August Favorites

I'm off to get a new hair color today-it's high time for that because I'm now sporting ombre hair, but the bad kind haha! Before that, I'll share with you my most favorite products for August after the jump! :)

- Wore this one time and when the BF saw it, he complimented me and said that I looked so pretty in this shade. Also, this beautiful warm beige shade looks so good on warm skin tones!


- I love everything in this set (Facial Wash is not included in the picture, but it's part of this month's favorites) because dang, this line works and it's so affordable! I'm on my second batch now and my skin still responds positively to it-anything that my skin loves, I love too! :D

- This talc- free setting powder melts naturally onto my skin and it comes in a yellow shade that compliments my skin tone a lot and practically goes well with any liquid base I own. It also yields a cooling sensation that keeps my skin cool and fresh.

- This icy, cool moisturizer is such a nice treat to the skin. But it doesn't stop there- it's very light, yet moisturizes my skin well and even has mattifying effects to boot! Such a wonderful product for oily skin!

- A surprisingly wonderful find from Avon. The shampoo and conditioner work great on my dry, damaged hair and the body wash leaves a nice hint of fragrance on my skin after showering.

That's all for last month's favorite beauty products. Care to share yours in the comment section? :)

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. My favorites this month:
    1. Ellana Mineral Pressed Foundation in Hazelnut Latte - It literally works like my face's second skin. Sobrang tama yung shade for my face, and I don't look like I'm wearing anything. It's just a flawless, smooth version of my face.

    2. Real Techniques' starter collections - I love this brush. I'm just starting to learn eyeshadows and having these as my learning companion is a really great thing.

    3. Human Heart Nature's Clarifying shampoo - my hair looks super nice when I use it. Sadly, 2x a week lang ako gumagamit ng clarifying shampoo kasi baka maging too much naman.

    4. NYX Butter Lipstick in Pops - my MLBB shade that I discovered a few weeks ago lang. I didn't know how I was able to live without it talaga (OA! haha)

  2. Great picks! :) What I love last August were Happy Skin lippies, Heroine Make liquid eyeliner, bifesta make up remover, and revlon eyeshadow. :)

  3. Hi! Seems you forgot to mention TBS sorbet!

  4. I'm most curious about body shop sorbets. Who doesn't love a (literally) cool moisturizer! Though I'm used to the typical cream formula for moisturizer, I wouldn't mind the lighter stuff during the day time. --Matromao

  5. Will definitely check out the Belo AcnePro line. My skin has been hating me lately and would not behave. I think it's time to switch up my face care routine and try these! :)

  6. What I want to try in your August Favorites are:
    1. Avon Natural Shampoo, Conditioner and body wash! I am impressed on how it works on your hair based on your review! :)
    2. TBS Aqua boost sorbet. I really need a cool moisturizer especially in very hot weather!
    3. Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me! I am actually a fan of nude lippies! And I think I will like it! :)

  7. Hi girls! Thanks for mentioning your favorites! :D

    Anonymous: Thanks for pointing it out. I already included it in the list. :)


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