Yllume: Brighten Skin Naturally, Effectively, and Safely

We have always been told to eat our tomatoes because it is very rich in Lycopene, which is very good for the health. Little did we know that beneath these red, juicy fruits lie Carotenoids, a mega supplement for the skin that can brighten and stall the signs of aging-that's what Yllume is all about!

Yllume, one of UK's leading premium dermaceutical range has just arrived in the Philippines!

Yllume is an overall brightening range for the skin--no, make that from face to foot because aside from the topical products, Yllume includes a Skin Supplement that brightens from within to give you the most even glow.

Her name is Hossay Momand, founder of Yllume. Momay's exceptional reaction to severe acne had led her to a life- long passion of researching for the best and cutting- edge skin care technologies in the realm of skin brightening and eventually, after decades of research with the top laboratories in Japan, UK, and Germany, she had founded Yllume.

What is Yllume made of? What can you expect from this range? Be one of the firsts to know after the jump!

According to Yllume, the range features the proprietary Phytofloral, an ingredient that combines the most potent marine, plant, botanical, vitamin, and mineral actives. The star in Phytofloral is Colourless Carotenoids that are derived from Mediterranean Tomatoes. Carotenoids are what protect fruits and vegetables from the sun, and help them maintain their bright colors. Surprisingly, humans have Carotenoids too (albeit they are colorless) and they are found in the horny layers of the skin-Carotenoid deficiency, according to research, makes skin vulnerable to sensitivity, hyper pigmentation, and acne. 

The way plant Carotenoids protect fruits and vegetables can also do wonders for human skin, but they have an undesirable reddish hue. With the help of modern science, there is finally a way to turn plant Carotenoids into Colorless Carotenoids and this, my friends, is what Yllume is using in their skin care products. Aside from Phytofloral, each product also features unique ingredients that help give you brighter skin.

Yllume promises to yield bright and even results in just 28 days, but without Licorice extracts, hydroquinone, kojic acid, and any harsh peeling agents, which makes it safe for sensitive and fine skin-their formula is equivalent and comparable to the effects of 4% Hydroquinone, but the difference is it's natural and mild. Since I mentioned that Yllume derives their Colorless Carotenoids from Mediterranean Tomatoes, the products provide antioxidant and revitalizing benefits too, aside from skin brightening.

Yllume features the following products:

Yllume Ultimate Illuminating Complex Cleanser

- A gentle yet industrious cleanser. It removes surface debris effectively to reveal luminous skin. Contains Colorless Carotenoids and Vitamin C.

Yllume Ultimate Illuminating Complex Tonic Mist

- deep cleans, soothes, irritations, and recharges skin, making it appear brighter, healthier, and well- rested. Contains Polynesian Lagoon Water and Vitamin C.

Yllume Ultimate Illuminating Complex Cream

- Hydrates, restores luminosity, and helps boost skin repair. Contains Colorless Carotenoids, Colorless Turmeric Root Extract, and Vitamin C.

Yllume Ultimate Illuminating Complex Mask

- Smoothes, boosts, brightens, and revitalizes skin. Contains Colorless Carotenoids to strengthen skin and Vitamin C for brightening and clarifying benefits.

Yllume Ultimate Illuminating Complex Skin Supplement

- brightens skin from the inside and aids the rest of the Yllume topical products. Contains Pomegranate, Acai Berry, and Bilberry extracts.

Yllume is distributed locally by Jeunesse Dermaceutical Distributors. A brainchild of Ms. Charee Pineda- Cabral, JDC distributes oral and topical skin solutions such as Peptides, Mandelic Acid,Vitamin K Oxide, and now, Colorless Carotenoids to local skin clinics and spas. We were also joined in the launch by Ms. Charee's two daughters, Pat and Sof. One common thing that I noticed with Ms. Charee, Pat, and Sof? Their beautiful skin-it's enviable!

You can find Yllume in medi-spas and select derma clinics. Just visit YLLUME on Facebook for more information about these products.

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  1. Same here, my mom always asks us to eat tomatoes everytime. Haha. Glad that a product line thought of this one. :) Been searching also for a product like this. How much are the products by the way? :)

  2. I'm all about brightening/whitening products since my skin always seem to look dull and blah. :) That's why I tend to always gravitate towards Korean cosmetics because most of them offer a wide range of brightening products. I'd love to check these out too!

  3. Hope they'd give out samples para we can patch test before buying. It looks expensive pa naman. :)

    Pero I didn't know about tomatoes ha? I just thought they're delicious and good for the heart, hahaha!

  4. Shary: I know because I'm telling you all now, this line is UHMAZING! It helped me deal with hormonal acne!

    Cath: Hope you can try it soon because it's great!

    Abegaill: Products are available upon request though so sorry, can't provide the prices. ;/

  5. 2014 seems to be the year of European skincare here in the Philippines. Glad to see the diversity. It seems as though our country is becoming a beauty mecca. :)) --Matromao


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