OOTD: Errands Day

Here's my OOTD yesterday, a day filled with errands for my PR clients, Blog clients, family, and pets. :D

TOP: Sexy White Shirt
BOTTOM: Forever 21
SHOES Skechers

More about this look after the cut!

I am loving these loose shirts from Sexy White Shirt because they're so comfy, easy to wear, and fit is so relaxed! To spice up a very casual outfit, I normally slip into my Skechers SKCH+3 wedge and throw in some statement accessories such as this gold chain necklace from Koket, which happens to be one of my favorites. Oh, I also wear my favorite lippie shade too, which is red to energize me throughout the day!

BAG: Prada

What do you usually wear when running errands?

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Love this casual cute outfit! I don't know why but I'm always drawn into feminine floral prints. :)

  2. Grabe!! Hindi ko mapigilan di magcomment ang ganda ng katawan mo dito!!!! Nakakainspire lang ng sobra!! :)

  3. love the shoes and it simply matches the leggings! :)

  4. i love the floral bottom, it really goes naturally on you martha. ;)

  5. please don't think i'm creepy or anything but... Dat ass!
    This, girls, is why we should really do squats or any butt firming exercise! I used to think those exercises are not effective but look!

  6. I super love your bag and floral leggings! :) I have those as well but of different color. :) As for me, I wear a plain white or black shirt and shorts when doing errands. I wear comfy flipflops if I'll be going somewhere near, and I'll use black flats naman if it's kinda far. As for the bag, I bring something small, one that could fit my wallet and phone. I don't use accessories na when I;m doing errands. :)

  7. Very comfy shirt! For me, when I am running errands, I love to wear plain, bit looose shirt, leggings, and flats. And i like to put my hair on a ponytail and opt for no makeup. :) Just sharing. Love your leggings!! :D

  8. Looking great, Ms. M! :) Giordano v-neck shirts are really comfy too and they come in pretty colors, but somehow limited. They have it in female and male fits too, perfect pangcouple shirt without being too couple-y :)

    I also like wearing denim shorts plus my ultra comfy fitflops in doing my errands. If I need to wear something more appropriate, I wear jeggings and closed shoes with super soft soles :) and most importantly, my bag should be big enough to fit a folder and should be a sling type to give me two free hands :)


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  9. Thanks for the comments, girls!

    Donna and Anne_22: Haha. thanks girls! :D

  10. I'd wear that outfit myself on an errand day! I'd probably wear lighter shoes, though. :) I really like your leggings and necklace.


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