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Hi guys! Do you have scars on your legs? Well I do and I got them just recently when I was playing with my beloved pooches-oh, the hazards of being a pet mom! But good thing I love my furry babies anyway!

So let's talk about leg scar treatments today! Question is from Maria:

I have old scars on my legs. What product can you recommend to lighten it? Thanks! 

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Before we begin, let's look at the different types of scars: There's the old and new, and scar types are hypeprpigmentation, pitted, and Keloid. New scars are easier to get rid of. For example: Melanin accumulation can still be prevented (for hyper pigmentation) while old scars, unfortunately, may not go away for the following reasons, according to some derma literature that I have read: 1. Melanin has accumulated so much on a certain part of the skin-it's like they built a civilization there and decided to stay 2. Scar tissues keep on regenerating, but they still form scars 3. Overall skin health greatly contributes to the healing of scars.

The success rate is little when it comes to eradicating old scars (even medical experts will agree on this), but we cannot simply ignore the successful cases of people who were able to get rid of them with the help of modern science. In other words, there may still be a spark of hope for you and your old scars, Maria. If you want to know what these treatments are, just click READ MORE.

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Peeling is simply shedding off (synthetically) old skin to reveal new skin-this is favorable for those who are suffering from hyper pigmentation. There are certain peeling agents that you can use such as Hydroquinone, Glycolic Acid, and Tretinoin, but be sure to consult a dermatologist before doing it on your own, and limit sun exposure and never ever forget to apply sunblock to prevent skin sensitivity.

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It seems like Laser is the last resort for those who have pretty much tried everything and it is no different for people who are dealing with leg scars. If you don't mind investing in your legs, you can try Revlite as it promises lightening and tightening or Fraxel Laser, a laser treatment that's been known to treat surgical scars. I've read that Fraxel Dual is best recommended for pigmentation scars as it helps resurface new skin by accelerating the skin's natural healing process. But then again, the entire thing could cost you a fortune.

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Dermarolling can be done at home provided that you have a legit Dermarolling Kit. What it does is it creates tiny lesions on the skin so it will be forced to heal itself double time, thus forming a new layer of skin. This procedure, more often than not, is used to address stretch marks though.

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For the spendthrift, you can always use topical solutions that promise to heal scars, but please be reminded that old scars may need a little more help beyond applying creams, gels, and whatnots. Here's a list for your reference:

Over-The-Counter Remedies:

Hiruscar- I used this to treat a scar from an old, deep wound on my heel and it worked. Now that part is completely scar- free.

Nutraderm- Here's the story: In our old house, I used to sleep with a bunch of kittens in the room, but little did I know that they had fleas. My legs were severely bitten by the fleas leaving reddish marks that turned brown when they healed. A friend advised me to use Nutraderm as she said that she encountered the same problem and this product has eradicated the brown spots on her legs, and it worked on me as well-I have to tell you though that I used Nutraderm when my scars were still pretty fresh. I cannot guarantee if you will experience the same effect, but you can try!

Natural Remedies

Vitamin E- This vitamin is known to help cell regeneration. Just buy Vitamin E capsules, pop one every night, and apply on scars. Sunflower oil is a rich source of Vitamin E as well.

Cocoa and Shea Butter- dryness may enhance the appearance of scars so slather on Shea or Cocoa- butter infused lotions and body butters on them to keep them soft and supple. The sheen that body moisturizers give also refract light, thus minimizing the appearance of scars!

Lemon- grab a fresh lemon and rub on hyper pigmented scars. Lemon has lightening agents that may help minimize brown spots.

The thing with natural remedies though is, they will take time to produce your desired effects. Just use them religiously for better results.

Hope you find this article informative, guys. Good luck on your battle with scars, Maria!

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I also have small scars on my left leg due to allergies that became wounds and became scars when healed. I tried different over the counter scar removing creams, but none of them worked. My derma suggested doing an inskin procedure but I'm scared to do so. I didn't do the procedure. Now, I still have my scars, so I might try Nutraderm as you suggested. I hope it'll work even a bit. :)

  2. i want to try this also do you know how to lighter the skin ? i used several lotion and i think only nivea did something but not noticeable thanks

  3. Naku, my legs have been through a lot. Entire sections of skin shaved off thanks to razors, deep scars due to accidents, hyperpigmentation due to skin conditions...but I'm happy to report that they all faded in time. Yay! My legs aren't flawless, but you can hardly see the shadows of the scars unless you look very closely.

    I have a friend, though, who underwent peeling for her legs in order to get rid of marks left by skin asthma. If you have the money, go for it! Nice legs can certainly boost your confidence.

  4. I had a very sensitive skin when I was young. Kagat lang ng langgam and my legs will be gone red sore until it develops into a wound and end up scarring. My scars are like plastic on the surface but it's flat. Most are small but I have this one big scar na ga-piso ang laki. I don't know how it's called but I guess it's another form of a keloid. I don't treat it and I think there's no treatment for that. My husband is into tattoinig so I opted to cover it with a tattoo.

  5. Popping vitamin e really helps me to remove my scar kahit generic vitamin e lang is so effective.This is my daily routine and I can't go a day without doing this. More power and Godbless! xoxo


  6. Abegaill: Let me know if Nutraderm works, okay? :D

    Darlene: Cool! I do it on fresh scars so they will heal quickly. :)

    Aviva: Got a few marks recently due to my pets and some minor workout accidents. Thankfully, my skin recovers fast.

    Rosemarie: Go for whitening scrubs, soaps, and lotions and use 'em religiously. :)

    Marielle: For keloid scars, I think surgery or laser would be needed, but since you got it covered already, I think that would be fine! :)

  7. Do the products/remedies you recommended good for insect/mosquito bite scars as well? I have a lot (which shows that I don't really have a good environment!) of darks spots on my legs thus i don't get to wear shorts, skirts & dresses than usual.:(

  8. I hаd sеvеrе аcnе scars both on my fаcе аnd bаck аnd аftеr trying countlеss dеrmаtologists’ trеаtment options, I'd still found mysеlf frustrаtеd by my dеbilitating аcnе problеm. Your progrаm did a fаntаstic job of showing mе thе right wаy... In lеss thаn a month, most of my аcnе scars wаs gonе!

  9. Until I found this natural solution ( ) I had been using Mederma to try to fade scars on the side of my leg. I was wondering why it wasn't working for me, but now I know. I started using that system a few weeks ago and already I'm seeing a huge improvement! I can't believe how fast it's working!

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  11. Hi! May I know where or what drugstore branch exactly were you able to buy Hiruscar and Nutraderm? Thanks a lot!

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