Wrangler launches Timber Creek For Men, their first non-denim collection

I may be a girl, but I enjoy guy stuff as well, especially anything related to fashion because my style is a bit masculine and I am a frustrated fashion stylist with my boyfriend as my willing victim. (LOL!) Turns out that I'm pretty good at styling because my boyfriend likes most of my fashion recommendations to him-well at least there's someone who likes my taste haha! :D

Here's one new fashion line for men from Wrangler that I believe my BF (and the guys in your lives too, dear readers) will love, and it's called Timber Creek.

Timber Creek is the first non- denim line of Wrangler. Take note, this collection is only available in the Philippines!

Wrangler saw the need for stylish yet ultra comfortable wear in a tropical country with men who have the passion for the outdoors and are looking for a breathable pair of pants for everyday. These light and easy pants are a refreshing break to traditional denim that's perfect for any casual, laid- back, and even rugged days. In short, it's made for the man who's always out and about and always ready for some action!

The launch for Timber Creek happened in Rockwell Club last week and was hosted by the quirky and funny Sam YG of Boys' Night Out.

How will your man wear Timber Creek? Click READ MORE for Wrangler's suggestions!

To me, Timber Creek is like a sleeker version of the good ol' Khaki Pants, but is more versatile and easier to style.

This has got to be my favorite ensemble for Timber Creek. I wonder if my boyfriend will wear this? :)

These gorgeous guy models owning Timber Creek in the mini fashion show!

Timber Creek boasts of 60 styles available, from jeans to shorts-there will also be Timber Creek tops available to compliment the jeans.

Timber Creek will launch in the Philippines this October 2014. Wrangler is also inviting everyone to its grand launch on October 13- 19, 2014 at the Atrium of Robinson's Place Manila. Customers will get to test their might in the Timber Creek Wall Climbing Activity and winners will receive a special prize, Wrangler VIP Card and Robinson's Rewards Card holders will get to enjoy Timber Creek's VIP Lounge, and the first thirty Wrangler buyers will get to take home a pair of Timber Creek pants for FREE!

Just visit WRANGLER PHILIPPINES on Facebook to stay up-to-date on Timber Creek's launch and event.

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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love Wrangler. I bought my BF's pants there last time. I like their new collection as well, fit for our country's weather and lifestyle. What I don't like lang with the new pants is the orange one. Haha. I just don't like the color. Other than that, I love everything. I also love the checkered long sleeves

  2. I love the styles from jeans, shorts to long sleeves.. What I really like about wrangler is the cloth they uses it gives so much comfort to those who are wearing them!

  3. Wrangler has been a part of my childhood life! Every time my dad arrived here in the Philippines, he always insist that we should buy new clothes! I always choose Wrangler as my denim jeans! I am glad that Wrangler has a new collection that is non-denim! Hope I could try it out! :)

  4. Abegaill: My boyfriend is an American eagle guy, but thanks to Wrangler, he's got a new option. He's loving the Timber Creek range because "it's jeans, but doesn't feel like it." :)

    Eddielli: I like wrangler's denim jackets! :)

    Melanie: True! I have a pair of wrangler shorts and it's one of my favorites. :)


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