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Last Valentine's, I've been seeing a couple of bitter posts made by and for single people. Guys, there's nothing wrong with being single and being single doesn't mean you're not entitled to experiencing and feeling how euphoric Love is. I believe this bitterness comes from a boxed interpretation of Love and that is it can only be felt greatly when you have a significant (or particular!) other-not true because there's your work, your passions, your friends, and your family to show love to, and heck, why look further when there's yourself, the single, most important person who deserves all your love?! When you widen your perception of Love, there will be no room for loneliness and bitterness in your life even if it's just your dog or yourself that you come home to every night. And when you begin to feel and give transcendent love and immensely at that, trust me, it will come back to you in a form that is so much better than what you expected-that's how the universe works!

As they say, it's best to start loving yourself before trying to love another. With that, why not show yourself some lovin' with The Body Shop's newest bath and body releases that explore the anatomy of romance, fantasy, seduction, and Love in all forms.
Give in to seduction with Forbidden Flower, a bath and fragrance line inspired by the Poppy Flower. Poppy is an iconic and symbolic flower that is widely interpreted in beauty products because you know what? It has no scent-this flower is like a beautiful backdrop that inspires art!

The Body Shop rendered Poppy as something bold, sexy, daring, and chic through Oriental, Woody, and Spicy notes in this 4-piece collection:

The Body Shop Forbidden Flower Shower Gel (P395.00)
The Body Shop Forbidden Flower Body Lotion (P750.00)
The Body Shop Forbidden Flower Body Butter (P695.00)
The Body Shop Forbideen Flower EDT (P750.00)

Are you craving for more lovin'? Then click READ MORE for more of The Body Shop's new, lovable products! ;)

A fragrance that does not use flowers? Interesting and to some point, shocking because I believe it's imperative to use flowers in a fragrance! That's Red Musk for you, a deviant fragrance line for women made with Tobacco, Pepper, and Cinnamon-yup, no flowers! This rich, sophisticated, and audacious fragrance line compliments the free- spirited, strong- willed, and empowered women of today.

The Body Shop Red Musk Alcohol- Free Perfume Oil (P1,095.00)
The Body Shop Red Musk Eau De Parfum (P1,590.00)
The Body Shop Red Musk Gift Box (P3,395.00)

Love your face with Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask that's fortified with rare Edelweiss Stem Cells to replenish moisture in the skin as well as keep it hydrated and feeling soft 'n bouncy the next day.

All products are now available in your nearby The Body Shop store. Just visit THE BODY SHOP PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about these products. I'm excited to try the Sleeping Mask! :)

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow, lush, plush, luxurious! I want them all! The Body Shop never fails to satisfy!

  2. i would love to try the sleeping mask as well. I'm curious about the stem cell thing on how it can really help my skin to look good and restore youth :)

  3. I'm intrigued with that Red Musk Eau De Parfum, hhmm.. Because I myself doesn't really want too flowery scent in perfumes,, let me check that when I drop by at Body shop. :)

  4. I passed by TBS earlier today, and I saw these! I would have loved stopping by, but I don't have the extra cash yet. I'm pretty sure I could hardly leave the store without bringing anything with me!

  5. i do agree with you ms m.. ang valentines hindi lang para sa may mga partners/couples pwede naman magdate ang barkada o mga officemate (yung mga nasa abroad ang better-half) or if you're a solo parent you can even date your kid or parent.. mas memorable pa nga yun =)

    my last visit to TBS was last december.. and thanks for this post ms m i still got updates from my one of my favorite brand..

    im curious with that Forbidden Flower (because of its packaging in Black and Red) as you mentioned in your post that the flower used as design has no scent at all!

    and i thought that Red Musk is for males

    and from all of the new released line im gonna wait for your review for the "drops of youth" (because i love masks too)

    gonna check them when i got the chance to visit TBS to sniff them hihi

  6. TBS always surprise us with new products. I thought musk are for guys only. Haha. I would love to try the sleeping mask too. And of course, the EDTs.

  7. Very well said Miss Martha! I really agree that love doesn't need validation from other people and I just don't get it why people depend on someone to be happy when they can be happy being single.
    They got their family and siblings to spend the love month instead of being bitter hihihi just saying.
    I agree on you big time.
    People needs to love themselves first before loving someone else and I hope every woman keep that in mind. :)
    I am a fan of The Body shop ever since so I will definitely buy the Forbidden Flower Shower Gel and try it myself. Their products are amazing and my family loves their body lotion. Thank you for this review and for reminding us the true meaning of love. :)

  8. Love the inspirational hugot intro.

    It's true that there are people who fail to realize that there a lot of other important people in their lives to love.

    I sniffed this at the body shop the other day and it was uh-mazing. Can't wait for your review of the mask!


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