up my makeup storage last week and realized that I have way too many brushes that I don't use anymore as I always use the ones that are already displayed on my dresser. Most of these brushes are still unused or were barely used, but I prefer not to sell them because all of them were given to me by brands (I don't want to create an unfair competition, you know) and I don't really prefer giving them away because of hygiene reasons.

But of course, I don't want to throw them away just like that and this inspired me to find more uses for them in my everyday life!  Click READ MORE to know how you can recycle old makeup brushes!


- You can use eyeliner brushes to draw your nail art, while mini fan brushes can help you create galaxy nail arts by sweeping the glitter into place.


- These face brushes are soft enough to dust off dirt and lint from your laptop/PC's keyboard and screen. Just make sure they're cleaned thoroughly!

FOR OLD FOUNDATION BRUSHES AND CONCEALER BRUSHES: As an Applicator for Moisturizers on Bags and Shoes

- Conditioning my leather bags and shoes is part of my monthly routine at home. Before, I used towels to apply leather conditioner, but I hated how they'd leave a scratch on soft leather. I accidentally discovered this useful use for old brushes when I misplaced my towel for bags and shoes at home, and the brushes turned out to be much better and gentler! The foundation brush, I use to apply conditioner on the bigger surfaces while the concealer brush, I use it to apply conditioner on the tighter surfaces especially the ones with metal hardware so as to not dull its shine.


- What an uncanny use for makeup brushes! If you have a small work desk like me, you can use a large fan brush to dust your desk's surface and even clean figurines too!

Share with us your tips on how to recycle old makeup brushes! :)

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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. This is brilliant! I never thought of reusing old brushes. Great post :)


  2. Well its the same for me I use my old powder brush for dusting and I use an old eyeshadow brush to clean tiny spaces were Its not easy to clean with bulky things. this is very creative idea thanks ^_^

  3. Oh wow! Another helpful tips from you that I know will work to people who's into makeup and beauty industry.

    I had actually used my least favorite eyeliner brush on my nails when I did a nail art (just like you!)

    Old brushes can also be used as a decor to your makeup studio. You can put it in a dainty jar filled with colorful sands or pebbles. That way, people would recognize that you're a makeup artist. Ang fun nitong gawin kasi it's crafty and has your personal touch pa.

    Hmmm... pwede rin kaya 'tong gawing grill brush sa barbecue? Lol!

  4. What a simple yet helpful post MS. Martha! Just made me smile. :)
    But honestly whenever I have an old brush the first thing that comes to my mind is to use it for playing with toys! haha lol they're just too cute for messy jobs.

  5. This review is really helpful! I have many brushes too and I want to use them wisely! Thank God I have seen this blog post! I appreciate it very much!

  6. Thanks for the great tips! I use an old powder brush to periodically clean the inside of my PC and it does the job pretty well! =)

  7. I also used my old brushes as keyboard cleaner and duster. Using it as an applicator of moisturizer is a good idea.

  8. Wow! Nifty ways to repurpose makeup brushes! I do have a brush turned into a duster. I also save those tiny applicators that come with eye palettes for arts and crafts projects. They can be used to apply glue, glitter, and sequins to small spaces:)

  9. I use my old powder brush for my laptop's keyboard too... ☺

  10. haha i loove this! I totally got idea on how will I dust my laptop keyboard! brilliant Ms. M! <3

  11. Wow! At first, I thought you're going to somehow "revive" the brushes but this is actually better and more practical! I had a keyboard brush but it doesn't really seem to remove any dirt so I think using a make up brush is the way to go. I also love doing nail art and I think I now know what to use whenever I need to apply fine lines. Yay! Thanks for this! :)

  12. I also use old brushes to clean my keyboard. :) Never though of using it though for leather moisturizer. Nice suggestion. I will suggest this to my mom during our next round of leather bag routine maintenance. :)

  13. a very helpful post i find the dusting brush cute and funny :)

  14. Pau, Eddielli, Sincere and Jolly : Thanks!

    Ria: Just make sure that the brush is really clean to avoid staining. :)

    Jean: Oh when brushes are dead, they're dead. :D I have a keyboard brush cleaner too, but I find that it pushes the dirt into it instead of dusting them away, and the powder brush did that for me. :)

    Jen: great suggestion! :)

    Rattus: High five! :)

    Marielle: Hey, that's a good tip: use brush as decor. :) Thanks!

    Betsy: Lol. I know what you mean. :D

  15. My tita gave me a heap of super used make-up brushes and I do not want to throw it away but at the same time I don't want to use it because of hygienic purposes, now I know where to use them especially the concealer and fan brushes lol thank you very helpful indeed :)

  16. I like the liner brush for applying nail polish. No need to buy expensive ones when you have old brushes on hand. I also use those blush brush from drugstore makeup combo kit (those with hard bristles) to clean my fan especially those hard to reach areas of the fan.


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