Just got Juicyfied with Juicy Cologne with Kathryn Bernardo!

I have an extensive perfume collection so I can say that I can wear perfume everyday without worrying about running out of it, but I still find myself wearing colognes every now and then-I think we all have that special place in our hearts for colognes because it's so affordable, light, easy to wear, and the fresh scent is perfect for our weather. One of the most popular and affordable local colognes in the market is Juicy Cologne-it has been around for 9 years now and way back in College, I used Icylicious heavily!

I recently attended their event at Stacy's Capitol Hills to know more about their newest variants (which I found out about just recently!) and to meet their ambassador, Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo.

As we waited for Kathryn to arrive, we feasted on juicy treats prepared by Stacy's for the guests!

We also participated in juicy, fun activities such as the personalize-your-paper-clips wherein we had our names printed on the cute buttons attached to the paper clips!

Now click READ MORE for Kathryn's photos and to know more about Juicy Cologne's variants!

Here's Ms. Hennie, Marketing Manager for Juicy Cologne-she mused about the brand's various fragrances:

Juicy Cologne has 8 scents at the moment:

1. Up, Up and Away (new)- a sweet floral scent with a hint of bubblegum
2. Icylicious- an aquatic scent
3. Orange Twist- a citrusy scent with a tinge of sweetness
4. Sweet Delights- a candy- inspired scent
5. Angel's Kiss- a fruity-floral fragrance
6. Dreamsicle- a light floral fragrance
7. Sprightly Sprinkle- a fresh floral fragrance with a hint of green
8. Sugar Frosting (new)- a sugary, sweet floral fragrance

My picks, aside from Icylicious, are Dreamsicle, Orange Twist, and Sprightly Sprinkle. Up, Up And Away smells nice too-it's sweet, but not overly sweet.

And the Teen Queen arrives! Clad in a sweet, princess-y outfit, Kathryn looked every bit of a Juicy Cologne ambassador. That, plus her sweet demeanor and sunny personality thoroughly fit the image of the brand.

Kathryn came over to announce together with Juicy Cologne that she has renewed her ambassadorship with the brand. When asked about her favorite Juicy Cologne, Kathryn said that on casual days, she loves splashing on Icylicious for that fresh feeling. I couldn't agree more with what she said-Icylicious really has this nice, watery scent that helps you get through hot and icky days. I pop Icylicious in my gym bag so I can freshen up after a workout and so that I could smell nice while picking up post- workout grub and coffee before heading home.

Watch Juicy Cologne's official TVC!

Juicy Cologne is super affordable and I think this is a great stocking stuffer and extra holiday giveaway to my teen cousins and godchildren. 25ml is P16.00, 50ml is P29.00, and 125ml is P49.00, plus it's available in all accessible places namely department stores, drugstores, and supermarkets.

If you wanna get juicyfied just like me, just visit JUICY COLOGNE on Facebook for more information about this product! Care to share your favorite Juicy Cologne? :)

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Juicy Cologne and The Beauty Junkee.

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I totally agree that Juicy cologne is one of the most affordable yet god smelling cologne here in the market. I like the Icylicious scent too!Not too sweet, yet not too lame. My second choice is the dreamsicle. :) I love how quirky the name of the scents are too. :) Ang cute naman ni Kathryn. She really is the best fit for Juicy's ambassador.

  2. Kathryn is so pretty!!! *Girl Crush* <3
    So nice that she is their ambassador.. Her personality really fits the brand as you said. She is cute, adorable, angelic and sweet like JUICY cologne. This is one of my favorite cologne ever.. way bay back nung HS pa ako. so I'm proud to say I'm juicyfied! Super sikat ng Icylicious nun kaya ni try ko.. and super affordable and i liked it so much, that's why it became my favorite hehe ;) Nice event! Super fun!!

  3. I actually am using Juicy's Icylicious cologne when I'm at home or when I'm at work (I'm working in a mining company, no need to use expensive perfumes! Haha)

  4. I remember this is the brand I grew up with because it's sooo elementary and high school friendly! Oh and the venue is such a lovely place, so Instagram friendly! I'm planning to stock up on these affordable colognes whenever I don't feel like wearing heavily scented perfumes. This is also a great suggestion for giveaways on mini Christmas parties!

  5. Affordable! :) I love the Angel's kiss one! Super bango for me :D I love the color motif of the event!! Super cute! :)

  6. Abegaill: Dreamsicle is a nice- smelling variant too! Love that it reminds me of my bed haha. :D

    Cath: Agree, or stocking stuffers for your younger siblings, cousins, or nieces! :D

    Itsmefati: Thanks! :D

    Evey: Hello there! Oh, I'd do the same too if I'm in the same field-I think I'd prefer to smell fresh than warm, fuzzy, and floral! :p

    Ivy: Thanks! :D

  7. Which reminds me... I have to go pick up a cologne sometime. I need to have one in my bag at all times, just so I can refresh. I just wish they came in spray bottles para mas mabilis gamitin. :( Cologne scents are generally good, though not that unique.


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