#ThrowbackThursday: What My Closet Looked Like In The 90's and early 2000

In the spirit of #ThrowbackThursday, I shall take you down the 90's and early 2000 memory lane when fashion wasn't all about cuteness, toughness, elegant casual, or anything you see on Instagram. Having lived in those times, I could say that fashion was at its wackiest, most intriguing, and unique-we didn't care so much about what's hip or not. Yes, there were "IT" fashion items, but we only wore the ones that fit our style and most importantly, our personality.

I wish I had kept a few of my clothes then for laughter and old times' sake, but at least I have my blog where I can curate an album of my good ol' fashionable items of the bygone times. Click READ MORE and see what my closet looked like in the late 90's and early 2000!


Elephant Pants- because Dumbo was my childhood hero.

Gaucho pants- because Princess Jasmine was my favorite Disney princess. I had this in a ton of colors and I'd always wear it with a baby tee!

Baby Tee- our version of today's Crop Top. The shorter, the better!

Anything Guess- If you're wearing Guess, you're a rich kid…and you're trendy. It was like Zara of my time.

Peasant Blouse- we're all a little like our mothers and the peasant blouse is proof! Gaaaddd, I wore this a lot in high school!

The Bohemian Belt- Bohemian fashion was big in the early 2000's and the Bohemian Belt is the icing on the cake.

Boho Skirt- Bohemian Fashion is never complete without the Boho skirt!

 Nike Presto- Every teenager's dream pair of rubber shoes…at least during my time!


Hair Clamps- or "shok shok", as what me and my friends would call it, and I don't know why we called it as such.

Butterfly hair clips and rings- If you lived in those times, admit it or not, Jolina Magdangal has rubbed some of her fashion sensibilities on you. I am not ashamed to admit that yes, I channeled my Jolina side with these fluttering Butterly hair clips and rings! Haha!

Hair Wraps- Ha! Who needs those flower crowns? Hair wraps are cooler! This hair ornament even has a sentimental value because it's actually a friendship bracelet, made by you and your best friend with matching pinky swear while saying that you'll be friends for life. :D

Hair Doctor- every dream item of the 90's gal. This comb is actually so stiff and the teeth hurt my scalp, but I loved it anyway!

Hair Scrunchies- they made ponytail look a lil' cooler.


Johnson's Fresh and Smooth Face Powder- I became fond of makeup as early as Grade 6 and J&J's face powder is the only face makeup that I'm allowed to wear. It's just pressed baby powder, really!

Bench B/Pure- In my time, you have higher chances of being noticed by your boy crush if you're wearing Bench B/Pure Body Spray or Bench B/Simple. As for the boys, the counterpart is Bench Atlantis or B8.

Magic Lipstick- ah, this tacky, lead- infused lip tint made my lips look red and kissable…for two days straight because it is such a pain to remove! LOL!

Baby Bench Colognes- After all, we were still young and the smell of baby cologne was still tolerable on us and I loved Baby Bench's Ice Mint cologne so much!

Hope you had a good laugh. Anyone here who can relate? To the kids of these eras, share with me your other classic fashion items on the comments section! :D

All photos are not mine and are sourced from Google.

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23 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Relate na relate ako, dear! Hahaha! Meron pa yung fish net na gold sandals. Wahaha.

  2. Relate na relate ako, dear! Hahaha! Meron pa yung fish net na gold sandals. Wahaha.

  3. I used to wear elephant pants too. Haha. I also used J&J powder which was really considered as a make up already before. :) I also remembered wearing head bands with fake hair. Haha.

  4. It's kind of funny that some of the items that are deemed fashionable in the past are still seen in today's fashion scene. Like last year's bohemian trend.

    But those makeup trends??! Aack, hope they will never make a comeback haha

  5. Everything checks out! Certified 90s kid here as well! :) Also wore those steel-toed boots when grunge rock became popular before bubble gum pop killed it! LOL! And who can forget those Skechers platform sneakers! A MUST HAVE!!!


  6. I had one elephant pants that I used to wear even in our community service, parang naging pantulong ko sa pagwawalis yung pants ko because of the size, which is the opening is larger than the size of my rubber shoes. And those butterfly clips, sikat ka if you have one kasi its kinda expensive, parang 75 pesos yata yon back then. And so forth and so on. All of the things you listed there eh relate much talaga Ms.M. Ang cologne naman ng girl gang namin non eh bench din o kaya johnson. I even wore a platform wedge nung grade 5 ako, tapos nakashoe cover. San ka pa! Hahaha

  7. This bring back the good old times! I used to wear that peasant blouse and elephant pants! I love Jolina Magdangal back then, and I admit that I love wearing those butterfly hair clips and rings! I have lots of them when I was 12 years old! I'm not really a kikay girl but most of my classmates really love using J&J pressed powder! My fave cologne was baby bench and I still used it everyday! :)

  8. The butterfly clips! Haha! Ganyan yung nasa buhok ko noong bata pa ako. :)

  9. So so guilty on the fluterring hairclip and ring. I believe iniyakan ko yan dti kc ayaw ako bilhan ni mama. Lolz

  10. NAKO YAN! Jolina clips + baby tee + elephant pants + platform sketchers = feelin so fly *holla*

  11. OMG! i love this post! Am I too old? haha! I still have some of those pieces! <3<3 My fashion icon is jolina magdangal before, i used to watch SOP every sunday. Haha. I just love fashion, its just awesome and being free whatever you want! :D I think the version of the elephant pants today is the ever growing popularity of high waisted pants, the grouch pants is the palazzo pants today. Haha. i love it! Mygaahhdd! <3<3 So much fun on this post. I still remember that leopard prints are also click before, and now they bring it back today. I used to put j&j powder too, haha. Kikay na ko bata pa lang. lol. More post about #throwbackthursday Ms. Martha please!! Hihi.

  12. OMG Baby Bench colognes!!! Miss na miss ko yung earlier versions ng baby colognes like Johnson's and Bench. :( Parang hindi kasing presko yung scents ngayon especially yung sa Johnson's... huhuhu. Plus mas cute yung packaging noon.

  13. Elephant pants + cropped tops + butterfly hair accessories was definitely the perfect combo those days! I can also remember during HS times that sporty arm bands were a must have arm candy plus Baby G watches! haha ;p

  14. Wow! I wore almost everything here. Sarap magreminisce. :-)

  15. relaaaaaateee!!

    It's called Gaucho pants pala. never knew what it's called.
    Funny yung butterfly clips, I have tons of those!

    Also, do you guys remember those fake tattoo necklace and bracelet? nakakaloka!

  16. waaa right on! I just remembered how many Baby Tees I owned back then and my first ever platform sketchers too! and you know what I saved one Baby Tee from Dakki just cause it was a gift from hubby when we were just dating back then. It's actually a boys bugs bunny shirt in royal blue, and guess what...my 6yr old son wears it now LOL!
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  17. Super relate, Ms. M! Haha.

    Just to add, the loombands craze today is so reminiscient of the string bracelets (which looked like ropes or millipedes) which were the "in thing" during our time.

    Crazy how time flies!

  18. Oh my, I can relate! Hahahahaha! I cringe to think of what I must've looked like when I was younger. Fun times, though!

  19. Oh em! Thanks for taking us a trip down memory lane! Haha. I wore most of these too. Especially those hair wraps, and that butterfly clips. Oh and we used to call hair clamps as shok shok too. ^_^

    Oh and I still use hair doctor up to this day, I think I got used it it already. Lol.

    And that Bench B/Pure & Baby Bench colognes, omg! Grabe.

    Thanks for this Ms. Martha ^_^

    Sarap mag reminisce :)

  20. LOL! Laughing at your comments, girls! :D Glad you're enjoying this post! :D

  21. Winner yung butterfly hair clip! Ohmy haha!

  22. Ahahahahha! All of the things mentioned above are still with me. Like the pants and skirt! Which reminds me, do you have any DIY to recreate these treasures from the past? Bongga lang!

  23. Aaah, the 90's. I was in grade school when The Spice Girls were at the peak of their music career, and I, the kid, somehow managed to adapt all these trends. Lalo na yung butterfly clips with the bobbing antennae. Hahaha. Jolina nga ang peg. I remember the other girls in school would try to outdo each other with all the hair accessories they could cram into a single hairstyle. Panay naka-updo pa ata kami nun. :))

    Hair doctor din, that rattles when you shake it! I have one more: chunky platform sandals! The very same ones that are making a comeback now. Grabe, ang tagal na pala to the point that it's making a revival! --Matromao


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