Maybelline White Superfresh Powder Foundation: All- Day Freshness

Finally, I decided to leave the house and have accepted that the holidays are over. The first ever launch I went to was this, Maybelline White Superfresh Powder Foundation, the brand's welcoming product for 2015. I could use some more freshness right now because work is starting to come in, especially in the coming months because summer will soon be here!

White Superfresh is developed by Maybelline to address the needs of women and that is to minimize or completely eradicate, if possible, retouching during the day. Retouching is something that I always forget doing especially on a busy day and it's unfortunate that it always betrays me by making me look haggard, tired, and stressed in front of clients!

Made with Clean- Touch Powder Technology, Maybelline claims that this product has five times better oil and water absorption powers compared to regular talc, resulting to a fresh, matte look that can last for up to 12 hours with no retouching, no caking, and no streaking. How's that???

To prove how fresh Superfresh can be, Maybelline asked the guests to perform "The Fresh Test" on the product and I've declared "Challenge accepted". See how the challenge went after the break!

So here's a White Superfresh powder alongside an all too familiar brand, Brand X. :D The two went on a do-or-die match.

Maybelline instructed us to spray water on both pans of powder foundation. As you can see, water stayed on top of Brand X and its pigments slowly eroded as the water stayed on much longer.

On White Superfresh, the pigments had just absorbed the water. I doused it with water and even dipped it in a glass of water and the surface of the powder stayed the same, as if no water torture had happened. :p

I swatched the powder to compare the quality of both products after being sprayed on with water. Brand X (on my ring finger) felt creamy and chunky, the perfect recipe to having that cakey look. White Superfresh, on the other hand, stayed dry and intact.

Obviously, White Superfresh won in the match as it stayed fresh despite the challenge. It is truly promising and I can't wait to put it on "The Real Life" test. :)

Maybelline had prepared a few more activities for the guest such as manicure with Maybelline Colorshow nail polish and free blow dry courtesy of Bench FIX Salon. Here are the lovely ladies who primped us in the event. Thanks for making us look extra pretty! :)

Maybelline White Superfresh will be available this February 28, 2015 in all drugstores, department stores, and major supermarkets and retails at P299.00. Just visit MAYBELLINE PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

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  1. Waah, didn't see you at the event! What time did you arrive? :(

  2. Impressed with the SPF34. Y'know, I didn't pay so much attention to Maybelline last year... Babawi ako this year. I'm looking to try a drugstore foundation anyway. I hope it's breathable. Takot lang ako sa breakout. But judging from before, I think I'm compatible with lots of drugstore powder foundies.

  3. Such a fun event. I'm impressed with the powder ha. :) And I love the free nail polish session. :D I love Maybelline powders as they are compatible with my oily skin and they're affordable pa and widely available. :)

  4. I've also seen a new powder from Loreal. Can you do a product comparison? Both looks really great and would be nice for the coming summer months.

  5. wow that was great ms m! and it costs Php299?!im thinking now what to get first.. this one or the one released my L'oreal! oh dear oh dear..

    im torn between two *palm face* haha
    i will get them both!

  6. Is 04 Sand Beige lighter than 02 Natural? That's how it looks to me on the chart. I hope I'm seeing it right!


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