K-Palette 1 Day Magic Fiber Mascara Review

Here's a review on K-Palette 1 Day Magic Fiber Mascara.

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There's volumized lashes, full lashes, long lashes, but methinks K-Palette's 1 Day Magic Fiber Mascara is setting a new lash type for everyone: Dense lashes. 

Lemme explain: volumizing is thickening your individual lashes, full lashes is like each strand has an equal amount of volume and length, and lengthening is obviously, making 'em longer. But dense-ifying (I just invented that word right now) it? Oh, just the sound of it-it's like doubling your lash strands or even tripling them! At least this is my experience with this newest mascara from K-Palette!


K-Palette 1 Day Magic Fiber Mascara promises to give you fluffy, super thick lashes with its unique dry, soft cotton fibers. It comes in one shade only, black.


Wanna see what Dense lashes looks like? Click READ MORE now and find out!

This is a two- step mascara with the products conveniently attached to a single tube-the black one is the mascara and the white one is the fiber.

This is the fiber wand and yes, the fibers are literally cotton!

The mascara wand is ergonomically shaped to fit the curve of your eyes so it'll catch all your lashes in one go and has compact bristles. Let me clarify that the mascara is just plain and doesn't have fibers-I used this product already prior to the pictorial. The mascara has a smooth, whipped consistency and clings easily onto my lash strands, but I find that the tube seems to be dried up for a wee bit already despite that it's brand new. That, or the mascara's really like that.


Bare lashes

One coat of the mascara

On its own, the mascara does a good job at volumizing my lashes already.

To use this product, apply a coat of mascara first.

One layer of the fiber

Seeing this photo, I'm reminded of how the cotton blooms of the cotton trees in UP Diliman would get caught up in my lashes during summer lol!

Anyway, after applying a coat of mascara, apply a layer of the cotton fiber. Now I know this looks a little weird, but I swear, this looks smashing in the end-wait 'til you get to the end of the post.

Finish off the look with another layer of the mascara. You can repeat the mascara-fiber-mascara step should you wish to increase density.

Voila! Now that's Dense lashes for you! If you compare it with the photo wherein I applied a coat of the mascara, you'll notice that my lashes seem to have multiplied in this photo!

One coat of the mascara and one layer of the fiber

Unlike traditional cream- based mascara bases, the dry cotton fibers give you a softer look and it magically multiplies your lashes without weighing 'em down. With this mascara, I tend to skip eyeliner because it's enough to define my eyes-c'mon, look at my eyes: they're SCREAMING! :D

However, the fibers tend to get inside my eyes during application (they just float all over!) so I have to be really careful and meticulous when I'm using this product so they will end up on the right places, thus I spend more time applying mascara than the usual-at least the fibers stay put when I set my lashes with a final coat of mascara.

It's waterproof, but comes off easily with any eye makeup remover and it can hold up a curl decently for hours.

It's a wonderful and unique mascara, really, because I love that it gives me my ideal lash thickness, but I don't see myself using it everyday as it requires loads of effort to use. If you've got a lot of time to spare on makeup application or you're willing to wake up earlier than the usual just to sport this kind of look, by all means, get this product-I swear, it gives you monstrously beautiful lashes!


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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I totally get the logic of adding a feather-light cottony layer. It gives the mascara something more to adhere to instead of just continuously building up on hair that's already there. It ends up looking more fanned-out evenly.

    I hope they'll come out with a brown-black (or dare I say... Colored!). That would make the collection more kawaii. Heehee. -Matromao

  2. wow! this is a good mascara. I usually don't use mascara because I already have somewhat long lashes. So wheneve I use a mascara, my lashes reach my lids. :/ But thi mascara is what I needed! I need my lashes to be more dense. :) Will try this as soon as I get one

  3. Your lashes look awesome! The cotton fibers feature of it really does a great job at multiplying the lashes. I usually apply liner on my upper lash line. But since this product can also give both the illusion of the liner look plus the effect of a mascara, I don't mind spending extra minutes for application :)

  4. Grabe first coat pa lang ang ganda na! Siguro if you applied thrice baka magmukha ka nang naka-false eyelashes. It's not clumpy naman no? I wanna try it since Maybelline is clumpy on me :(

  5. Wow! your lashes look amazing in the last picture, it's like you're wearing a pair of falsies! However question though, would you recommend this for contact lens wearers since you did mention that the cotton fibers would get in your eyes and also does it clump when you pile them on? I would really appreciate it if you could answer them since I've been scouting for a good cotton fibre mascara. :)

  6. WHOA!!! Ang ganda ng effect! Parang falsies pero mas natural ang itsura! <3 And hahaha! That UP cotton reference! My friend Nabeel (he's a DSCTA student right now, like you were before!) came up with a joke that UP should sell cotton balls and call it "Iskotton ng Bayan."

  7. At first, I was bothered by the cotton fibers. Parang ang bigat niya sa lashes.. or not? Pero maganda naman yung finish niya -- dramatic and mala-false eyelashes effect. :)

  8. Foodworldme: I wish they'd come out with a Pink mascara-that would be great for Halloween. :D

    Jona: Nope, they don't feel heavy at all. In fact, you won't even feel them once you've set them with mascara. :)

    Jessy: Haha! Love the wit of CAL students! :D

    Fionabelle: Hi there Fiona! Hmmm..I guess not because there's always the risk of getting some cotton residue inside your eyes when you're using this thing. :/

    Shary: I only apply two coats of the fiber and three coats of the mascara to get the falsies effect. :) And no, it ain't clumpy! :D

    Cath: Yup, I guess it's for those who prefer skipping eyeliner but still want to have well-defined eyes. :)

    Abegaill: I think we have the same problem: long but sparse lashes. I think this will suit you! :)


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