Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain.

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I was browsing Google for some awesome looks for Fall and I fell in love with this particular look that features a pale- skinned model in an icy background-she's sporting clean, matte skin, glossy eyes, a sharp contour, and glossier than glossy plum lips-this photo immediately reminded me of Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain, which is the most pigmented and dewy lip stain that has touched my lips to date.


This ultra light and creamy lip stain is infused with Vitamin E and Aloe, and drenches lips in high impact color. According to Revlon, 88% of women have claimed that their lips felt moisturized and consistency didn't feel sticky at all upon application.


Swatches and detailed review after the cut!

I think it's obvious which Revlon Moisture Lip Stain is my favorite! :D

Product comes in a medium- sized, squared- off tube-I like its shape, overall, because it prevents the handle from slipping off my fingers.


LA Exclusive

- A pastel pink shade.

LA Exclusive is obviously better off on fairer skin tones, but to make it work on warmer skin tones like mine, I only apply a very sheer layer and spread it out using a finger for that dewy lip look. Btw, LA Exclusive has the most uneven payoff between the four shades I have.

Parisian Passion

- A deep berry shade.

Parisian Passion won my heart the moment I tried it! It's screams "FALL!" and "SEXY" and "SOSYAL" (lol).

Shanghai Sizzle

- A red orange shade.

I think I was laughing when I took this photo, thus the blurry outcome. Anyway, Shanghai Sizzle flatters just about any skin tone, but hue is more for Summer, IMO.

Rio Rush

- A tropical pink shade.

My other favorite next to Parisian Passion. Pink is a for-all-seasons color and I wear this when I don't feel like sporting that gloomy, vampy look this season. Rio Rush is great for fall as it is for summer!

Consistency of the Moisture Lip Stain is incredibly smooth, watery, and soft, but I find it too slippery that I always get an uneven payoff with all the shades I have-I would always have to even out the coverage with either a finger or a lip brush. It does feel lightweight, but if you apply too much, you'll feel that there's something on top of your lips so my advice is apply sparingly-you won't need so much of it anyway since it's very pigmented! Staying power is a little poor since it's very watery.

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Lip Stain, in my opinion, can actually be categorized as a lip gloss, but  I think Revlon decided to call it a Lip Stain because it leaves a stain when the product comes off. One thing I like about it is it gives me that lovely, pillowy, watery- looking lips, a shortcut to looking fresh and young-if you're digging this look or you're in dire need of a lipgloss that won't dry out your lips and will keep it moisturized (as long as the product is still on your lips), I would recommend this. Not a fan of the consistency though, but it's okay overall!


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I have this one in Shanghai Sizzle and I super love it! It's moisturizing as well. Prevents my lips from chapping. Yun nga lang, medyo watery yung look. But that's fine with me. It lasts long on my lips as well. I use this whenever I don't feel like doing heavy makeup.

  2. Rio rush is pretty talaga im so inlove sa color nya. Looks good on you too,it makes the lips so healthy looking

  3. Parisian Passion and Shanghai Sizzle are my kind of shades! :D Very nice!

  4. Parisian Passion is nice... you look pretty on that shade!

  5. I love how it makes yo lips look watery and healthy! But I wish to find a lip stain brand that carries colors similar to Parisian Passion and Shanghai Sizzle that has better staying power and payoff because I just love love the colors!

  6. Parisian passion looks really lovely. As soon as I saw the swatch, I know that I want it!

  7. Aww LA Exclusive is uneven in your lips but I like the Parisian Passion for you especially with you mascara on. The rio rush is not bad. I'm into lipgloss than a matte lipstick.

  8. Good review! I am currently on the look out for a good liquid formula stain. Good thing you mentioned the need to use fingers to get a more even application. Dont want stained fingers. Will stick to balm stains then.

  9. Abegaill: Awesome! :D

    Christine: Thanks for sharing your insight!

    Teri: Parisian Passion is lovely! :D If you're into lip gloss, then maybe you'll like this product!

    BrownOso: Great choice! :D I don't think anyone can resist this lovely shade!

    Cath: Let's pray that some brand comes up with that! :D

    Melanie: Thanks! :D

    Dez: Hello and welcome to my blog! Great choices! :D

    Hanna: Yup, and young too! :)

  10. Fell in love with the Parisian Passion on first sight. :D Lakas maka drop dead gorgeous. ;) Never tried any lip color from revlon but if I will buy one right at this moment, I will chose this. Awesome sexy colors meets shine. Love it ♥


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