Fight For Beauty With Flawless Pink Revolution!

The biggest changes in history were brought about by revolutions. The Invention of the Internet has revolutionized the way people connect. EDSA Revolution has ended tyranny and brought peace back to the Filipino people.

I think the same thing applies to beauty. 

Flawless started as a humble clinic back in 2001 with a strong desire to bring affordable aesthetic services to Filipinos-through this desire, they were able to revolutionize the local beauty landscape by giving Pinoys smooth, healthy, and Flawless skin with services that are truly within reach.

There's no stopping Flawless as they're continuing the revolution and stepping it up at the same time with PINK REVOLUTION, the most beautiful uprising to date! Click READ MORE and sign up! ;)

Pink Revolution is a 5+5 offer in celebration of Flawless Face and Body Clinic's National Flawless Month. For every 5 sessions, you get 5 additional sessions for FREE that you can consume or share with your friends and family. Services included in Pink Revolution are: Cell Booster Infusion Mask, Nano Power Peel, Shape and Sculpt, and Laser Hair Removal.

This offer runs from December 1- 31, 2014 only so hurry up and join the revolution, and fight for your right for better and more beauty services! ;)

Please visit FLAWLESS FACE AND BODY CLINIC ON FACEBOOK for more information about this promo.

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2 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Nice offering! Would avail of the laser hair removal immediately! Thanks for sharing this. I've tried availing the facial treatment in Flawless and I must say that it was one of the best facial I ever had. Would definitely go back there. The staff are so accommodating pa. :)

  2. Abegaill: The laser hair removal is such a steal here! I'm so tempted to avail it! :D


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