Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizing CC Cream Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Olay Pore Minimizing CC Cream Review.

Price: P999.00 (50g); P499.00 (20g)
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Lately, a close Beauty Blogger colleague commended my skin and my makeup-that made me smile because that comment was proof that my religious skin care is finally paying off, plus it's nice to get a positive comment on your makeup from a makeup artist. :D She then asked what foundation I'm using and I told her that I'm just wearing CC Cream-she was surprised because she thought I had full coverage on!

So which CC Cream was I using? Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizing CC Cream-this 'Blurring Tool' covers skin with a pillowy coverage that keeps enlarged pores temporarily out of sight, thus giving your skin a smoother appearance.


This product promises to color, correct, and protect skin with Broad Spectrum SPF 15-it also promises to yield an airbrushed finish and contains 7-in-1 benefits in a light, oil- free formula.


More about this smoothing and soothing base after the jump!

The products come in a generous 50g tube. The moment I held these products, they feel more like skin care than make-up to me. Idk, perhaps due to the look and feel of the packaging? You won't suspect that these are makeup at first glance!

Top- Medium
Bottom- Light

So this product only has two shades: Light for fair to light skin tones and Medium for medium to medium-dark skin tones, and both have a neutral undertone-texture is plush, bouncy, and soft, has a whipped consistency, and practically goes well with any brush. It has no scent and that's always a great plus for me and for everyone (although I don't mind having a bit of fragrance in my face bases)!


Bare face

Two layers of the CC Cream in Medium

It glides on nicely and evenly on the skin, definitely zero streakiness. One time, I observed this product closely while I was applying it and saw that it actually creates a sheer barrier on the skin, which is the reason why it gives your skin this 'blur', although it's pretty sheer to blur out face bumps and discolorations-on enlarged pores, it works great! Does the 'barrier' feel heavy on the skin? Not at all because this product is very lightweight and oil- free! I also read that this product promises to reduce pore appearance, but of course, that will happen if you use it continuously.

This product even doubles as a moisturizer so no need to use a separate one, unless you have very dry skin. However, I don't feel that it controls oil really well, but it doesn't turn me into an oil mine even if the weather is warm. That said, it's good for those with normal, combination oily-normal, and slightly dry skin who need a bit more moisture from a face base. I also don't think it can be called a CC Cream-it's more of a tinted moisturizer or BB Cream because it cannot conceal deeper discolorations. Nonetheless, it works pretty fine.

At this point, my skin's at its best beautiful except for enlarged pores so I'm currently using light bases like this one-I honor my skin this way: If it's looking good, I show it off. 

If you've got pretty nice skin, this product would be great to try because it's light and gives your skin that extra smoothness.


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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i love how it gives you that glow =) okay im sold im gonna try this on our dance competition on 12th of december

  2. Hi, MArtha! Are you wearing concealer in the 2nd pic? or is it just the CC cream? Thanks!

  3. I have this one! The smaller one. And I love it as well. Even my mom uses it. It's so moisturizing and hydrating. It really fits my skin. I love the shade, it fits me well. And it's affordable. Definitely worth it

  4. Wow I liked your skin the most in this pic I saw it on Facebook and I just had to comment and read more to know your secret! I usually just stalk your posts on FB :p Your skin looks the smoothest it's been! ! so I guess this is the combi of both your skin being glowing on it's own and the perfect light coverage this cc cream gives!

  5. Your skin looks super beautiful! Must be really effective

  6. This is on my wishlist! Will try it once I need to buy more cc creams! :)

  7. I was amazed with the result! Your face became light and smooth! *claps* There are lots of CC cream now, is this the best CC cream so far? Because I still never been able to use a CC cream and would like to purchase one.. and I like this review. It's good that they have 2 shades also. After the CC cream, what are you using next? do you still need to use a concealer? It somewhat conceal and looks so so smooth. You're very pretty :)

  8. this looks so really nice, i hafta try this olay cc cream.

  9. Rhain: This is not built for intense activities though! :p

    May and Juvy: Let me know how you girls like it! :D

    Ivy: Hello and welcome to my blog! :D Thanks for the compliment! I use concealer and corrector (if needed) first then the CC Cream-I treat it as the last step in my wet base routine. Afterwards, I set it with powder. :)

    Stacie: Thank you! Yup, I find it good! :D

    Cam: Hello Cam! Thanks for being a reader. Yup, it's a combination of both. Good skin and good makeup go hand in hand! :D

    Abegaill: It's nice that they have small variants so customers can try it first before buying the big one. :)

    Dane: Hi! Yes I am. :)

  10. Oh wow! Your skin definitely improved! I love the pic of your bare skin. How long did you stay oil-free? And does it work nicely if topped off with powder?
    anyway, I'm so glad to be back reading again!

  11. Aaargh! I should have bought this when it was buy 1 take 1 at Watsons. I just bought the serum version and boy I so love it. I tried Etude and Tony Moly CC but this one looks good too. I'm an Olay user for 4 yrs and I'll definitely try this one soon. Thanks for the review.

  12. This iswhy I amtorn between having a nice coverage or will I choose a good skin care but less coverage for my blemishes. Glad they have this already! My next thought about this would be its price butsomehow it compensates with the promising effects that you will later see. May I know what powder did you use to top this off?

  13. I want to try this! The finish looks good. :) And i love its "whipped cream-like" consistency :) Haven't tried any CC cream.

  14. I love it because my skin looking really soft and bouncy when using it and it gives me really healthy glow. Looking so flawless whole day. So easy to blend into your skin too.

  15. Majorie: Was oil- free for a good 3-4 hours, which is pretty impressive for a sheer base. :)

    Hanna: Hey there and welcome to my blog! Thanks for sharing your experience. :D

    Cin: Hello and welcome to my blog! For the powder, I used canmake marshmallow powder. :D

    Michelle: Thanks for visiting too! :D

  16. I love KC Concepcion's skin and she's using this one too (saw her ig post!) I really really really need this cc cream! Love how much this one looks on you! Ganda mo Ms. Martha ❤️

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