Majolica Majorca Line Hunter in Black Review

Here's a review on Majolica Majorca Line Hunter in Black.

Price: P650.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all leading department stores


Oh, are you looking for an affordable liquid eyeliner that stays all day? Look no further-just go to a Majolica Majorca counter and grab the Line Hunter! I swear, this thing stays!


A new and improved version of the Pencil Liner Automatic, Line Hunter features the W Hunt Brush, a fine applicator with a wide body and fine tip that lets you draw thick or thin lines. Comes in the shade Black, claims to stay smudge- proof, sebum- proof, and budge- proof for hours yet can be easily removed with a facial cleanser, and contains Chamomile Recutita essence to treat eyes.

The brush is soft and sturdy yet flexible: It follows the motion of your hands, but springs back quickly to prevent accidental smudges and jagged lines.

More about this fine find of mine after the break!

This product imparts a jet- black shade with a semi- patent finish-this is good for you if you want a more trendy, standout definition for your eyes. Pigmentation is very good and it covers evenly in one stroke and true enough, this product comes off easily with just plain facial cleanser.

PERSONAL TIP: If you want to achieve a thick line, Lay the brush flat on the center of your upper lash line, gradually slide it outwards, and should you want to have a winged tip, gently lift the brush upwards and switch to the pointy tip as you move towards the outer portion of you upper lash line. Sounds pretty complicated, but once you get the hang of it, application will be a breeze, I'm telling you!


The manager of Majolica Majorca Philippines actually told me that this product, in her opinion, is simply long- wearing, but turned out that it's a little more than that: I thought that this product won't survive a work out sesh, but it did, and it performed very well on my oily lids by not smudging and staying vibrant the whole day (just make sure you set your lids with powder). Also, it doesn't dry up that quickly in the tube! However, this thing does not dry up easily so you need to give it around 2-3 minutes to settle. Other than that, I can't think of any caveat! This is one affordable liquid eyeliner that I recommend to everyone! :)


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow, that's really a cheap yet high quality eyeliner. I don't mind waiting 2-3 minutes for it to get dry, as long as it's smudge proof. Another good quality of it is that it's easy to remove! I would surely love that eyeliner. :)

  2. Been looking for a good eyeliner! Thanks for this post! :D

  3. I love this to death! I used up one tube already, and I will definitely repurchase. I really agree that it lasts the whole day without smudging and so much easy to use! :)

  4. this is also a must on summer time so that when ur on the beach still you look pretty

  5. Can't believe they sell this for only 650Php!

  6. How does this liner compare to the Malica majorca's perfect automatic liner na onsale ngayon for 499?

  7. Is this the one you used in your latest post? I find it nice kasi. I have a hard time controling an eyeliner. Can you share us illustration of eyeliner for different kind of eyes. I got a huge eye kasi. I really wanted to use an eyeliner...

  8. Staying power is 5, this is a must try product. It has a cheap price for its quality huh. Thanks for this. More power and Godbless. xoxo


  9. Abegaill: Let me know how you like it! :D

    Darlene: Hope you can try it! :D

    Pbhie: I believe the difference is the packaging lang-this one comes with a more precise applicator. :)

    Teri: Yup! It's this one! :) Will try to do one in the coming days! :D

    Rosemarie: True! :D

    Juvy: Wee! High five, fellow fan :D

    Yhang: Enjoy! :D


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