Maybelline Fashion Brow Coloring Mascara in Red Brown, Yellow Brown, and Dark Brown Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Maybelline Fashion Brow Coloring Mascara.

Price: P395.00/each
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in leading drugstores, department stores, and supermarkets


They said that your hair's color should match the color of your brows for a more uniform, nicer look so you have to dye your brows for that. I don't really buy this because I don't want any harsh chemical coming near my eyes, thus a brow mascara is an essential makeup product for me. My newest favorite now is Maybelline's Fashion Brow Coloring Mascara! It's so affordable and it works!


This newest offering from Maybelline promises lasting coverage and hold for up to 24 hours. Formula contains film- forming pigments that keep stray hair strands in place and lighten or darken your brows' color with three shades Yellow Brown, Dark Brown, and Red Brown.

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This product features an angle- free brush-Maybelline said that this design is meant to catch all brow strands for a more even finish-I don't really think it does that, but rather it controls the amount of product you put on your brows. However, I find that the width of the brush may be too big for some people.

Dark Brown- A mid tone beige-brown shade
Yellow Brown- a yellow- gold shade
Red Brown- a copper brown shade

The three shades have medium to heavy pigmentation and are laced with micro shimmer. Formula is whipped and smooth, and it clings onto hair strands easily. It dries up efficiently so you can even out the coverage according to your liking and it yields a soft hold so your brows don't feel too stiff, sticky, or look flat.


 Dark Brown

- This shade is perfect for those with sparse and thin brows.

Red Brown

- Great for gals like me who have reddish brown hair. This shade compliments tan skin tones too.

Yellow Brown

- This shade is great for lightening up bushy brows or whenever you've used too much brow liner. It's good to use when creating the caterpillar look on your brows too!

Coverage lasts the whole day and this is what I love about it! Got nothing to say, but praises for this product and I'm definitely recommending it to anyone who wants to temporarily dye their brows because it's safe, easy to remove, and super wallet- friendly! I just wish that Maybelline would come out with smaller angle- free brushes next time! :)


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Yes I found the wand tip too big for my brows. Sometimes I get a line of brow mascara above my brows, weird! The learning curve is pretty steep too for someone who hasn't tried any brow mascara before.

  2. Omg!! Brow lover here! I cannot leave the house nor my room without doing my brows, it gives me that polished look without too much make-up on or even the need of make-up especially when you're just home with the fam :D would definetly try these!!

  3. My pick is the red brown one. Love the color and the fact that it lasts all day is what made me love this product more. I guess its time to change brow colorant! :)

  4. I'd love to try Dark Brown one. I hope it matches me as I usually go for taupe or grayish brown eye brow pencils :P
    xo, Pau

  5. Finally! I'm very pleased with Maybelline's mascaras so I have high hopes for all of their eye makeup in general. I agree that they should redesign the wand since not everyone has thick, wide brows to begin with. And I also wish this line will eventually release more shades that will suit different hair colors. :) - DearKaaat

  6. wow! this is so affordable for such a great product! But I'm wondering if it will work for a thin (kinda almost hairless) brows? It is so hard to draw my brows using brow pencil, thanks for the review! Im not really a fan of maybelline but with your opinions, maybe i'd give it a try.

  7. the product is great but I just don't like the packaging the etude house one is also great~

  8. So many brow lovers! Dark brown looks very good for my sis...she got very thin brows...will recommend this. Got to try this too. It's affordable,nice.

  9. Drugstore brow mascara! I'm so glad Maybelline already have this product. Thanks for the review, I'll definitely want to have this kind of brow product in my kikay kit! ;)

  10. Becomingsleek: That's one con of the wand though-girls with narrow and thin brows will have a hard time not getting any smudges on the top part of the brows!

    Majorie: Welcome! :)

    Jen: Yes! I'm a certified brow lover too haha! :D

    Kim: Probably not. My advice is go for the drawing brow products such as liquid, pencil, and gel. :)

    Cath: Yup! Maybe they should include varying shades of darker browns. :)

    Pau B: the darkest one is a charcoal kind of brown so I think it will fit your preferred color! :)

    Itsmefati and Betsy: Lemme know how you like it! :D


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