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Here's a review on Etude House Color Lips Fit.

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Don't get me wrong, I love lipstick to death, but sometimes, I hate them because they feel a little heavy on the lips, especially matte lipstick. I recently discovered Etude House's  Color Lips-Fit lipsticks that claim to be weightless and "fits your lips". A matte lipstick that feels as light as air? I would love to have that!


Color Lips-Fit features a revolutionary airy fit texture that saturates your lips with color, but sans the weight of traditional lipstick. The unique combination of light silicone oil and powder makes the color sink into the lips for an unbelievable weightless feel.

Unfortunately, the ingredients list is not printed on the box and the tubes. The good thing though is the transparent tube gives you an idea of what the color truly is and it's pretty accurate!

More about this "airy matte lipstick" and the swatches when you click READ MORE!

Each product comes with a paddle- shaped applicator that fits any lip shape and the tapered tip lets you precisely apply color on the edges of your lips.

This product feels a little weird though at first because it has this oily texture that settles instantly into a matte finish, and it imparts a warm sensation upon application so I don't use it if my lips are feeling particularly sensitive or if I have a lip wound. Coverage is buildable and I find it quite multitasking as it can be a lip tint if applied lightly or a lipstick if layered on. Finish is matte and has this strawberry-lychee scent.


BE101 (See-Thru Fit Beige)

- A light beige shade with a light peach undertone.

See- Thru Fit Beige is a nude lipstick that doesn't wash out medium and medium dark skin tones because its peach undertone compliment the warmth of such skin types, although this shade makes my teeth appear more yellow.

PK002 (Silhouette Fit Pink)

- A fluorescent pink shade with a blue undertone.

This fab shade gives your skin that fun pop of color and the blue undertone makes it ideal for any skin tone.

RD301 (Perfect Fit Red)

- A red shade with a strong fuchsia undertone.

My most favorite shade among the three! This red lipstick is so vibrant and youthful, plus I like how it makes me look fresh even if I look fatigued already!

Payoff of this product is a lil' uneven so you have to even it out right before it settles onto your lips. When it settles, it looks as if it's your actual lip color and I believe that's what Etude House meant when they said that this product "fits your lips"-take a look at the swatches again and notice that the colors sunk into my lips completely! True enough, it feels really weightless, but a lil' weird at first especially if it's your first time to use it because texture is drier than regular matte lipstick, but amazingly, my lips didn't flake nor crack during wear. Staying power is marvelous because it does not transfer onto anything, but can be removed easily with a lip makeup remover.

This is now one of my favorites from Etude House because it answered one of my prayers: a matte lipstick with an ultra light texture. Consistency and feel takes some getting used to though, but once you're finally used to it, you won't be able to get enough of its airy texture and awesome, vivid color payoff!


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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Perfect fit red looks really good! That 5/5 on staying power looks promising as well.

  2. The Perfect Fit Red shade looks really nice, it looks so beautiful in matte form.

    How is it comparable to Nyx's soft matte lip cream which also claims a light feeling even when matte? That's one of my HG lippies kasi eh, pero oo nga medyo off din that I don't have a clue if I'm already running out kasi hindi transparent yung container. Good to know that this Etude House one is transparent.

    I want to try this, simply because the Perfect Fit Red looks so pretty talaga <3

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I've tried this at an EH store about a month ago and for sure this is really lightweight. But for 500 bucks, to me this is quite overpriced. Especially when NYX delivers the same matte-lightweight (though not as lightweight as this one) liquid lip color experience for almost half the price with their soft matte lip creams.

    Price difference aside, that Red looks gorgeous!:*

  5. I love the red shade too! It looks perfect on you and it looks like a matte lipstick. That;s a good innovation from etude house ah. I hope they would release more shades and minimize the oil

  6. Omg! This is so helpful, thanks. Ive long been looking for new lipsticks, and now Im eyeing on that nude peach lippies of yours:) Gonna follow your blog because I super loved this article! Thanks girl ❤️


    The Teenage Queen

  7. I have to check these out. Nag-aalangan akong bilhin 'to dahil baka kasi magcrack siya sa lips ko. But then you said na okay naman siya haha. Try ko muna testers nila. :))

  8. Wow andaming lip lacquers na lumalabas recently! But I like the Maybelline Lip Polish's consistency the most. Although, ang ganda ng pagka-matte ng mga ito!

  9. I've always been a fan of matte lippes. No wonder I'm totally digging all of the featured three on this post. BE101 is so pretty! I visited Etude House the other day (because I ran out of my usual brow pencil) and I saw these. They offer such lovely colors!

  10. The red look good on you! Really! I want the see thru fit beige for myself! :) i'm a fan of nude color lippies! :)

  11. LOVE the shades and the lightweight lippy feeling but price is steep. is this transfer-proof?

  12. Zoe: Cool choice!

    Cath: I'd love to see the other colors too! :)

    Mabelita: A big YES! :D

    Eddie: Thanks! :D Swatch it soon. :)

    Jessy: agree! never expected this from etude house so I'm pretty pleased! :D

    Jona: Yup, it's always best to try it out first before purchasing-we all have different reactions to a certain product so your experience may be different than mine! :)

    Hershey: You're welcome! :D

    Abegaill: You won't actually feel the oil in it when it dries up so I'm pretty happy with the formulation! :)

    Katrina: To me, price is okay because this product lasts longer than nyx. ;)

    Shary: Yes, the red one is truly gorgeous and I'n using it almost everyday lately. :D Nyx and EH almost have the same quality, but the latter lasts longer and feels much lighter. :)

    Becomingsleek: Yes! :D

  13. The red looks definitely sexy and sassy. I love how it looks on you. I wonder how it will look on me. Do they have other shades?

  14. I appreciate those Korean formulas. Who says that liquid lip colors have to be so sticky and thick to be that pigmented. It doesn't hurt that smell nice, but I notice a lot of bloggers don't love heavily scented lip stuff from Korea. Yun din na pansin ko. Korean lip products tend to be heavily perfumed. --Matromao

  15. Had to go back to this post. My friend went to Korea and asked me what pasalubong I wanted and I told her I want this! I love it! It doesn't dry like hard decal that makes it difficult for the lips to move. I have PK0002. Anyway, thanks for the review :D


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