Suesh 18-Piece Pro-Style Brush Kit Review

Here's a review on Suesh Pro-Style Brush Kit.

Price: P3,000.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in Suesh Greenhills, Market! Market!, Alabang Town Center, and Glorietta 5


I think everyone had Suesh as their first- ever brush set. I did and mine was the 16-pc. Professional set that came in a black rollable pouch. I loved it so much that I kept it for 6 years until it gave up on me, but most of the eye shader brushes that came in that set are still alive and this shows you that their brushes are some of the sturdiest around town!

I still find myself coming back to Suesh (glad they have multiple stores around the metro now!) to check out the new things they have to offer and I was surprised to know that from a simple brush brand, they've become a full- blown makeup distributing company that retails international makeup brands and even hair and makeup tools. As for the brush sets, they've already expanded into travel- sized and printed versions, and they even have the new Pro-Style brush set for fashionistas, which I got just recently.


Pro-Style Brush Kit is a professional/personal brush set that features 18 brushes made with vegan hair (Korean Taklon and High End Nylon) attached to matte lavender wooden handles.

The brush set comes in a box packaging.

The brushes are encased in a stylish, soft faux leather pouch that rolls up in a breeze and seals with a magnetic closure. It actually looks like a regular clutch until you open it.

Check out the brushes that come in this trendy set after the jump!


These brushes are extremely soft. Actually, synthetic bristles are softer than animal hair and it should be your option if you have sensitive skin as the latter tends to get scratchy overtime. The first time I washed these babies, a few strands fell out especially from the fluffier brushes, which is pretty normal, but none of that had happened on the second rinse.

I'm now breaking down the contents for everyone:

L-R: Big Fan Brush, Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Foundation Brush Bronzer Brush (my favorite!), Fluffy Eye Shader Brush, Flat Shader Brush Large

L-R: Flat Shader Brush Medium, Mini Fan Brush, Bullet Brush, Flat Liner Brush, Flat Shader Brush Small, Concealer Brush, Lip Brush, Smudger Sponge Brush, Eyeliner Brush

L-R: Spoolie, Brow/Lash Comb

The Bronzer Brush is my most favorite in this set because it has a flat top portion, thus I get to achieve a more uniform coverage plus its circumference is pretty small and lets me do spot- on contouring. At last, Suesh has introduced vegan bristles in their range to cater to those with sensitive skin. This is a more than complete set for personal use, but not so much for professional use because most of the eye brushes are too uniform in size and shape and they serve the same purpose pretty much, and it lacks a few finer and more detailed eye brushes. I'm not a makeup artist anyway so this set is good enough for my needs! 

Suesh 18-Piece Pro-Style Brush Kit is for any true blue makeup lover who wants to do her makeup in style!


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Thank you for sharing Ms. Martha they look fabulous I would have them in my wishlist! =)

  2. I've always wanted to get myself a set of suesh brushes. There's a stall in TriNoma. Thanks so much for the review!


  3. Suesh have really expanded and its also my first brush set I even remember how I saved my allowance to buy it! and the set I have is about 4 years now and its still durable ^_^ so its one of the brands that's worth expending on.

  4. I smiled when you said that maybe Suesh was the first-ever make brush set everyone had. :D When i first got an interest on make up brushes I went cray and searched online for a good and affordable brush set and I must admit SUESH was the first brand I considered buying only that I had trouble purchasing online so I end up looking on a pysical store :D lol

  5. Oh my I love this set! Hoping to have one! Great review and great product indeed!

  6. I have sensitive skin, and vegan brushes have always been my option. I just have to make an exception though for eye makeup brushes. I prefer animal hair for eye brushes since they're easier and nicee to use. Anyway, this set is very tempting, but I prefer buying brushes individually.

  7. I agree, the brush case is really stylish. I use brushes with vegan hair and they're just adorb on my skin! This set is very useful:)

  8. I sometimes use big fan brush to apply contour and blush. It actually gives a subtle color especially with pigmented products. And it is really good with highlighters!

  9. OMG the rose gold color is so pretty! ms martha is this better than the mac brushes? im planning to invest my brush set na! :)

  10. Jolly: MAC is another story, but Suesh is a good buy too! :)

    Majorie: Yup, that's another use for fan brushes too :)

    Aminda: Thank you and welcome to my blog! :)

    Jen: yes, I'm currently into vegan bristles too 'cuz they're so soft and they stay that way for a long time!

    Pau and Rattus: welcome! :)

    Carmela: agree! :)

    Betsy: oh they have a lot of stores now. :)

  11. It lasted 6 years? wow must be a great product then, that's so worth it for 3,000 pesos. It is better to splurge on an item that will surely last than to buy a cheap item that will break instantly.

  12. Thank you for sharing this blog! I love the style of all brushes.

    Makeup brush set


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