Zenutrients Argan Skin Salve-ation Argan All- Around Review

Here's a review on Zenutrients Argan Skin Salve-ation Argan All- Around.

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Do you fancy all- around balms? I do! I have Nivea Creme, Lucas Papaw, and Coco Island-they're my favorites and I use them daily and on rotation. I carry a multipurpose balm with me every single day to soothe my lips, remedy insect bites, moisturize my cuticles, hands, and skin, and so much more. Zenutrients just created their own version called Argan Skin Salve-ation and it features what else? Argan Oil (yay!).


This newest from Zenutrients features a blend of Argan, Sunflower, and Lavender Oils to mainly hydrate, soften, and smooth skin. It can be used as a makeup remover, facial mask, lip balm, eye cream, deep conditioning treatment for the hair, body moisturizer, cuticle cream, and what have you!

Check out the ingredients. Yep, it's all natural and all organic!

More about this handy skin care product after the break!

This product comes in one size only, a 100g jar. This particular size is a Press sample only, as I was told by Angela of Zenutrients. I wish they would sell this 50g jar too for those who want to try it out first before purchasing the bigger tub.

Consistency is like coagulated oil or frozen oil that's been out for a few hours for thawing. I appreciate the cream formula (thanks, Beeswax!) because it made the product less messier to use than liquid oil. However, the product would still find a way to drip out of the packaging so maybe a jar with a much tighter or an air- tight lock would solve the problem.


Product melts instantly when it touches your skin. It doesn't drip around so much like liquid oil, but it does so (but just a lil' bit!) when it's been on your face for say, around 10 minutes or more.

I use this product primarily as a makeup remover because I like seeing how it takes away my makeup: with this product, it's like every dirt and grime is removed, even dead skin cells! My facial tissue gets more brown gunk than with any other cleansing cream I have tried and that makes me a happy gal.

A brief chat with Angela of Zenutrients revealed that she uses this product as a facial mask. She leaves it on for 15 minutes and then wipes it off with a wash cloth afterwards for super smooth skin. I did it and she was right!

If you've noticed in the ingredients list, it's mostly made up of Argan Oil, which explains why this is a bit costly. Argan Oil is not called "Liquid Gold" for nothing-I'm sure you're all well- informed of its massive benefits and skin- beautifying properties, and that justifies this product's price for me, not to mention it has a bevy of uses. Another thing I love doing with this product is I apply it on my lashes with a spoolie and on my brows, and leave it on overnight at least two times a week to condition those areas. However, this is quite a pain to remove from the skin and hair because it's made up of oil and it does leave a greasy residue. If you dislike that, just rinse your skin with a sudsy facial cleanser and your hair, a shampoo, to break down the oily barrier. Given this con, can it cause skin to break out? No, at least in my experience because natural oils are known to mimic the skin's natural oil-moisture balance. If you've got oily skin though, apply sparingly.

I've been using this product more often than my other makeup removers because on top of being a very good makeup remover, it's also a softening product that softens skin instantly and for real. I have to mention that whenever I use it, I leave it on for at least 10 minutes for my skin to soak up the ingredients most especially Argan Oil, and I've noticed in just a week that my almost zit- ridden skin is looking great once more. This is not to say, however, that it is a potential pimple- fighting product, but for what Argan Oil is worth, it really helps restore the skin's health.

I can go on and on about how much I love this product. To end this post, just try it for yourself. Whether or not you're a fan of organic skin care, you will benefit so much from this all- around balm!


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I prefer a body butter infused with all these organic or natural plant extracts/oils, primarily because I don't like how shiny these balms tend to get. Maybe if they make a body butter version, I'd look into that.

  2. I love all purpose balms too. As I don't want to carry separate products just to satisfy my needs. I really need a lip balm, always as my lips tend to get dry. I also use hand creams as I'm not used to my hands getting dry (sweaty hands right here). So why not use one product for both? :) Lucas Papaw is popular! I use Nivea Creme as well. Now I'm enticed to try this one as a makeup remover.

  3. Foodworldme: For familiarity, consistency of this product is the same as petroleum jelly. It could get a bit greasy, I agree, but just don't put a lot! :)

    Abegaill: It's really good. I just passed by a zenutrients stall this morning and grabbed another jar for my mom. :)

  4. This looks nice! I use Zenutriients hair products (hair strengthening shampoo and hair moisturizer) and I'm impressed. I'll give this product a try! :) good thing they have stalls in Megamall and Market! Market! :)

  5. This would definitely be hand for travel! Hate bringing so many lotions and potions when travelling. Wonder how this would work as a hair mask. Will definitely pick up a jar when I see this.

  6. Hello miss m. I am interested in buying curl creams for my heatless curl hairstyle habang hinihintay ko ang next rebonding session ko. Do you think this will work as a holding cream for my hair bago ko iset to before sleeping? Im currently using olive oil lang to give my hair and curls some hold. Gusto ko ng medyo upgrade. Im afraif kasi baka its too greasy e medyo oily pa nmn ang hair ko.

  7. yes ms m i have nivea creme (and read your post about it, i think it was other things you can do or use with it.. and it was true, i can even use it as hand cream and lip moisturizer at night!)

    i even have lucas papaw, for it has many uses too! (insect bites, burn and more)

    this product looks like petroelum jelly to me (and it has argan on it!) im amazed because you said it can used as makeup remover! and it can be used as face mask too!!!

    but ms m, have you heard about VL (or BL) it is well known cream used in many ways too (im not sure if it is china made) it is housed in a maroon tube and costs Php20 to 35php it has many use too! i have experienced having rashes from my neck down to my chest area because of "dagta" (nanguha kasi kami ng mangga sa amin tapos natalsikan ako ng dagta) it turns ito small red rashes then it was very itchy (i tried using lucas papaw and other ointment but they won't work)

    i also use it on my rashes too (usually found on my finger tips) i saw a lady (in a commuter taxi) use it as handcream too


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