Etude House Play 101 Pencils Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Etude House Play 101 Pencils.

Price: P348.00/each
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all Etude House stores and mall counters


If there's one ring to rule them all, I say there's one pencil to rule your look and it's Etude House Play 101 Pencil, a range of multitasking pencils that come in a ton of shades and finishes- from Black to Blue and matte to glimmer, there's one pencil that will fit your mood and preferred look. I now see pencil makeup in a different light because of these!


A new collection from Etude House, Play 101 Pencil is an all- around coloring product for the eyes, lips, and complexion. The range has 50 shades in glimmer, glossy, matte, and satin finishes.


Swatching these babies for you after the break!

These automatic pencils come in a glossy pencil packaging with a gunmetal hue-it doesn't look P348.00 at all!

These pencils are not only multitasking, but innovative too as each pencil comes with their very own sharpener at the bottom (these are the colored mini cylinders). If your pencil gets dull, just pull out the sharpener and sharpen away (Happy Skin is also another brand that has this feature in their eye pencils). Going back to Play 101 Pencil sharpeners, aside from being mighty useful, it's also nice that the sharpeners conveniently give you an idea of the actual color of the pencil so if you own a lot of these, no need to check them one by one when you're looking for a certain color!

L-R: 19, 15, 20, 10, 6, 1

Left Column, Top to Bottom:

6- a champagne beige shade with a shimmery finish
20- a matte hot pink shade with a blue undertone
10- a flesh shade with a matte finish

Right Column, Top to Bottom:

19- a pink/violet shade with a matte finish
15- a light peach shade with a glossy finish
1- black with a matte finish

The pencils are uniformly pigmented and so smooth and creamy. Etude House said that these products are long- wearing and I find that to be quite true, although if you have very oily skin, you will need to prep with a primer.

I would say that each pencil will work differently from the other and can only be useful in certain areas, given the finishes. For example, 15: it's very glossy and almost feels like pencil lip gloss to me, therefore I don't think it can be used on the eye area. Another example is 6: It has a high glimmer finish and I don't think it will look good if used as a lip product. You can always try experimenting with them though because after all, they're Play pencils!


I played with these pencils just recently and found that they're very useful in the following areas:

I used 19 here to give my eyes a pop of color. I use an eye primer with Play 101 Pencil because it always has a tendency to smudge for a little bit on my above crease around midday.

Meanwhile, I used 6 on my lower lash line to make my eyes appear brighter and dreamy.

I like the matte pencils best because they're the most multitasking in the bunch: In here, I used 20 as a lip liner and lip base-it can also be used as a standalone lip color, although it is a bit drying on the lips. Remember to prep your lips with lip balm prior to usage!

Look! I used 20 as a cheek color too! By the way, these pencils dry up pretty quickly so if you're going to use it on the cheeks, remember to blend it quickly!

These are just some ways to utilize Play 101 Pencil-you can use them to draw art on your face or skin (Hey, Halloween's coming so, why not!?), as a concealer, skin highlighter, eye base, or what have you. Do whatever you want and this pencil will obey! Overall, this is one cool product and I think it can be an essential too since it's multitasking.


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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I knew I should have bought some of these during their 20% off sale! Very innovative products!

  2. this is cute and a multi-tasker product... will buy the black with matte finish soon...

  3. i already try one of this, and i must say etude is really not so late when it comes to experimental and innovative ranges of swatches. I would really recommend this product to all my friends, specially my fashionistang tita that is so kikay! ;)

  4. I looove the colors! And it's good that they have matte too. I will certainly buy the black, pink and white pencils for my eyes. :)

  5. Just bought one in the recent Etude House sale. :) I got the play 101 in shade 21. I just bought one because I'll check it's compatibility pa with my skin. If it doesn't irritate my skin, I will definitely hoard other colors. :) I like that it's multi purpose yet it's super affordable.

  6. I bought one from the nearest Etude House last Nov. 2. I got #27. And I must say it was a right choice. I love how it stays longer than what I presume it would be (I have an oily skin type btw). I really should have bought more since it was on sale.

  7. I really want to try what you did on your lower lash line. I don't really like putting white liner on my eyes nowadays because I'm not comfortable with it but that shade seems good for morena. I should have bought one on their 20% off. But I will still definitely buy this. Thanks!

  8. I've seen this before during my last visit in Etude House and only thought of it as an eye product. Never did it occur to me that this can double (triple?) as blush and lippie as well. Thanks for the tip, Ms. M :)


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  9. it was nice to find a multitasking product which you can use on dual purpose, and at very reasonable price.

    my EH products to try is getting longer now, i missed their 20% off sale

    i like the 20 you used here (since it is matte)

  10. It loooks pigmented nga. The blue tone of hot pink shade is obvious. I have oily skin though. I like the eye line effect of the pink.

  11. Awesome! From what I know there are different finishes to each pencil so in a way a certain pencil is "targeted" to specific purpose but can still be played around with :D

  12. I usually use Blue and Green when having a pop of color. I think it compliments brown eyes which a lot us Filipina has. I think the flesh matte will definitely a great waterliner! ;)

  13. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, ladies! :D

  14. this was so cool useful and versatile product i guess. Thanks for sharing the useful tips on how to use it. i did not know that, i wanna try this yeeh!


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