My Amazing Blow-Dry Secret Hair Care Line Review

Here's a review on My Amazing Blow-Dry Secret Hair Care Line.

Price: Shampoo- P1,200.00; Conditioner- P1,200.00; Hair Spray- P1,250.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Beauty Bar, Blo Blow Dry Bar, Strip and Browhaus Greenbelt 5 and Serendra, The Fort, BGC


When I started to discover the wonders of blow- drying, it has then become an essential part of my beauty routine. For gals with long hair, however, it is so time- consuming and tedious that I could understand why some would rather skip blow- drying just to make it to work!

Well here's some good news: You don't have to endure slick, wet, unkempt hair with My Amazing Blow-Dry Secret, a hair care line that speeds up your hair's drying time-you can finally say goodbye to all hair- drying woes with this one-of-a-kind brand!


Developed by international stylist David Lopez, My Amazing Blow-Dry Secret promises to cut blow- drying time in half with its unique, proprietary water- wicking system (In scientific terms, they call it VCOH or Virgin Coconut Oil Hydrosol) and guarantees bouncy, soft hair with its sulfate, paraben, and preservative and cruelty- free products.

All products have a uniform light floral smell-I believe you can buy the products as a set for even greater savings and the shampoo and conditioner come in gallons too just in case you fall in love with it or you want to use the products professionally.

Want to know how fast these products can dry up my locks? You'll find out after the cut!

The shampoo has a light, emulsion- like, low foam formula. The conditioner, on the other hand, has a gel-cream texture and even with just a small amount, it can detangle and soften my hair strands effectively in the shower, plus it rinses out easily to boot. I've noticed that this duo effortlessly rids my hair of excess water that it feels damp the moment I step out of the shower, thus I don't become a dripping mess when I walk around the house after bathing-never experienced that with any shampoo and conditioner brand, EVER!

Now here's my most favorite product of the brand: Quick Dry Shake'n Spray! If there's one thing that I would buy over and over again from this brand, it's this because this multitasking leave-in, heat protector, and softener is what cuts your blow- dry time in half!


Now let me explain how this dual- phase hair treatment spray works: The clear solution on top contains the quick- drying agents and VCOH-VCOH is made with all- natural and super fine Coconut Oil molecules that speed up the evaporation of water from your hair strands. The pink solution at the bottom contains all the softening, detangling, heat- protecting, and frizz- preventing ingredients-in short, it's the leave- in product. 

The atomizer delivers a fine, wide mist onto my hair and the product itself feels ultra light and non-greasy (it's almost like water in my opinion) despite the Coconut Oil ingredient in it.

To use this product, just shake it first and then spray on your locks-I only do so on the mid-section and fringes. Since it's in spray form, I sometimes leave product residue on the surrounding furniture so I use it in the bathroom instead. Also, the product has a pretty high sillage and tends to shoot up my nostrils so please use with caution if you have asthma!


How true is the water- wicking promise? Check it out:

With my regular oil- based leave- in product, it takes me roughly about 5-6 minutes to dry up my hair completely.

Now I have timed my blow- dry ritual using Shake'n Spray:

With Shake'n Spray, my blow-drying time only lasted for a lil' over three minutes! I managed to save about 2:40 minutes or so-that may not seem a lot, but with that time, I can apply blush, comb my hair, and slather lotion on my body!

The thing with the spray though is, it's not that economical because I have to spray it for around 6-8 times every time just to cover all my hair strands-it doesn't work too when air-drying. It keeps my frizzes tamed and my hair manageable, but I wouldn't recommend it if you have really dry hair.

My Amazing Blow-Dry Secret gives me soft, bouncy, and pretty hair in just a few minutes, thus I use it when I'm running late! However, consistency of the products is very light so I wouldn't recommend it to those with coarse and curly hair-it's well- suited to those with straight hair in my opinion. 

If you want a quick and easy way to groom your hair, then check out this line!


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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I need the Quick Dry Shake'n Spray in my life! Hahaha! I had a bad experience on my last Rebonding service. My hair got damaged so I decided to cut my long hair up to shoulder length. That awkward moment when I look like an egyptian dancer with the super straight hair. So disgusting and since then I always have a bad hair day. My hair is starting to grow and the frizz is showing up so I'm gonna need to try this product to tame the "sinumpang" hair.

  2. Too pricey naman the products. :( I'd rather air dry my hair na lang since I commute naman in the morning. But you look pretty in that picture, Martha!

  3. I used to have this last summer which I received from a friend and honestly, I didn't know how to use it. All I know is that it is a shampoo, a conditioner and a hair spray that do wonders on my hair making it more soft and radiant. An hour ago, I read your review and I used it again at this moment (with the proper usage), and thumbs up for the amzing volume it gives to mah hair. Just wow! Now I know how to use it na. Haha. :)) Thank you Ms. Martha, my hair is now bouncing, haba ng hair ko. Love it! :) Love your hair also on the photo. Prettiness overload! <3<3<3

  4. I wanted to try the shampoo and conditioner. It seems like it'll be good for my hair. :) I've heard about the spray na before and it doesn't work well with others, so I guess I'll stick with the normal blow-drying process. :)

  5. Ohh my I need this in my life! ^ ^
    It takes me quite a while to blow dry my hair! ^ - ^
    This would save so much time! ^ w ^

  6. I don't blow dry my hair because it is simply time consuming. Until I found out about this post, makes me want to try ! Thanks for this review again Ms. Martha!

  7. Honestly the products are expensive for me.but since i have a very long hair and do blow drying most of the time, it gives me an idea how to lessen the time of fixing my hair, i might give it a try.btw, i dont go out with not so maayos na buhok, im not comfortable haha. I hope theres a sample or smaller bottle 50ml to try on first before i purchase a bigger one. Thanks Martha!

  8. Its packaging is cool.. I love the color.. and it look smells good heheh wanna try this.. :)

  9. Marielle: If your hair is super frizzy, I think you'll need a more moisturizing hair product such as oil or cream- based leave ins.

    Juvy: Yes there is! Saw smaller bottle when I visited one of Strip's branches. :)

    Aishakith: You'll love it, especially the spray! :D

    Paige: Hi Paige and welcome to my blog! Enjoy browsing! Yes, I swear by this product! Hope you can try it out soon. :)

    Abegaill: Aww..diff strokes for diff folks, I guess! Let me know how you find the shampoo and conditioner. :)

    Aegeann and Shary: Thank you! :D

    Eddielli: Welcome :)

  10. The only product you need for faster, stress-free styling! A hair stylist used this on me (when I still had a long hair) one time when I got my hair done and I fell in love. I had to get my own! Leaves hair super soft and smelling so good! Wont ever go with out it again!

  11. Blow drying really has become part of the beauty culture already. When I saw the blowdry bar in Megamall, I went, "Yep, this is a thing."

    Never been one to do regular blowdries. I honestly only get them after haircuts. I haven't had my hair styled for an event in years. Haha. It seems as though I've given up on my frizz. But I do acknowledge the regularity of blow dries for others that supplemental products were finally created. --Matromao


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