Stila Stay-All-Day Bronzer in Light Review

Here's a review on Stila Stay-All-Day Bronzer in Light Review.

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If I can only choose one between blushing and contouring, I'd go for the latter because I have a round face, I love the way contouring gives my face some dimension, and truth be told, I can go on without blush. I'm always up for new contouring/bronzing powder products and Stila's new Stay-All-Day Bronzer is right up my alley because not only it looks natural, it has awesome staying power too!


Stila brought back a couple of their classic best- sellers this year to commemorate their 20th anniversary and this product is one of them. This product claims to be water- resistant and long- wearing while providing a silky, matte finish. It comes in three shades: Light, Medium, Dark.


Say goodbye to fading contours after the cut!

It comes in a packaging that reminds you of summer, but I find it a little bulky. It does feel sturdy though!

For only P845.00, you get a pretty big pan of contouring powder-I was actually surprised to find out that this product is just below P1,000.00!

Light is a roasted brown shade with a bronze undertone and matte finish. It doesn't look orange on my skin (even if it does on the pan) and it surprisingly shows up on my skin tone despite it being the lightest shade-the shade selections of this product lean more on the dark side so to be safe, stick to Light or Medium.

Texture of this product is smooth and non-chalky, and coverage is quite buildable. The powder feels finely milled and I don't get that weird, brownish patch on my skin because it spreads out easily and evenly. Pigmentation is pretty good, but I find that it doesn't give me an obvious, jagged contour, but rather a soft focus effect.


Two layers of the bronzer

I wore this bronzer to a workout with Tara, one of my closest Blogger friends in the Blogosphere, and after we have accomplished our sets, she commented "In fairness, naka-contour ka pa rin!" (In fairness, you still have your contour on!) I immediately checked my face in the mirror and indeed, my contour was still there and this shows that this product is pretty long lasting, although I don't think it's something that you can swim in. If you have extremely oily skin, wear time might not last that long though as oil is the enemy of powder! :D

In sum, this is a very good buy especially for those who can't leave their house without contouring-I also use the powder as an eyeshadow. I'd recommend it anytime to anyone who wants a very good contouring powder that doesn't cost a hefty premium!


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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I still can't believe how it's only P845 for 9g.

  2. I'm super curious about this. Liz also liked this contouring powder and she's lighter than you pa. Flattering sya sainyo pareho

    ♥ Jaja
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  3. I'm in a search of good quality bronzer and this is on top of my list.

  4. Pretty affordable for this brand :D
    I've been searching for a good bronzer and to be honest i haven't tried any yet. I got really confused between contouring powder and bronzer ??! :(

  5. I love how you contoured your face it looks so natural, whenever I try to contour it looks uneven, maybe because I don't really know how to blend or it's because of the materials I used. I hope you'll post about a how-to-contour look? :)

  6. I was amazed by the staying power. :) I sweat a lot (even on normal days) and I think this products suits me well. :D a bit pricey for me but it's worth it :D

  7. I'm an alien. I don't even know what contouring is in the makeup world. But I'm with you when you said that you can go on without blush.

  8. I just have no talent in conturing, and it always end up looking messy on me. Errrr... anyway, I rarely contour because my face is very angular. Thisproduct indeed looks lovely on you. ;)

  9. Cath: Me toooo!

    Majorie, Kim and Jen: Thanks! I have a tutorial on contouring. :)

    Itsmefati: For a very good product, the price is not bad imo! :)

    Betsy: There's very minimal difference between the two, imo. Bronzers, more often that not, have a shimmery finish and contouring powders are matte, but you can use both for contouring. :)

    Marielle: I think you'll like this. :)

    Jaja: Hello! Yup, we both like Stila because their products are pretty affordable, but very good. :)


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