FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: 5 Non- Chap Lipsticks Below P800.00

Happy Friday! 6 Days to go before Christmas and I hope you're all done shopping for gifts! :) Ending your week with a lovely FMF from Gem-this will come handy in case you're looking at treating yourself to a tube of lipstick for being awesome this Christmas! :D

Hi Martha!

I just started being addicted to makeup and when I found your blog, it was like I had a guide that helps me what to buy, use, and try out. There's just one thing that I'm very hesitant to use and I know it's equally important with face makeup - a lipstick. I have full and chapped lips and I don't know what kind of lipstick should I use. I'm hesitant to try out high-end brands because I fear that it might not work for me. Do you have any suggestions? 

Hi Gem!

Thanks for this awesome query. :) Hey, you asked the right question because I, too, have really dry lips and to make my life a little less complicated, I just decided to stick with non- drying lipsticks. I know a lot of lipsticks that fit the bill, but so far, these are the top 5 that first popped in my head. Click READ MORE for the list!

1. Inglot Matte Lipsticks (P795.00/each)

- I am just thankful for Inglot because they're one of the brands that carry the softest, non- drying lipsticks that have graced the earth. Matte lipsticks and dry lips are like worlds apart, but Inglot has somehow bridged the gap. :D

2. Happy Skin Shut Up And Kiss Me Moisturizing Lipsticks (P549.00/each)

- This proud Pinoy brand makes one of the softest, most pigmented, and non- drying lipsticks ever, plus they come in super handy crayon barrels! :D

- My most favorite make-up product from L'Oreal to date! This soft, moisturizing lipstick line is big on color and moisture, plus it leaves your lips with a hint of stain.

Learn how to solve dry lips HERE.

4. L'Oreal Color Riche Moist Matte (P625.00)

- If there's no Inglot store near your area, look for this-it's a range of matte lippies sans the dryness!

- Avon is well- known for having the most moisturizing lipsticks so look no further if you want something that suits your needs, but won't burn your wallet. :)

Have a great weekend, ladies!

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I agree about the L'oreal lipsticks. They're really so moisturizing and have a good color payoff. It lasts long too! I love Avon as well. Everything that says moisturizing lipstick from avon are really moisturizing. There are a lot of kinds pa. And lastly Happy akin. That's a superb lipstick. Try out the limited editions first and buy the usual shades later on. I bet you'll be addicted to those. I'll drop by the newest store of Inglot in Megamall and I'm super excited! I'll check that lipstick out

  2. I am using Avon lipstick since high school and true sulit mga lipstick that they are selling . Ilove their matte lipstick as well.
    Awww.. happy skin is on my wish list sana may mareceive this xmas haha..

  3. Thanks, Martha! Tomorrow's my birthday (hehe) and I can't wait to buy these lippies as birthday presents for myaelf. This is really a big help! Merry Christmas! :) -Gem

  4. It's always nice to see Happy Skin increase their lipstick selection. It took me a while to get on the bandwagon, but it was great when I did. I appreciate the pigmentation and the moisture level for the amount of pigmentation that their lippies give off. My biggest deterrent is just the color selection, but they've been expanding nicely. Can't wait for their 2015 summer release. :)

  5. This is a really great post! Been eyeing those Inglot lipsticks every time I go to Glorietta. Can you do another post for lipsticks under P400? For those lower end lipsticks. Thanks!

  6. I have chapped lips when I don't drink enough water. What's surprising is even those silky lipstick with Vitamin E gives me flaky dry lips when they should moisturize it. Perhaps I need to start searching for Loreal lipstick

  7. Abegaill: I think all of Inglot's lipsticks are non-drying! Happy choosing! ::D

    Christine: Hi Christine, will do! :D

    Teri: It really depends on the overall ingredients of the lipstick, not just the star ingredients. :)

    Foodworldme: Same here! I can't wait for their summer collection! :D

    Gem: Enjoy! thanks for writing. :)

    Hanna: Christmas is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to Happy Skin's lippies! :D


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