Happy Skin Presents new shades of Shut Up and Kiss Me and a ZZ Cream!

Despite that dratted food poisoning I experienced, I still tried my best to attend Happy Skin's thanksgiving dinner/launch at Shang Palace. I couldn't miss that special day wherein Jacqe and Rissa gathered their Press and Blogger friends to celebrate their super successful venture-Happy Skin's barely a year old, but they've quickly expanded into various markets locally and internationally, and sold thousands and thousands of their products with the Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie and SS Cream as the top grossers.

I don't know if I heard it right, but I think Happy Skin sells 500 pieces of these babies everyday? Whether it's true or not, no one can ever resist the super pigmented, ultra moisturizing, and long- wearing Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing lippies-IMO, they've made Happy Skin pretty famous! Jacqe and Rissa just did the best move when they have decided to expand its shade range with three new colors namely Playing Footsie, Just Say Yes, and Honeymoon Glow!

Top: Honeymoon Glow Center: Just Say Yes Bottom: Playing Footsie

Nude will always be a favorite of many Filipinas because this color just sits well with our skin tone. Happy Skin introduces two nude shades out of the three in Honeymoon Glow and Just Say Yes. For the daring Filipinas, there's Playing Footsie, a rocking' fuchsia shade!

Happy Skin's not stopping there-they're also introducing a new face base called the ZZ Cream. What is that!?! You'll find out when you click READ MORE! :D

FYI, Happy Skin's SS Cream has sold over 7,500 tubes since its launch-sounds like a pretty tough act to follow, but not for the ballsy Jacqe-Rissa duo and their new Happy Skin ZZ Cream or Zit Zapper Cream for Sensitive and Acne- Prone skin types is proof! This special, oil- free, cream-to-powder foundation enhances your skin while combating pimples all at once! It contains Grapefruit extract as antioxidant, Licorice and Yogurt that help lighten post- acne marks and minimize bumps, and Salicylic Acid that battles acne- causing bacteria. It only comes in one shade, but Jacqe said that it adjusts to any skin tone.

So those are my share- worthy beauty products today! Shut Up and Kiss Me lippies are still at P499.00 and ZZ Cream is at P1,299.00.

You may find these products in Beauty Bar and Plains and Prints Branches. Happy Skin also ships to 250 countries worldwide. Just visit HAPPY SKIN on Facebook for your inquiries!

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I've already heard a lot of good reviews about the zz cream and I really wanted to buy it but it's kinda pricey. Haha. Will need to save money first. As for the shut up and kiss me lipstick, that actually introduced me to the happy skin products. I first bought it because I find the packaging so colorful and playful. But when I tried it, I was amazed at how good it is. Now I'm on my second lipstick and I got playing footsie. I love it. My officemate is also now a fan of happy skin products! She actually has a lot more shades now than me.

  2. cute packaging cute lippies i want this <3 its like a coloring pen hehe.

  3. Ooo I'd love to try that ZZ cream!

  4. ZZ cream... hmmm... I hope I could have a sample to try too. zz creaaam. That's kinda expensive ha, why kaya? I hope you can make a review of this.

  5. Happy Skin cosmetics are soooo creatively named, branded and packaged. They're so cute that I couldnt stop myself from purchasing them even though they're a wee bit pricey. I recently bought their gel liners and Im totally in looove with them! They're worth every peso I paid for. Applying them is a breeze and they're long lasting too. And now becoz of your post Im uber tempted to buy their lippies most probably the playing footsies one. Ü

  6. In all honesty, Happy Skin has done so well with Pinay-friendly colors. They're so wearable and the pigmentation is excellent. I just wish they could create something... unusual? Something showstopping. The colors kasi I find basic that I think I already have something like it (if not an exact, same shade) in my stash. --Matromao

  7. ZZ Cream is so perfect for me but it's a little bit price, hope they'll be on sale hahah. Want to try ZZ cream coz I heard a lot of good reviews about this. Hope i'll have one for free. :) More power and Godbless. xoxo


  8. Abegaill: Awesomesauce! You gotta try their don't mad get even liquid foundation-it's so nice! :D

    Darlene and Cath Uri: Which reminds me, I have to do a review on it soon! :)

    Foodworldme: I'm sure that's part of the plan, but for now, they're playing it safe. :)

    Beapots: Hi there and welcome to my blog! :D Glad you're loving the eyeliner! :) Playing footsie is such a lovely color-great choice! :D

    Rosemarie: and crayons too! :D

    Teri: Because it's made in Japan. ;)

  9. A foundation that is also a pimple buster? Who couldn't resist, right?


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