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My friends at Scent and Beautè invited me to this hidden gem in San Juan called COOP, a restaurant-cum-home and decor store-tucked away from the busy area that is Wilson street, this eclectic, fancy, and quiet venue proved to be a good choice to talk about the company's newest product launches.

Welcome to the Philippines, Jack Black! Well, Jack Black's been here since March, but I had no idea! 

Jack Black is a 'For Men' (can be unisex too!) skin care line of all- natural and multi-function products for shaving, the eyes, lips, and face. I wanna try their award- winning lip balm!

More news from Glamglow, H2O Plus, and Fresh Fragrance!

Meanwhile, Glamglow is introducing ThirstyMud, a hydrating facial mud made with proprietary Teaoxi, Dewdration, Hydrapack, and GreenEnergy to address short, medium, and long- term hydration needs. You can use it 2- 3 times a week for moisture replenishment and even as a soothing post- treatment after shaving.

Fresh Fragrance is offering new perfumes from Thierry Mugler and Agent Provocateur so be sure to drop by and take a whiff. Also, H2O Plus introduces a new oil- free, hydrating CC Cream that corrects skin tone and nourishes skin during wear.

Btw, COOP has TASTY food-I'll definitely go back with my BF to pig out! :D

Jack Black, Glamglow, and H2O Plus are available in Fresh Fragrance Bar stores-no need for you to guess where you can find these brands. Just visit FRESH FRAGRANCE BAR on Facebook for more information about these new products. ;)

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. To those who are from the South, they also have a branch at ATC! :)

  2. I've never tried the products you've mentioned but they are all interesting. I wonder what are the products of Jack Black. I might buy some for my BF. :) And I love the place ha. It looks like a house having their displays. It's so homey.

  3. Thanks to the peeps who invented skin care line and perfume on this earth. And thanks to the people behind this fresh fragrance bar for being a one stop shop for woman and man. Just wow! The store looks very spacious and somewhat antique-gorgeous place that everyone will definitely love. :) First time I tried h20 is from the sampleroom, and I fell inlove on how it works so good on my skin. Ive been wondering where I could bought this again, because I cant find it at dept stores, and charaaa!! thanks for sharing this again to us, now I know where I can buy it again! those products youve mentioned looks so wonderful and effective, I wanna try all of them! Haha. And the perfs, looks so good! I know na what to give to my bf on his birthday! Haha. Fresh fragrance bar, here I come!! :D

  4. I haven't tried Jack Black and Glamglow, but I've heard many positive reviews about it! Too bad they are too far away from my place!

  5. I love how the place looks so inviting, almost like a little cafe or a bookstore. Btw, your dress is gorgeous!

  6. Shary: Yes! saw that one. It's quite near Suesh. :)

    Rita: Thanks dear! :D Food here is good too!

    Elka: Most of the products like Glamglow and H2O Plus can be found in SM Department stores though. :)

    Aegeann: enjoy! :D

    Abegaill: It is! I can see myself lounging in COOP for hours. :)

  7. What's great about FReSH Fragance Bar is it offers pricey perfumes a couple of thousands less than their original prices. Amazeballs! Perfume store for perfume addicts, indeed!

  8. Kababawan, but I always think of Jack Black the actor whenever I see these products.

    I passed by COOP just yesterday, and I remembered this post. It looks so nice from the outside, like a very chill tambayan. :) --Matromao


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