Tony Moly Floria Nutra-Energy Toner Review

Here's a review on Tony Moly Floria Nutra-Energy Toner.

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I have this night time skin care habit lately and that is I use two kinds of toners: First, an alcohol- based toner to remove dirt that has been left behind and finally, a moisturizing toner to immediately counteract the drying effects of the former and to infuse my skin with more minerals. I've been doing this for two months already and so far, results are great: My skin feels and looks much healthier as the moisturizing toner preps it for the rest of my routine and I feel that it supports my other skin care products as well.

You can drop by at your nearby Korean beauty boutique for a vast selection of moisturizing toners-Koreans love anything moisturizing and I'm sure they won't fall short of a moisturizing toner. What I'm loving lately is Tony Moly's Floria Nutra-Energy Toner. I love it for a lot of reasons because it energizes and firms the skin instantly, it has Argan Oil, and I didn't break out from it-I tend to break out from most Korean skin care products, but not this one!


This highly moisturizing toner is made with Argan Oil that promises to deeply nourish skin, leaving it elastic, supple, and looking energized. Floria With Argan Oil is a complete skin care range that include this toner, a cleansing oil, emulsion, serum, night cream, day cream, facial mist, and essence.


More about this energizing toner after the break!

This product comes in a one size only, 145ml and with a very controllable pump. I think Tony Moly has a travel- sized version of this and some of the products in the Nutra-Energy line as well.


Consistency is liquid gel and it bathes the skin with cooling, soothing moisture. It has a very light floral fragrance. What I love about this product is it immediately tames dry areas and takes away that taut, dry feeling I get after swiping on my usual alcohol- based toner. It also gives that 'awake and energized' look to the skin almost instantly, and my face feels really firm and bouncy whenever I use this product. I sometimes skip moisturizer during daytime because I find that this toner is enough to keep my skin hydrated. For those with dry skin, I still think it's best to use moisturizer afterwards.

Been using this product for one month and so far, no breakouts and my skin persists to look really dewy and feel really moist-I would have to thank the bevy of moisturizing extracts that this product has! I even think it's a good alternative to my favorite Shiseido Ibuki Softening Concentrate in terms of consistency and moisturizing properties!

I highly recommend this product to those with oily and dry skin, and those who have dull, tired- looking skin!


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. this is my first time to hear a toner with argan oil ingredient.. the consistency reminds me of my pure beauty toner (which me and hubs already finished yeah.. we share on my vanity kit -- skincare only hehe)

    i read a lot of great product review from Tony Moly brand (one of korean brand i have known)have you tried their TonyMoly BCDation All Master SPF30/PA++ it is an all-in-one product combines the benefits of a BB Cream, a CC Cream, and a foundation with broad spectrum SPF30 protection

    im saving some to get it for my self before this month ends!

    i hope to read more korean product reviews ms m!

  2. Hi Ms. M! I use moisturizing toners on a daily basis, and I've always been a loyal user of Korean products. Is there a difference between Korean toners and 'Westernized' toners? Is it okay to assume that almost all 'Western toners' are alcohol-based? Thank you so much for your very informative posts!

  3. I'm using Argan Oil as part of my bedtime routine, and also for my hair. I think this is surely a great toner knowing it has Argain oil ingredient!

  4. A toner with Argan oil? This is new to me. I don't use toner, I find them harsh to my face. I'm still looking for a gentle one.

  5. Hi Ms. M,

    Thanks for sharing this. I would also like to try this once my budget permits (hehehe). It's a plus that this has argan oil coz argan oil is a craze nowadays because of its benefits. Will definitely add this to my wishlists.

  6. This looks interesting! My favorite gommage exfoliating product is actually from the Floria line as well, the Active Peeling Gel. Been using it since 2012, and it's much cheaper than Cure!

  7. I have realized that alcohol-based toners always irritate my skin so I only use the moisturizing ones. I agree that Korean toners rock. Amazing variety.

  8. I've never known about the alcohol-based toners until now. :/ Thanks for the info. And now I have more reason to buy this toner from Tony Moly. When I passed there, the saleslady was actually selling me this one but I ignored it as I have toner still. But I have the alcohol based one. :) Will definitely grab this one now

  9. Rhain: Will try to review more Korean products. :) As for the Tony Moly product, nope, haven't tried it yet and I'm looking forward to it! :)

    Abegaill: You're welcome. let me know how this works for you. :)

    Stephie: Aloe Peeling Gel from Tony Moly is great too-I'm using it. :)

    Christal: Maybe you should give these moisturizing toners a shot :)

    Sincere: Same! I love argan oil! :D

    Newbee Marie: Hello and nice question! I'll answer this in my Fan Mail Fridays this week. :)

  10. I love this toner! It keeps my face hydrated and it is different from other toners that i bought because it nourishes the face without irritation unlike the other toners that i used they have that strong effect but this one is soft. I like that it isn't sticky to the face. It absorbs well and you are right this one is perfect for oily skin type. Packaging wise i really love it. Thanks for this review


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