HOW TO: Fix your brows at home under 10 minutes!

I have already provided everyone ample info on how to groom brows and even the best brow products to date, but I just realized that there's still something lacking and it's this: Fixing your brows at home. When your schedule gets cray cray and you suddenly have no time to visit a brow grooming salon, that doesn't mean you must endure fugly brows so here's a cheat sheet to keep your brows clean and polished. Click READ MORE and let's get started!

You will need the following items:

Brow shaver
Brow comb
Your preferred brow product
Slim/Small scissors

STEP 1: I suppose by now, you know which brow shape suits your face shape best. If not, kindly read my BROWS 101 post for an insightful tutorial.

Fast forwarding to this! The quickest way to get things done is to map your brows either with a brow powder, pencil, gel, or liquid liner so you'll know which parts to shave and trim. With the help of mapping, you can also determine the width and thickness of your brows!

STEP 2: After mapping, grab your brow shaver and gently shave the hair strands right below the line. Start on your brow bone first-this will give you a better view of your brows'  shape and prevent you from over-shaving the top portion.

STEP 3: Carefully shave the strands on top of your arch. Shave per portion starting on the center, tail, then finally, the edge of your brows. I shave the edge last because it's easier to create a fake tail than a fake edge if ever I encounter a mistake!

STEP 4: Finally, grab the brow comb and gently comb the longer strands upwards and trim the protruding ends. Do it only once or else, you might cut off way too much! Normally, I do this technique on the center portion of my brows only because the strands in here grow pretty longer than normal. Similarly, cut the fringes on the bottom arch of your brows for a cleaner look.

Remember, always use your mapped brows as the guide and only cut and shave outside the lines! Hope you've found this technique useful! :)

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ever since I have read your blog regarding the best brow product (The etude cheap and nice browliner) I started to read everything about brows! And I also started to take care of my brow! It's really amazing how a brow can make a face glow! Even I'm at home I make my brow and my husband will always ask me why. I just think making my brow is making my day! :) Thanks for your advices/tutorials and blogs! Im a stay-at-home mom and reading your blogs is really entertaining and educating at the same time. :) Thank God He made someone like you! And thanks you for making a blog like this!

  2. This is such a helpful post! I'm always doing my brows at home as I always don't have time to go to a salon to groom it. One of my problems is the long hairs on the middle of my brows. It keeps on ruining my line. :/ Thanks to you that I know now what to do. :)

  3. I'm so scared to trim my lashes but my sister told me about the combing technique and it really does work! Sobrang mas malinis tignan brows ko, even more than when it's just plainly threaded / waxed :)

  4. Very helpful. Keep posting. :))

  5. I'm 19 and yet I still don't know how to fix/groom my own eyebrows! I'll try these techniques soon

  6. I remember before, I always find the brow shaver and comb in the beauty stalls and wondering what's the use of it.. >_< so naive of me.. (though I'm using blade on my own brow). This is usually my problem. Just now I went to a parlor and I said they would trim it slight, but still they made it super thin. This is still my weakness..:( Thanks for that tip, no wonder that mine looks ugly because I trim it repeteadly, I should have known that one is enough

  7. I have the same brow shaver, nice! I usually shave the strands below and above my natural brow shape every 2 weeks just to get a nice shape everytime. And thanks to your brows 101 post, if I have time, I indeed groom my brows for an hour actually.

  8. i'm always troubles by my eyebrows because it is short. I cant really find a way to make it suit me.. but with your blog post i'm encourage to try grooming my eyebrows :D i hope it will come nicely ..

  9. I am currently reviewing your posts about brows. I have round face so I went to your Brows 101 post first. So now it's time to shape them. Given this very detailed tutorial, I hope I can shape them right. :)

  10. I'm really thankful I found your blog kahit super lawak ng internet. Haha! I was kind of afraid to groom my eyebrows myself. But thanks to you and your blog! Brb, just gonna read your Brows 101 post! ♥


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