Lush-ous Holidays with Lush Cosmetics!

Hey, hey, hey, Lush's unveiling their much- awaited Holiday products and gifts sets for 2014! I went to the launch a few weeks back to take a look!

The event was all about personalizing our Lush products and we started with the DIY Furushiki wrap, which is available to the public too as gift packaging.

The highlight of the event was the Make Your Own Bath Ballistics-in this corner, we made Snowman Bath Ballistics. Check out the fab creations of some of the guests!

On the other side, we made Bath Ballistics too using basic shape cutters.

Check out my creations after the break plus Lush Cosmetics' Holiday Collection for the year!

Here's the first batch of Ballistics I made-they look good enough to eat! :D

The sumptuous creations of the other guests.

So this is my failed attempt at creating a Snowman Bath Ballistic-I ended up with a golden Duck LOL.

We were also treated to makeovers using Lush Cosmetics' cruelty- free, all natural makeup products.

Wow Gift Set (a set that contains almost all of Lush Cosmetics' Holiday products)

Now feast your eyes on these drool- worthy gift sets! :)

Top, L-R: Elves Workshop, Festive Cheer

Bottom, L-R: Festive Friends, Happy Holidays

Top, L-R: Baked Alaska Soap (fresh and uplifting with hidden presents inside); Father Christmas Bath Ballistic

Bottom; L-R: Reindeer Rock Soap (uplifting and calming), Snow Angel Bath Ballistic

L-R: Hot Toddy Shower Gel (warm and woody), First Snow Sparkling Powder (for adding shimmer to the face, hair, and body), So White Shower Gel (crisp and fruity).

Top, L-R: 

1. Little Ro's Flowers (a set of floral- scented products namely soap, shower gels, and Body Conditioner)
2. Merry and Bright (a set of energizing and colorful bath products)

Bottom, L-R:

1. Cosy Christmas (a set of comforting products that comes wrapped in Tenegul, a traditional Japanese rectangular- shaped cloth that can be also used as a scarf)
2. 12 Days Of Christmas (a set of 12 beautiful products wrapped in a story book- shaped packaging)

Just visit LUSH COSMETICS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about these products.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I bet the event was so fun! I wonder how it feels like doing your own soap. :) I love Lush products as they smell good and they are organic, which is safe for sensitive skin. I've seen their gift sets and they're so cute! I love the packaging as well. I hope they open their soap making workshops to customers as well.

  2. I super love Lush's soaps! Worth the price :)


  3. woah! lush love!!! i want to try their products and they're on my to buy list!!! (ehem.. they're even on my christmas wishlist!) good thing that they open branch in atc!

  4. haha! I thought your snowman was a duck too! I love Lush bath bombs. I always take one when I travel and take advantage of the hotel bath tub. Hope to try out the shower gel.

  5. haha! I thought your snowman was a duck too! I love Lush bath bombs. I always take one when I travel and take advantage of the hotel bath tub. Hope to try out the shower gel.

  6. Ohmygosh, I'm finding a hard time believing that those ballistics are not edible! My love for Lush doubles whenever the Holidays are here because they release such yummy scents that I just can't get enough of. Oh and those are lovely printed wrap cloths!

  7. That's nice. Parang ang refreshing. Never tried those soaps yet. Sana they will give giveaways :D This is a nice gift if personalized hmm.. I smiled when I saw your duck, the only one different with the rest but it's cute.

  8. Abegaill: I've always wanted to attend a soap- making seminar and by far, this is the closest thing to that. I enjoyed it and it made me look forward more to a REAL soap- making seminar. :D

    Teri: Hahah! Thanks for appreciating my epic fail snowman. :D

    Cath: Same here! Their soaps always make me hungry and I don't know if that's a good thing haha.

    Christine: Yup, it's a duck. When I finished creating it, I knew right away that it was a duck. :p

    Rhain: Cool! Enjoy then. :D

    Mica: True! :D

  9. A cute and fun-filled event!! I wish I can experience to be in such event like that. :D Every time I pass by Lush's store in MOA, I am always captivated by the smell of their store. Hindi pwedeng hindi ako papasok. HAHAHA :) Thumbs up for Lush for arranging this cute and fun event. :D


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