FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: 5 Legit Cold Weather Body Moisturizers

Thirteen days to go before Christmas! Eep! I'm so excited and this reminded me to accomplish my remaining to-buy gifts for the season! Yeah, I should do that now, but let me leave you with our fan mail fridays query that's so apt for the weather! Thanks Janella for sending this! :)

Hi Ms. Martha, 
I have really dry skin on my body. My family and I have recently moved to Baguio for good and the cold weather here is making my skin condition worse. :( Do you have any body lotion to suggest to help my skin cope in this weather? I'm afraid I'd have to deal with this forever! 
P.S. Love your blog! 

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Hi Janella!

Wow, it's one of my dreams to have a house in Baguio! I always enjoy my time when I'm in there and I always look forward to my Baguio trips-hope I can go back soon and I hope your skin will be able to adjust to the weather there soon enough!

Now for your question, here are some of my tried and tested body moisturizers that protect my skin in any cold temperature-I have dry skin too like you!


- This is light, non- greasy, yet emollient enough to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. It's got VCO, which is known for its intense hydrating properties plus it's safe for hypoallergenic skin!

Revealing the rest of my favorite body moisturizers after the cut!

- One of my most favorite The Body Shop products and one of my go- to body moisturizers for night time.

- When my skin is really rebellious and dryness gets out of hand, I spray on this product-Oil is always a good humidifier, especially this one because it's made with Argan Oil!

 Physiogel Cream

- Just hit the drugstore and look for Physiogel Cream, a hypoallergenic, very rich moisturizer that will end all your dry woes. FYI, this brand is specifically made for dry to very dry skin!

Jergens Overnight Repair

- On days when dryness is tolerable, but you still want to get rid of it anyway, you can try Jergens Overnight Repair, the lightest moisturizer in this bunch--but, don't be fooled because this product can still give you that much- needed moisture and hydration despite its semi- creamy texture! This is a very good night time moisturizer because it has reparative properties that your skin can benefit from immensely.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Got your favorite cold weather body moisturizer? Share it with us in the comments section!

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. For everyday I usually just use virgin coconut oil which i mixed in some essential oil. But for major hydration I go for Aveeno moisturizer or Keri lotion.

  2. My go to moisturizers for the cold weather would have to be of course, The Body Shop Body Butter, Human Nature Sunflower Oil, and Physiogel lotions!!

  3. I also have problems whenever I am in Baguio. My skin doesn't like cold weather. It turns ugly; grayish and wrinkly. I can use any lotions but the problem is I it will trigger a lot more sweat.

    Anyways, the Body Shop butter looks yummy. Among all of them I want to try the physiogel since I believe it's easier to find.

  4. I am using the Jergens Overnight Repair it really helps doesnt dry out my skin especially for our weather lately.

  5. Christine: aveeno is really good, especially the oatmeal variant. My mom swears by it!

    Hanna: Me too! :D

    Teri: Yes, plus Physiogel is hypoallergenic. :)

    Cath: Thanks for sharing! :D

  6. The body shop lotions are the bomb when you are suffering from dryness. Also their lip balms can be your very best friends when it comes to, windburns, etc. I just love their moisturizing powers. :) and the scents? Just.. just heaven. ♥

  7. I love Jergens, Physiogel and Body shop's lotions when my skin is getting drier than usual. True skin savers that are affordable and widely available in almost all malls. I also use Nivea for dry skin. It works for me as well. :D

  8. I also reside in baguio sis;)It's unavoidable to have dry skin here especially with the cold weather this ber months.To combat dry skin I personally use VCO too like one of our fellow commenters.If you have access to KoreaN cosmetics,aloe vera gel by Nature Republic is also an alternative.;)


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