BELO ESSENTIALS ACNEPRO: The Most Affordable Anti- Acne Skin Care Range I Have Ever Tried

We all know that life can be a lil' stressful, and with stress comes breakouts-I've had my fair share of stressful moments and breakouts. However, not everyone has a budget for a weekly derma treatment so the next best thing would be a targeted skin care line that will address those pesky zits. Luckily for us, there are effective yet affordable options in the market today!

What I’m raving about lately is Belo Acne Pro by Belo Essentials-I’m on my second batch now and it still works for me! One special thing about this line is instead of using the classic acne- busting ingredients Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, and Crownwood Fern, it contains Bee Venom.

A brief info about Bee Venom: Apparently, Bee Venom has been found to be a potent anti- aging (induces collagen production), anti- acne, and anti- inflammatory ingredient. Sourced from Honey Bees, the venom itself is poisonous, but the compound called Melittin found in it is the one that delivers all the positive effects aforementioned. Kate Middleton, Kylie Minogue, and Victoria Beckham are reportedly fans of Bee Venom- infused products.

Click READ MORE for my journey and find out why I’m loving it!

Belo AcnePro is a pretty straightforward line: It only has a facial wash, toner, and spot treatment-I wish it had a moisturizer though (gel moisturizer to be exact) to hydrate skin because it is no secret that hydration helps prevent breakouts.

Let’s look at the products one by one:

The facial wash has a fresh gel texture-it won’t leave any residue behind and has no silicone or wax ingredients that may aggravate breakouts—it’s low- foam too so it won’t dry out or irritate the skin. Scent is a very light, calming floral fragrance. How I wish it came in a much bigger tube though so I won’t have to drop by a drugstore every week just to get it.

Next up is the toner. Okay, Imma’ confess that this is currently my favorite drugstore toner because it doesn’t sting, mattifies skin sans the taut, itchy, and dry feeling, and has refreshing properties-I even noticed that it minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores after just a week of usage!

Finally, here’s the spot treatment. This gel- based pimple zapper has a light, spreadable texture and yields a tolerable stinging sensation. I also applied it on my face hives just to know if it can remedy beyond pimples and it worked, but please, don’t consider this product as a remedy to allergy- triggered hives!

Check out my skin two weeks after using Belo Essentials AcnePro:

Before: My battered face. Texture is rough due to hives and a huge red pimple dominates my left cheek

After: Mr. Pimple is now flat and on its way to healing, and skin texture got smoother.

I’ve had little success with repeat products, but Belo Essentials AcnePro is an exception: it is one of the few skin care lines that my skin has responded to very well and for sure, I am willing to get a third batch if ever I breakout again!

Belo Essentials AcnePro my friends, is da bomb-‘nuff said. If you have sensitive skin, please conduct a patch test first, but if your skin is pretty resistant and you have no known allergy issues, I will surely recommend this line!

Please visit BELO ESSENTIALS on Facebook for more information about this line  and follow them on Twitter at @belo_essentials and IG @belo_essentials. Oh, do you also know who Pimpy is and why you should say goodbye to him? Then go to GOODBYE PIMPY website.

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I wonder what are the active ingredients of these products? I'm guessing Salicylic acid?

    Anyway, I'm really interested sa spot treatment nila. I hope it doesn't just swat pimples, sana din it doesn't leave marks. :)

  2. I love Belo products as they are effective on me. I've tried their soap, toner, facial wash, etc. and it's pretty effective yet affordable. What I like about Belo is that they serve those who can't go to their clinic by means of these products. :) This product line is definitely a must try. A lot of people have given a positive feedback on this as well. :)

  3. I set aside my set because I wanted to finish my current skincare products before using these, but decided to crack open my tube of the pimple gel a few days ago. I had an ugly cystic pimple and it had to go fast! Applied it twice the first day (morning-evening) and was disappointed not to see immediate effects, but the following morning my pimple started to flatten! Applied twice that day and this morning it reduced in size :) And that's just the pimple gel!

  4. i got this in one of the subscription boxes and felt a bit "sayang" moment.. then i saw your review and it lighten the mood.. i will give this a try. Thanks

  5. Wow! This line is very affordable, I wish it can also do wonders for my skin like you. :) I'll just ask since this line doesn't have a moisturizer, what moisturizer do you use with these products?

  6. Yess life is stressful but what stresses me out even more are breakouts! I've been wanting to try these out ever since I first read it (your post about two months ago) What interests me is the Bee Venom which I never thought could be an acne-busting ingredient and an anti-aging one too! I've been thinking about switching up my skincare routine and I'm definitely going to consider this one! :)

    I'm only 18 but I'm starting to use anti-aging products too (cos lol, it's better to start as early as possible) so the Bee Venom being an anti-aging ingredient is a plus for me too! :)

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  8. Super cool na hindi kayo nahihiya na magpakita ng pictures na may pimple, etc. :) Parang ang down to earth nyo haha wala lang! Hindi kayo nagpapanggap na perfect o kung ano.

  9. I have read your post about these products and I bought the spot treatment, indeed it definitely works like crazy. I am planning to buy a set for my brother since he doesn't like going to the dermatologist.

    Out of the topic question Ms. Martha, have you tried diamond peel?

  10. Shary: Hello! I posted my first review for this line so please check it out-the ingredients are in there. :D

    Majorie: Yes I did and it's with Flawless. :) I wrote a blog post about it :)

    Jessy: Thank you! :) I have to so you guys will really know if the product I am reviewing works or not. :)

    Cath: That's great! Your good skin care habit will benefit you in the long run, trust me. :)

    Yan: Hi there and welcome to my blog! Great question! I use Mario Badescu Oil Free Moisturizer with this product. :)

    Mabelita: Hope it works for you! :)

    Stephie: Hi there, welcome to my blog, and thanks for sharing your experience. :) The pimple gel is one of the best drugstore spot treatments, IMO. You should try the whole line-I swear, it really helps get rid of zits!

    Abegaill: Agree with you! I'll surely look forward to this brand's future product releases.:)

  11. Bee venom? Pang-Kate Middleton lang. Haha. You're right, she does like her bee venom stuff. I remember reading somewhere that she and Camilla Parker-Bowles love to get very posh bee venom facials for anti-aging.

    While this isn't specifically an anti-aging line from Belo, I admire the way they venture to expand the skincare line with buzz-worthy ingredients. (No pun intended.)

    I'm a little skeptical about the pimple gel as I've used one before by Eskinol that was basically a concentrated gel-form of their astringents. Read: Ang hapdiii! Nakaka-trauma, so I'd probably go for the toner instead. It doesn't sting, so I'm going to be less nervous about buying. Anyway, I'm used to treating zits with just toner/astringent. --Matromao

  12. Foodworldme: I think I know that Eskinol product you're referring to and I also do remember that it stings BIG TIME! This one, I can attest that the stinging sensation it yields is pretty tolerable, but then again, it depends on your pain threshold. :)

  13. Is it okay to use for those who have sensitive skin?


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