Browhaus Does Makeup: Precision Eyeliner and HD Mascara

Browhaus, to me, is the authority in brow grooming-I've been a loyal customer for two years now and I'm still satisfied with their services! This month, they're launching something BIG and I want you all to be the firsts to know about this. :)

As a leading global brand when it comes to all things related to brow and lash services, Browhaus extends their beauty commitment further with the new Precision Eyeliner by Browhaus and HD Mascara by Browhaus!

Tab Abad, Managing Director for Browhaus Philippines, joined us in the quaint launch at Niner Ichi Nana two weeks ago. In here, she's explaining what sets Browhaus apart from the rest. More about that after the cut, plus check out the new eyeliner and mascara!

If Leonardo Da Vinci had the Golden Ratio, Browhaus has The Grid. Simply put, The Grid is a scientific approach to creating awesomesauce brows- this blueprint is what guides Browhaus' meticulously- trained aestheticians around the globe. Not only that, all the things they use from the pre and post care products, grooming tools down to the patented cotton brow thread are exclusively made for Browhaus and for Browhaus alone-these reasons are enough for me to entrust my beauty arches to them! :)

That same kind of meticulousness is also employed in the creation of the Precision Eyeliner and HD Mascara.

HD Mascara by Browhaus is waterproof and promises to deliver a lasting curl for up to 24 hours-it comes in one shade, Black.

HD Mascara also promises to volumize and lengthen lashes with its exclusively- designed wand.

Precision Eyeliner (P750.00) is a fine tip, no smudge, intense eyeliner that comes in the shades Brown and Black.

Both the mascara and eyeliner are non- sting and safe for sensitive skin. For pregnant women, please consult with your gynecologist prior to usage.

Of course the launch would not be complete without a makeup demo! In here, the makeup artist is using Precision Eyeliner and this is her personal technique when it comes to applying eyeliner:

1. Apply broken lines on your upper lash line
2. Fill in with the eyeliner
3. With a light hand and in a wispy motion, create a flick on the outermost part of the upper lash line for a winged eye!

Precision Eyeliner and HD Mascara by Browhaus will be available by September 15, 2014 in all Browhaus boutiques. Also, Browhaus Megamall will open on September 18, 2014-be sure to visit and find out what makes them the best! ;)

Please visit BROWHAUS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about these products.

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hope they could come up with a product for BROWS naman kasi nga they're more known for their brow services naman. Like brow kits, brow mascara, etc. :)

  2. Wow, these products are affordable and even more if it make its promise to last up to 24 hours. I'm not a client of Browhaus but I know them because of my planner. And I also groom my own eyebrows so I don't go to salon na for that. :) I'm so excited to try the eyeliner. My heroine make eyeliner is nearing empty so I'm looking for a good alternative that I must try. :) Will surely visit a Browhaus boutique on the 15th! :)


    Now I won't have to go all the way to the Fort for perfect brows. Thank goodness for that.

  4. Yes! Eto nang hinihintay ko- mag-open sila sa Megamall. Nalalayuan kasi ako sa branch nila sa Greenbelt 5. I like to try their mascara since feeling ko maganda siya dahil may lash services din naman ang Browhaus. :)

  5. Hmmm. Since Browhaus is known for precision, they're really making me go curious over that eyeliner. Was the tip of the liner as flexible as K-Palette's? :)

  6. Fabulous! At least nag-release sila ng line of products perfectly suited to their line of expertise. They have clout in that area and are therefore suited to give those product recommendations to clients.

    I seldom have my brows professionally shaped as I'm still kuripot when it comes to that, so I tend to just follow the salon-shaped brows with a tweezer and focus more on touch-ups. Will look in to this for my next appointment though. --Matromao

  7. This post is so timely since I'm on the look-out for a reliable mascara. There's no doubt these products will be such a hit for the months to come since we all know Browhaus specializes in this area. Thus, they know how to answer our needs when it comes to brows + eyes.

    Their HD mascara addresses everything I want a mascara to feature: Clump-free, curl locking, and waterproof! 998 is a pretty reasonable price if it really does provide everything I'd want a mascara to provide :)

  8. hmmm.. from brow to eyes.. i just hope they would have prioritize their brow cosmetics line since a lot are going ga-ga over their brows. avoiding to look like brow-ha with their brows.

  9. I love my eyebrows now that they are shaped by browhaus. I have never been more addicted to my brows as ever. And since I can never go out without my brows and eyeliner, I would say that these products are my must haves. I wonder how much is the liner?

  10. Shary and mabelita: They do have brow powders and even eyeshadows too-these are the first beauty products that they came up with. :)

    Majorie: The eyeliner is P750.00 :)

    Cath: I'll be reviewing the mascara this week so please stay tuned for that! :)

    Katrina: Nope, it isn't because it's a felt tip applicator. :)

    Abegaill: Yay! Enjoy your brow service! :D


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