Skechers SKCH+3 Sneaker Wedge: Taking Fashion to new heights + Skechers Glorietta 2 Store Virtual Tour

I was invited to Skecher's event a few weeks back and they said that they will 'elevate my style'. I wondered what that meant and the only way to find out was to go!

The event was held in Skecher's concept store in Glorietta 2 (which is pretty huge, btw).

From being a brand that specializes in footwear, Skechers has now expanded to clothing, intimates, bags, and timepieces making them an ultimate lifestyle brand.

So the fashion elevation is courtesy of this! Skecher's SKCH+3 Sneaker Wedges. This is one of my favorites, really. The pink one I have, I use it every weekend because it's comfortable and gives me a little height boost, not to mention it's so stylish that I don't have to rack my brain over my outfit plus this product has combined two of my favorite footwear in the world: sneakers and heels.

Skechers SKCH+3 combines comfort, lightness, and style to compliment a busy, city gal's life. It's high- cut sneakers made with soft suede and woven canvas upper, and includes a hidden 3-inch heel that's artfully built within the shoes. The secret to its super comfy body is the shock- absorbing midsole, cushioned sole, and flexible rubber traction. It also has three straps for a more secure stride.

When I got my pink one before, there weren't a lot of colors and styles, but now, they have AN AWFUL LOT! Click READ MORE and see my top picks! ;)

You don't have to pay 40 grand for a pair of Isabel Marant Sneakers when you have Skechers SKCH+3!

Add a fierce touch to your outfit with this bordeaux sneakers accentuated with snakeskin prints.

Bring home the bacon with this sporty pair!

It doesn't hurt to be glamorous sometimes and this studded sneakers will instantly give you that look!

Here are some of the models showing you the different ways to wear Skechers SKCH+3!

Let's go around the store, shall we?

Skechers also has girly footwear for those who like it pretty and feminine...

...and they also have a wide selection of comfortable, functional footwear for kids!

Those sneakers will definitely look great with Skechers' cool, casual pieces.

Looking for fancy, cute, and unique underwear? Try Skechers!

A watch is an essential accessory of mine and I don't leave home without it! Skechers Time has pretty cute designs and I wanna grab maybe a white or red one. :)

With my dear friend and Skechers' manager, Lui Castaneda.

Ana Gonzalez and Ava Te-Zabat's styles have been elevated! Look at their cute mint green SKCH+3s! :D

Skechers asked us to choose our preferred pair and being a lover of anything Black, I got this pair with glitters and glossy black studs! As of this writing, I already have a couple of OOTDs featuring this pair in mind-will share it with everyone soon! :)

Please visit SKECHERS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love skechers shoes! I brought one last year and now that they have another collection I can't help but wish to have one before the year ends! :)

  2. Problem solved for petite girls like me! :) This looks more comfortable than wearing high heels though and you can wear it in almost any style you can be chic and you can sport a ragged style too :) This is fashion and innovation at the same time, who would even thought that you can be taller by wearing sneakers and not high heels!

  3. These hidden wedge sneakers are all the rage right now! I really want to own one but I always put it off thinking that they'd look awkward on me since it's pretty tricky to style. :)

  4. This made me remember how enthusiastic I was when sneaker wedge was intoduced to the market :D I even imagine owning a pair of isabel marant back then (too ambitious! Lol). Good thing you don't need to splurge like crazy coz brand like skechers have almost the same :)

    P.s : never knew they also have undies! Lol

  5. Love love Sketchers I always buy my walking shoes from them cause there so comfortable great that they also have the wedge sneaker that is comfortable enough to wear.

  6. Sneaker wedges are sooo IN these days and I'm seeing a lot of girls wear it. I actually imagine myself wearing this with a casual dress. I can't wait for your next OOTD featuring this pair!

  7. Who doesn't love Sketchers? The tag price might be a bit ouchy on the pocket but they last long:) Nice choice with the black pair.

  8. Majorie: The thing is, it's been raining a lot lately and I can't take ootds! Haha!

    Jen: Thanks! :D

    Carmela: They have the Go Walk shoes that I'm interested in! That would be perfect for lazy days around the village. :)

    Betsy: Thank God Skechers came out with these because I was really contemplating on getting those Isabel Marant sneakers. :) With the price I'll pay for the latter, I can get at least 8 pairs of the former! :)

    Cath: Check out the photo featuring the styled girls in the event-the stylist was able to come up with good outfits to pull off the sneaker wedge. :)

    Kim: I knooow! Thank God for Skechers! :D

    Eddielli: I want another wedge sneaker before the year ends too! :)


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