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What's the one thing that delays you for work? Although I hate to admit it, it's LOTION! Even I am not spared from this, not even with light lotions. Instead of struggling to get inside my jeans or leggings, I allow 3 minutes for my skin to absorb all that hydrating gunk, but that means prolonging my dress up time so thank you, Nivea, for coming up with this awesome product-it's one of my newfound favorites!


Nivea developed this in- shower conditioner to solve all our lotion absorption woes. Designed to be applied in the shower and rinsed off afterwards, In-Shower Conditioner promises to give you smooth, dewy, and soft skin pronto!


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In-Shower Body Conditioner comes in a lot of variants and scents are inspired by their respective body lotion counterparts. It has the fluidity of lotion, but the consistency of body butter so I dub thee, liquid body butter--you're supposed to use it after body wash and rinse it off right after. Upon skin contact, it imparts an ultra moisturizing barrier and you can rinse it right away and still feel that your skin has been moisturized thoroughly. However, it's a little slippery so be extra careful when using it and rinse the shower floor after usage to prevent accidents. One issue I have with the product is it doesn't seem to last long: this 100ml bottle only lasted 7 shower sessions so it's not economical for you if you take a bath twice a day.

This product does give me the feeling that I've applied lotion, but minus the sticky feel and waiting time. It keeps my skin soft and soothed for the rest of the day, but I would not recommend it to those with very dry, scaly skin as I don't feel that this product will suffice in keeping such skin type dewy and hydrated for hours. For those with normal to moderately dry skin, this is a must- have!


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. This is such a nice-product from Nivea. This is best for days when you are in a hurry. But if I still have time, I still prefer the traditional lotion. :) The product's cheap as well so you can buy a lot to see the difference it made on your skin as months pass by. :) I'm not sure if it's also in the Philippines already, but in other countries, they have the variant which are suited for those who have dry skin. :)

  2. I love this product. Shempre if you have a conditioner to moisturize your hair, you should also have one for the body. Lalo na ako, I spend hours trying to prettify my skin in the bathroom.

  3. I actually like this product. It lasted me long enough since I put it on my arms and legs only. I feel okay to the point that I don't find myself looking for another lotion.

  4. this is another great product from Nivea, I love Nivea, I have been using Nivea since I was a teenager! I have no question with the quality kasi proven n worth ang pera sa mga products nila. ill definitely buy this, omg im so excited!!bago ito eh sa usual n lotion. :)

  5. Super clever product! The skincare junkie in me always loves discovering skincare innovations. For those with dry skin, you can use this to beef up your current moisture regimen. I recommend using this in-shower AND following up with a layer of regular lotion post-shower. Tignan natin kung di pa ma-banish ang dry skin dun. :))

    A winning release from Nivea, indeed.--Matromao

  6. Lovely idea! Thanks, Nivea, for coming up with this extremely helpful and time-saveyy product!

  7. Hey! I didn't know that we had this kind of product here in the Philippines. I saw Tati of Glamlifeguru using this kind of in shower conditioner in one of her videos and I've been looking for a cheaper one ever since. Plus I super duper agree with you on the waiting time for the regular conditioner to dry, hassle, especially if you're running late na! Thank you so much Martha for bringing this up in your blog post, now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go and buy me some of this Nivea in shower conditioner! haha!

  8. run.. run.. heading to the nearest store to try this out! i was a bit unsure to buy one since who would believe that despite rinsing it moisture is still lock in skin. Thanks for reviewing this up. =)

  9. I love this product! The moment I saw it in Woolworths last June, I knew I had to get it. I got the one for dry skin and it really does moisturise my skin.

  10. Chel: Agree! It's now my shower staple! :D

    Mabelita: Welcome! :D

    Cath: agree! I like wanna hug the person who proposed the creation of this product. :D

    Fionabelle: Haha! You're welcome and enjoy your shower conditioner! :D

    Foodworldme: Actually, I have dry body skin and most of the time, this product would suffice! :D

    Juvy: Same here! Glad that Nivea makes an effort to keep their loyal customers loving them even more. :D

    Teri: Same here! :D

    Abegaill: It's available here now! :D

    Shary: Haha. I get you. :D Because i'm like that too. :D


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