5 Cute Holiday Gifts

I found myself cleaning my room last Saturday-I had to pinch myself to know if I were dreaming or what, but 'tis true, 'tis true, I'm becoming less and less occupied now, and that's very good because I can finally devote some time to other important things like this.

Cleaning your room is not only therapeutic, but inspiring as well-as I was arranging a couple of stuff on one corner, all of sudden, a blog post idea had just hit me! :)

Here are a couple of gift suggestions that are quite ordinary, but lovable nonetheless. With these, you won't have to cringe every time you hand out your gift just because it's a pillow, a pair of socks, or junk food because I guarantee, any recipient will love it! Click READ MORE and know where to find these super cute items! :D

Happy Socks (P649.00/pair)

- Here's a sock that does not only keep you warm and fuzzy, but puts a smile on your face as well. Happy Socks is an international brand and it's the cutest, plushest, and most luxurious cotton socks that have touched my feet as of late. You can find them on Facebook at HAPPY SOCKS PHILIPPINES FACEBOOK and DREAM LAB LIFESTYLE.

Charm Pocket (P500.00)

- Every girl will appreciate a new set of brushes, especially if it's as handy as Charm Makeup Brushes' Charm Pocket 5-piece everyday brush set! You can find it at CHARM MAKEUP BRUSHES FACEBOOK, BEAUTY AND MINERALS FACEBOOK, The Ramp At Crossings Trinoma and Shangri-La Mall, PureBeauty Serendra, and SOFA Retail Lab, Archaeology, Powerplant Mall, Makati City.

Pop.Junk.Love Character Pillows (Starts at P600.00)

- I am obsessed with Pusheen so imagine my glee when I saw this pillow! Much love to my BF who bought this for me on a whim! :D

Anyway, Pop.Junk.Love is a lifestyle store that sells 'up cycled', customized, and unique pillows, accessories, keychains, desk and office supplies, and more. Pusheen is just one of the dozens and dozens of character pillows they offer-all you have to do is find out which character your recipient loves and then order away! If in case that particular character is not available in their selections, you can have it customized. :) Character pillows feature Adventure Time, Baymax, Frozen's Elsa and Anna, Pusheen, Minions, and Star Wars to name a few. You can find them on POP.JUNK.LOVE FACEBOOK and recently, they're in Resorts World, at the Christmas bazaar in the lobby.

Halo Halo Charms Charm Necklaces (Starts at P1,500.00)

- Here's a cheaper charm accessory and a good alternative to Pandora (except that it's not a bracelet). Halo Halo Charms is known for their quirky and unique charm necklaces-simply choose your glass locket and fill it up with mini charms-each necklace comes in its very own gift box so just buy a ribbon, tie it up, and it's good to go! You can find it at @halohalocharms on Instagram.

Chewy Chips Ahoy Creations (Starts at P200.00)

- Everyone loves a good snack and Chips Ahoy too so I'm sure every recipient will love this gift! There are tons of artisan flavors to choose from: Mint Chocolate Chip, Dulce De Leche, Birthday Cake, Root Beer Float, Mocha Chunk, and OREO- FILLED CHIPS AHOY (!!!) to name a few. You can find it in leading supermarkets-I read that SM Makati carries this Chewy Chips Ahoy collection.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Happy shopping! :)

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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Pop Junk Love character pillows are just too cute!! Same with you, I am soo drawn into cute things and trinkets Pusheen inspired.

  2. How does the Chips Ahoy taste like? :) like peppermint mocha ba ng SB? Haha. I haven't seen that in groceries pa. Super cute nga ng socks and yung pillow. I love cute pillows. And of course, I also love the charms and brushes! :) I've seen cute sleep blinds din, like panda, or cartoon eyes. I also bought cute coin purses (animals, cartoon characters, etc.) as a giveaway for Christmas. :)

  3. I need to clean my room too.. Wow naman.. Me I want a stich stuff toy that is as big as regular pillow because I like the idea that I have something to hug. I just hope he would know it.

  4. Cath: I wish to have more Pusheen stuff in my room! :)

    Teri: Hey, I like Stitch too! :D

    Abegaill: Chocolatey and minty-it's perfect! I wanna grab all the flavors! :)


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