Prostudio Pro 15 Color Corrector Palette Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Prostudio Pro 15 Color Corrector Palette.

Price: P700.00
Bought From: Free
Available in: Glambox Studio Makati (227 Salcedo st. cor. Gamboa st. Value Point Bldg., Legaspi Village, Makati);;


Prostudio is a newcomer in the beauty field, but this Color Corrector shows that they've got mighty potential. I'm really picky when it comes to correctors, but this palette passed my standards! I'm using this palette almost everyday and already used up my three favorite colors, and right now, I'm mixing and matching colors to come up with those three favorite shades of mine-that shows how much I'm using this palette!


Prostudio Beauty is a local PRO makeup and makeup tools brand that's based online. This palette contains 15 correcting shades to conceal facial discolorations, highlight, and contour the skin.

To be honest, it looks like a generic palette, very reminiscent of brands such as Lulu, Dollface Cosmetics, and Coastal Scents, and it's decent and PRO-looking enough. The concealers come in a slim, unbranded plastic palette that feels quite sturdy to me.

More about this budget- friendly PRO palette after the cut, plus swatches too!

First five colors:

1- Creamy Silver Shade with silver glimmer for adding effects to the skin
2- Light Yellow to brighten skin (corrector)
3- Fair Beige concealer with a pink undertone (corrector)
4- Medium Beige with an olive undertone (concealer)
5- Tan Brown with a pink undertone (for contouring)

Second Five:

6- Mint Green for reducing redness (corrector)
7- Light Beige with a yellow undertone (concealer/highlighter)
8- Medium Beige with a yellow undertone (concealer)
9- Warm Beige with a yellow undertone (concealer)
10- Deep Brown with a pink undertone (for contouring)

Last Five:

11- Pale Lavender for covering up bluish veins (corrector)
12- Very Light Beige with a yellow undertone (concealer/highlighter)
13- Nude Beige with a neutral undertone (concealer/highlighter)
14- Salmon Pink (corrector)
15- Dark Brown with a neutral undertone (for contouring)

The orientation of the palette is pretty easy to understand, but I know that not everyone is a makeup geek so I will explain this: If you're leaning towards the pink side, the topmost row is for you. If you're more yellow, the middle row is for you, and finally, if you've got neutral or olive undertones, choose the last row. For discolorations, just go for the standout colors green, yellow, and lavender.

All shades have been swatched twice. Judging from the photo, you'll notice that they're very creamy, and super pigmented, albeit they need to be warmed up before usage. The formula of these correctors has this innate hardness to it, therefore I wouldn't recommend it for eye use, unless you don't mind having a few premature wrinkles and crow's feet on your under eyes. (Who the hell wants those!?) The correctors are unscented and are fairly easy to spread on the skin when warmed up properly.


Post- acne marks

Two layers of # 14

Despite its affordability, this palette has got some pretty neat concealing skills. Check out my post- acne marks-they're covered well!

# 14 layered with #13

The colors that I always use are #14 and #13: 14 is too pink so I have to use 13 to neutralize the pinkness. I'm already out of 14 so I mix the following colors to come up with a shade that's pretty close to it: 8 and 5.

The correctors have pretty good staying power, thanks to their hard cream texture-I've always liked hard creams for correctors because they stay on longer on the skin. However, I do not know how these products will fare on extremely oily skin types.

Now if you've noticed in the swatches, the correctors look a lil' 'thick', which begs the question: "Do they look cakey on the skin?" Nope, never experienced and noticed that-just make sure that you even out the layers before sealing with powder or another face base. I think whether it's cheap or expensive makeup, they will look cakey if you do not blend them properly!

Going back, I must say, I'm pretty impressed with this palette that I'm actually thinking of getting another one because what the heck, it's only P700.00, although what stops me from buying is I find it a waste that I really don't get to use the other colors. :/ I wish Prostudio will come up with singles, especially for # 14! 

But if you're a makeup artist on a budget or you're currently training for the art and don't want to splurge right away on trial cosmetics, this is a good candidate because I find its overall quality really good!


Please visit GLAMBOX AIRBRUSH COSMETICS on Facebook for more information about this product. Also, visit @prostudiobeauty on Instagram to order this product and for the rest of their products.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Pretty affordable nga. :) I'm not into correctors but I'll try this nga. I love the coverage and you said it has a good staying power. Might as well try it. :) Thanks for sharing

  2. Cool! When I saw the pic, I immediately thought of foundation. There are people who use concealer as something like a foundation then contour and highlight with it. :D Super fitted for makeup artists :)

  3. This looks like a good investment for budding makeup artists! I hope they come up with smaller palettes like, say, palettes for midtone skin with yellow undertones containing 4 correctors or so.

  4. this is what i am looking for ms m! and look its only 700php with 15 different shades! i want to practice contouring and this is the tool i needed.. i'll ask my sister to look for this since she's the one who is working at makati area

  5. Boy, I bet I'm going to get a lot of use out of this palette! I've really been into cream contouring lately and the fact that this palette also offers highlighting and concealing is such a plus! Such a steal for 700 pesos. I like how you can mix some shades together to create your own preference to fit your skin.

  6. I always thought that BB creams doesnt enough to cover any blemishes, discolorations, etc on my face. I think I might put this into good use. Especially on days I feel like perfecting my face :) Love that it has sooo many selection. All in one. :)

  7. That looks like a great pallette to play with, if only I knew how to play with concealers and Color correctors! Thanks for sharing, Ms M :)


  8. I'm just planning to buy this palette this week. I'm in a discovery for the perfect concealer for my dark acne marks. I found one from BYS cosmetics but they aren't that affordable for me. Hopefully, this one would work.

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