Philosophy: Capturing the scent of Christmas in their Holiday 2014 Collection

That nutty scent coming out of the oven, the smell of a burning Christmas candle, and the cool, minty fragrance of candy canes that fills your heart as they're being passed around--there's really something about the warm, soothing, inviting, and comforting fragrance of Christmas that fulfills you somehow.

Philosophy, once again, brings us these luscious memories of the most- awaited time of the year in bundles and bottles of bath products that will make gift giving even more cheerful and worthwhile. 

Philosophy's best- selling Shampoo, Shower Gel, and Bubble Bath finally comes in the much- awaited Christmas editions. I really look forward to this collection every year because I think it's when Philosophy goes all out with their amazing talent in the fragrance department and I love that every variant really reminds me of something special. For example, Christmas Cookie: this bath gel has this melt-in-your-nose buttery, cinnamon- spiked fragrance that brings to mind one of my annual Christmas luncheons with the relatives wherein we feasted on darn good cinnamon rolls and butter chiffon cakes. Peppermint Stick, on the other hand, reminds me of our cool Christmas decor idea last year wherein we hung real peppermint candy canes on the faux Pine lining by the kitchen door-God, that part of the house smelled really nice last year! Each Philosophy shower gel is a bottled up Christmas memory for me!

More of Philosophy's Christmas gifts after the jump!

Give out a bundle of joy and love with Philosophy's holiday gift set such as this one called Sending Holiday Wishes- it contains a travel- sized Shampoo, Shower Gel, and Bubble Bath in Shortbread Cookie, sparkling lip gloss in Sugar Sprinkles, and bath and body lotion in Sweet Creamy Frosting-I use the body lotion as a hand cream!

There's also the Shampoo, Bath Gel, and Bubble Bath trio that comes in the following staple scents: Vanilla Birthday Cake, Raspberry Sorbet, and Melon Daiquiri.

All these holiday products will soon be available in Philosophy's stores in Glorietta (the one in this photo) and SM Mega Fashion Hall, and in their pop- up store in Greenbelt 5. Just visit PHILOSOPHY PHILIPPINES on Facebook for the upcoming launch of their Holiday Collection for 2014!

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. When I saw your teaser photo on FB about this, I passed by their Fashion Hall store to check those out. But I didn't see it. :/ I was so curious about the scents as the colors are so pretty. They seem so bango talaga. So excited to get the holiday collection! I love philosophy as their bath products smell really good. :)

  2. their products looks interesting and of course just by looking at it,i guess it would really help you feel that christmas is really in the air...better grab some before its too late. ;)

  3. the peppermint one i like.. hopefully i'd be able to grab one of the holiday collections soon! :) nice article :)

  4. i will surely check on this product when i go to glorietta on weekends.

  5. i will surely check this out when we go to glorietta this weekend

  6. Oh my gosh. I am seriously a sucker for nearly anything minty and that bottle of Peppermint Stick is beckoning to me. Ahh I must get my hands on it. <3 Almond Glaze sounds delicious, too, though!

  7. Oh how I love holiday scents! They seem so relaxing and cozy to me! I just love how reminiscent scents brings back a lot of memories. This is the perfect time to shop for cozy scents like these!

    Love you maxi btw!

  8. i havent tried Philosophy and i been wanting to try them from ages.. good thing that they arrived in the Philippines and that's pretty good

  9. Is it right for me to suddenly crave cinnamon rolls? I almost drooled reading how Christmas Cookie smells like. Ah, food <3

    I haven't tried anything from the brand yet but I think I really want Christmas Cookie right now XD

  10. I just had no words upon reading their labels. i think I might eat them instead of use them. hahaha lol! Perfect for giving to your vain loved ones this Holidays =)Birthday vanilla cake is my favorite :D

  11. Oh dear, why is this so appealing to the senses? Gotta take a whiff of them all.. So curious! Feeling ko para syang new flavors ng SB. Hehe. Thanks for sharing Ms M!


    xx Join my ongoing giveaway. Ends tomorrow! xx

  12. Abegaill: Yes! One day, when I become very rich, all my bath products will be from philosophy! :D

    Mica: Yes they are! And they're so addicting! :)

    Itsmefati: Mine would always be Cinnamon Buns, but it's not available this year. :/

    Stacie: Me too, both the shower gel and food haha! :D

    Cath: Thanks! :D

    Jessy: The bad part about these shower gels though is, they always make me crave for the food counterpart haha!

    Julienne: Thank you! :D

    Hanna: Enjoy! :)

    Julia: Enjoy, dear! :D


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