Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder Clear Mineral Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder Clear Mineral.

Price: P695.00
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A couple of years back, blotting powders were pretty much non-existent in drugstore brands, at least locally, until recently. Maybe drugstore brands thought before that their customers wouldn't bother buying a "fancy" product more so something that does not differ too much from the good ol' pressed powder. But times have changed and people clamor for more variety, not to mention the beauty industry is booming and everyone is trying to catch up.

So here's Heroine Make, one of the few drugstore brands I know that offers a setting-cum-blotting powder called Smooth Cover Powder Clear Mineral. The name kind of frustrates you, making you think real hard what it's supposed to do so I'm telling you now, it's a setting/blotting powder! 

Let's check out this product below.


This translucent powder is made to refresh your look by absorbing oil and can even be used as a setting powder. It's formulated with light- reflecting powder to hide enlarged pores for smooth- looking skin and SPF 22 PA++ to protect your skin from the sun.

There's another Heroine Make powder product that looks exactly like this one except that it's in a Black- colored compact and it's called Smooth Cover Powder. What's the diff? The latter is regular pressed powder that comes in about two or three shades (not sure!) whereas this product comes in one shade only.

Product comes in a cute compact, albeit it's too chunky for my liking. The puff that comes with it is very soft, like a marshmallow, and it's so nice to use plus I find that it works well with the texture of the powder.

More about this product after the cut.

This powder has a very fair beige shade. Texture is smooth and quite creamy, making it ideal for dry skin and for smoothing out rough skin patches. It takes away shine in an instant and doesn't look cakey even if you use it without blotting your skin. It has a mild rose scent.


Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder Clear Mineral

It may look beige in the pan, but this powder comes off as a creamy white shade on the skin.

The powder blends into a semi-translucent finish. The powder has fine shimmer though and if you apply too much, the shimmer becomes a lil' obvious-it's not obvious in this swatch, however, but in person and when it's on the face already, it is.

Product used as a setting powder

I personally use a powder brush if I'm going to use this product as a setting powder because the powder puff (and all puffs in general) tends to remove the layer of liquid foundation I have on.

This product is not at all 'Clear' as advertised because it yields a white cast due to the SPF content, thus I said it's semi-translucent only. Oil control is pretty decent at three hours, but I could imagine that it would be less for those with really oily skin.

To sum up this review, I would say that it's an okay product, especially if you're looking for a decent and affordable blotting powder, but it would not be my first choice given the range of really good blotting powders I have tried. I also wish that oil control is longer, but if you have dry skin or combination oily/dry skin, this is a really nice blotting powder to try because its texture suits such skin types.


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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. will try this one after I have consumed my cover girl translucent powder from BDJbox...

  2. That's so cute, as soft as marshmallow :-)

  3. I recently bought foundation that is a teensy bit dark on my skin (I overestimated, dang!) and I'm on the lookout for a good but affordable setting powder. I think I'll give this one a shot :D

  4. A bit pricey for me though it's perfect for my oily/ dry skin but if they'll go on sale, hmm I'll consider buying.

  5. hmmm.. the coverage is very pretty, but since im a mom-on budget i will still consider getting L'oreal or Maybelline new released products they costs below Php500 is way "pasok sa budget"

  6. I am actually curious about this product since I got a lot of pimples for staying up late because of my baby. I love the packaging and it has spf too which i love about cover powder since i go out alot. Need to buy this if i had a budget. Thanks for the review and btw I voted for you. I hope you win because we need bloggers like you. Very real in your opinions.

  7. Cool! I'm really into powders lately and am using three powders, I know, it's too much for the face of a student but I'm into matte looks lately :D Hmmm, but I think there are other products which will work better in the oil control department. Have you tried innisfree no sebum mineral powder? A friend of mine raves about it!

  8. I hope they can also come out with a darker shades. I still use blotter powders until now. Love your lipstick Martha! :)


  9. The packaging is oh soncute!but i think im gonna pass on this one. Mas mura pa din yun essece and has worked as a nice translucent/ finishing powder for me!

    Ps: your skin is glowing miss m

  10. Oh, so it's a great product. I have samples pa from other brands but as soon as I finish those, I think I'll be going this one.. thanks for the review!

  11. Oh, so it's a great product. I have samples pa from other brands but as soon as I finish those, I think I'll be going this one.. thanks for the review!

  12. I didn't try this one out as the saleslady mentioned that it is for those who have semi-oily skin. And I believe I have oily skin so I didn't assume this would last on my face. And glad I was right. This might not stay on my face for hours especially when I commute. The packaging is somewhat meh for me. And considering the staying power. I think it is not worth the price. :/

  13. I think it pretty much did its job for its price. :) affordable..

  14. I use powder brush for compacts, too. I only use the included puff for when I'm out and in need of touch-ups. I tend to get OC about the puff, since it's something you don't usually wash. So I like to keep it as pristine as possible.

  15. Deedee: Let me know how you like it! :)

    Foodworldme: I always end up using the puff even if I prefer using the brush because it's fast. I'm the type who won't spend too much time (not even 3 minutes) on retouching when I'm out. :p

    Christal: You're welcome. :)

    Abegaill: It would've been perfect if oil control were better. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

    Eloise: Thank you! Nice to see you here again! :D

    Glenda: Thank you! :)

    Kleah: Hey, Kleah. Thank you so much! I appreciate the feedback and your vote. Yes, yes, I hope I win! :D Thanks again!

    Elsie: I'd only buy this product if it were on sale too! :p

  16. I am in a search of transluscent powders not exceeding Php 800! And I heard good claims of this by my friends. Gave it a try and it's okay. Love the packaging. :)


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