L'Oreal Moist Matte Lipsticks Review

Here’s a review on L’Oreal Moist Matte Lipsticks.

Price: P625.00
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Reviewing my second favorite L’Oreal product, next to the Color Riche Le Rouge lipsticks! Non-drying matte lippies come at a hefty price tag, but thank goodness for these new Moist Matte lipsticks from L’Oreal. They’re super friendly to the wallet and they really deliver as advertised: pigmented, matte goodness without the dryness!


These smooth matte lippies are formulated with precious Argan Oil, Omega-3, and Vitamin E that envelop lips in sheer, delightful moisture. It comes in 10 modern shades.

Packaging is the same as Color Riche Le Rouge, but to avoid confusion, the former comes in a gold- colored tube and the Moist Matte lipsticks come in a steel gray- colored tube.


More about this fab innovation after the break plus the swatches!

 Texture is velvety so I think this is more of a velvet matte lipstick than a traditional matte lipstick. It starts off a little moist and shiny in the beginning due to the oil ingredients, but it settles into a soft matte finish after a few minutes. Despite the oil ingredients, it doesn’t bleed around the lips and you can wear it even without lip liner. It's also an effective lip plumper too because it fills in fine lines and gives you a fuller- looking lip. Pigmentation is superb as I get intense coverage in one swipe. Wear time is amazing as well as it lasts the whole day minus flaking and fades gradually after a few meals and sips of coffee, albeit it feels a lil’ heavy on the lips so I use one layer only. And oh, it’s non-drying-not at all!


 Lincoln Rose

- A bright rose shade with a red undertone.

 My most favorite shade among the four! It’s a unique shade because it looks red, but not quite. Love how this shade freshens up my complexion!

 Orange Power

- A midtone warm orange shade.

 Orange Power looks great on warm skin tones and I love how it deepens my tan. It’s also a very wearable vintage kind of orange because it stands out, but isn’t too shocking or outdated.

 Red Valentine

- A hot pink shade.

 This shade isn’t exactly Red-it’s a true hot pink shade with a warm tone. Looks great on any skin tone in my opinion!

 Sakura Pink

- A nude pink shade.

 Sakura Pink is best for fair skin tones in my opinion because it is cool- toned. I also think that the color is too muted for daytime and it’s best used during night time along with smokey eye makeup. And surprisingly, for a very pale color, it doesn't appear streaky on the lips!

I can liken this product to Illamasqua’s Matte Lipsticks, from the quality, staying power, and down to the texture, but sans the expensiveness plus it’s accessible too. Finally, I can wear Matte lipsticks during summer-thanks L’Oreal for coming up with these lovelies!


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. They all look so pretty on you. Can't decide which one looks best! :)

  2. My lips need these :D I always have dry chapped lips. Red Valentine <3 all the colors look good on you, my fave for you will always be red. <3

  3. I really want the orange! Thanks for the review and swatches!

  4. Oh!!! These are just so pretty! :)

    BF wants Red valentine for me :)
    But I also want lincoln Rose.. Hihihihi..save save.. they look so luxurious! I love matte LS but they tend to be drying talaga. These would be perfect!

  5. I have the Sakura one and I agree with you that it doesnt appear streaky on the lips & it makes me look & feel younger everytime I use this haha!!btw,will purchase a red one for a more sophisticated look. Thanks Martha X)

  6. Liking the Red Valentine Shade.. ♥

  7. I love the Orange power!!! Nice review

  8. Wow! I like the first red shade, it looks great on you. By the way, Ms. Martha, I would like to ask how do you take perfect close up photos of the lips. I find it hard to do, no matter how many times I try. Hindi nasswak sa camera ang lips, eh. hehehe~

  9. Come to think of it, I haven't used L'Oreal lipsticks all that much. I only have one in my collection, but it's a bright red that I can't really use everyday... These are pretty. I hope they have something on the nude side. :)

  10. agree! Red Valentine looks gorj on you... perfect for your skintone... i love seeing matte lippies that are also moisturizing are coming out in the market already... earlier matte lippies seemed too drying... close up pictures of your lips looks kinda satiny, but when you zoom out and show your whole face, it looks matte... love them!

  11. Kat: Thanks! :D

    Cat: Yup, that's the beauty of it. I get the moisturizing effect of satin lippies and the bold effect of matte lipsticks! :)

    Matromao: I think they have, but I also think there are only a few. :)

    angel: Hi there! Thanks for visiting! I take all my swatch photos under natural lighting and use the center focus setting of my lumix lx3 camera. :)

    Juvy: You're welcome and thanks for visiting! :)

    Anne Bunyi: That's pretty too! :)

    Rhea: Thanks! :D

    Candycoated Paw: You'll love them! :D

    DarkMatte: You're welcome and thanks for visiting! :)

    Genzel: Hey there! Lincoln Rose is a lovely red, I must say. A must- have from this collection!

  12. I seriousl think that you nicely pull of the sakura pink. It looks super good on you. And with regards to the lipstick, they look like revlon but they are quite pigmented and I like it especially the sakura pink.

  13. the orange one is so pretty! been wanting to purchase an orange that suit my skin tone


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