Canmake Smooth Clear Lotion-O Refresh Review

Here's a review on Canmake Smooth Clear Lotion-O Refresh.

Price: P980.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in Somera, Glorietta 1


Canmake’s skin care line is a force to reckon with: despite it being small and sweet, all the products that I've tried from it are overall, great! People should try out their skin care products, most especially the toner range, Smooth Clear Lotion, this skin- balancing toner that delivers a soft matte finish, fabulous oil control, and a lovely scent to the skin!


Made for combination oily/normal skin, this toner claims to control oil and tighten skin while keeping it smooth, moisturized, and balanced with beauty essences such as Witch Hazel, Royal Jelly, Hyaluronic Acid, and Ma- Yuen seed extracts as well as Collagen and Alpha Arbutin to lighten skin tone.


So this product comes in Smooth Clear Lotion-O and Smooth Clear Lotion-N. What do the letters stand for? O is for Oily or Combination (Oily/Normal) skin and N is for Normal/Dry skin-there's a Smooth Clear Lotion for any skin type! ;)

More about this really good toner after the break!


First off, it comes in a really pretty bottle-it's so pretty that I wouldn't think it's a drugstore product, if I am completely unaware of Canmake's existence. It comes in one size only, 150ml.

The toner has a soothing Lavender scent, albeit it's a bit too strong-I actually like it considering that I prefer my skin care products unscented or lightly- scented. Don't take my word for it though especially if you're sensitive with perfume-check it out first to know if you can tolerate the fragrance.

It's a mattifying toner that mattifies without the tightness and dryness, and it controls oil, for real: When I was using this product, I noticed that my face would oil up less and stay oil- free a bit longer- 'tis so handy particularly when I'm doing my makeup as it minimizes the oil production in my skin, thus makeup adheres onto my skin better.

I'd be frank here-I never expected that this product would cost nearly a thousand bucks-now that's pretty steep for a drugstore product, isn't it? But it's really good and it's prolly one of the most effectual toners when it comes to controlling sebum-I just have to get over the price shock. :p

If you dig Japanese beauty products and you're looking for a Kawaii (but great) toner for oily/combination normal/oily skin, try this one-it's a bit pricey, but it delivers.


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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. It's pricey but if it's worth a try. Been looking for a perfect toner for my oily/sensitive skin. Celeteque has been my friend for years already and it helps improve my skin. Downside is that it makes my face shiny. I'll try Canmake soon...

  2. It's pricey but if it's worth a try. Been looking for a perfect toner for my oily/sensitive skin. Celeteque has been my friend for years already and it helps improve my skin. Downside is that it makes my face shiny. I'll try Canmake one of these days.��

  3. I do love Canmake! The packaging looks super kawaii plus this toner is perfect for oily skin. Btw, Martha what are the benefits of Witch Hazel? I've been seeing a lot of products which contains witch hazel.

  4. I agree this is best for oily skin. And I'm sure sa weather natin most filipinas have oily skin so I think na master ko na how to get rid of oily skin hehe.
    First, the cleanse tone and moisturize step is really good but one secret I've been doing since I realized I have oily (more of combination skin) is applying ice cubes to my face for atleast 10 mins after cleansing my face. Sometimes no need to tone everyday you can do it 3x a week but it's a must to moisturize everyday.
    After that you can immediately notice you'll have less pores and your face is not that oily anymore.
    But canmake lotion sounds effective (hope so bec I agree medyo pricey sya hehe) but I remember my marketing manager said one time, if it's pricey then most likely it delivers 😊

  5. i saw this sa IG nyo ms m!

    i have been introduced to canmake i think it was 2 or 3 years ago via blog post from a singaporean blogger (via onsugar she now transferred to wordpress due to some errors on posting via onsugar, i have onsugar account too but deleted all contents due to some personal matters ms m)

    and im glad now that canmake is readily available in our counters =) (same as sleek, inglot, bifesta and more)

    after reading your thoughts about it ms m, i imagine using my previous toner which is Nivea Mattifying toner, the only difference is the scent and price, you mentioned that this Toner (canmake) is having a lavender scent and it costs 900+ i love the packaging as well, i've been loving japanese and korean brand lately (but i have to love my wallet too haha) little bit steep for my liking, this one bottle can last to how many months kaya ms m? (im looking forward that this toner will be included to your March Favorite Products! yay)

    if not only for the price i will get one, sayang they don't have smaller one (one size only) considering for the price kasi ms m katumbas na rin ng 4 to 5 bottles nung previous toner ko..

    sana magkaron ng samples sa sampleroom!

  6. Canmake products have really that fancy packaging which is so Kawaii. I haven't tried this one though. Because as you mentioned, it's pretty expensive. :/ I'm using the etude house moistfull toner and I like how it preps my skin for makeup. And it's pretty affordable too. :) Yung canmake, maybe I'll try that too pag naubos ko na yung ginagamit ko. :)


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