Get Closer With Close Up Diamond Attraction Toothpaste

I must admit that I am into whitening too...teeth whitening. I've asked some friends who did it and if I remember it correctly, average price is around P15,000.00. That's a LOT of money, but I will try it soon if I finally have the funds for it!

While my permanent teeth whitening dreams are waiting in the wings, I think I'll turn to Close Up for they have released a brand new product called Close-Up Diamond Attraction, a new toothpaste that promises instant whiter and brighter teeth after just one use.

Much like its predecessor, Close-Up White Now, Diamond Attraction puts beauty in oral care. It is made with Blue Light Technology, which is actually Blue Covarine Foam that masks the yellowness and garishness of teeth after one use. It also has neat Diamond Sparklers in the formula that make teeth appear brighter.

The launch was held in Blackbird, Makati City. Close-Up also unveiled their newest ambassador in the event. Can you guess who she is? I'll reveal her to you when you click READ MORE. :)

Close-Up's new ambassador is the sweet and chic Heart Evangelista. In the event, Heart revealed that Close-Up is one of her Beauty must- haves because it is important for her-especially with the kind of profession she has-to always have a bright set of teeth that she can flash on-cam and off-cam without any hesitation. I believe having white or bright teeth is not only important to celebrities, but to anyone as well because it always leaves an impression, especially on how you treat and take care of yourself!

Congratulations on your new product, Close-Up! Here's me with my some of my awesome friends in the Lifestyle Blogging community, Rowena, Michelle, and Analyn.

Aside from Diamond Attraction, Heart also swears by red lipstick and K-Palette's Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner! I'm loving her taste!

Close-Up Diamond Attraction Toothpaste is now available in leading department stores, supermarkets, and drugstores. Just visit CLOSE-UP PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I saw this one on Close up's page and I am so intrigued. How innovative the toothpaste is. I hope it will work for me as I don't want to spend a lot on teeth whitening. :)

  2. im curious what would be the color of the toothpaste itself Ms M =)

    they're so generous of giving away NARS and KPALETTE along with tubes of their newly released line. (i love them both)

  3. very intriguing...will give it a try but i hope it doesn't cost much. :)

  4. Wow this is so perfect for my teeth, I mean mine is yellowish I badly needed this one.

  5. This is awesome! Anew innovation from Close Up. It feels great to see how it improves our dental hygiene.

  6. I hope this works for me!

  7. I hope this works for me!

  8. whoa I love trying different toothpaste every time, it's kind of like candy for me :) will surely buy this one once my current toothpaste run out! :D

  9. I'm a fan of whitening toothpaste!!! I wanna try this one... how generous naman with the Nars Lippie and K-palette freebie...

  10. I saw these at SM last week! I knew I should have bought one.

  11. Thanks for commenting, girls. Let me know how you like/hate this toothpaste! :)

    Abegaill: This toothpaste just promises temporary whitening though. You can try Oil Pulling if you want to whiten your teeth-I should blog about this soon. :)

  12. already saw them at puregold ms m.. it cost 90php and i will get one this thursday payday =)

  13. Hi! I'm selling Crest 3D White Glamorous White Toothpaste; made in the USA. Shakira is the main endorser of this range. Read the comments in this album:


    I don't see anyone selling this in the Philippines as yet. I don't find this in any malls or stores nationwide. Message me if you're interested. Thank you!


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