FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Effective Concealing Of Spots on Dry, Flaky Skin (And then some)

Hello, guys! Today, we're going to talk about concealing spots on Dry skin, plus a little useful info on breakouts on the forehead area.

Dear Martha,

Lately, my super oily skin has been producing mild acne at the top of my forehead and on my cheeks down to the jawline
My current anti- acne skin care routine dries out my cheeks and my upper forehead while my T-Zone still gets completely oily. Ironically, it’s my T-Zone that never breaks out.
I’ve tried covering up my problem areas with my Ellana Primer and Pressed Foundation and setting it with powder, but I soon found that the powder actually highlights the dryness of my problem areas.
What product should I use to cover up this mess while also keeping my T-Zone shine- free?
Thanks, Martha! God bless and more power to your blog!

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Hi Sarah!

Thanks for writing to me. :) Hmmm...looks like you've got combination oily/normal skin and regarding your upper forehead, the misbehaving part of your T-Zone, I think your problem there is caused by something else. I'll tackle the latter too later on.

Are you using anti- acne products that contain Glycolic and Salicylic Acids as the main ingredients? If yes, I suggest give your skin a break for three days-drop the other products and temporarily switch to hydrating products, but retain the spot treatments to still control your acne. If you can't, load up on moisture instead-it's the best way to prevent and control acne because sometimes, acne is just a symptom of dehydrated skin. But of course, consult with a dermatologist first, especially if you have sensitive skin. ;)

Now for your main question Below are four ways to cover up spots on dry, flaky skin effectively and properly. Click READ MORE. :)

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1. Moisturize

- Even if you're going to wear a liquid base, it is still important to moisturize before wearing makeup. Makeup is meant to enhance your skin and moisturizer is meant to moisturize so don't expect the former to do the latter for you. Makeup looks and applies better on moisturized skin so don't skip this step. Since you've got oily skin, opt for cream but oil- free or gel moisturizers.

2. Use creamy setting powders

- Or anything with Nylon 12 as the ingredient (ooh, science-y! :D) because this ingredient has a smoothing texture and it's great at controlling oil as well, making it perfect for combination skin. Examples are Absynthe Happy Girls Are the Prettiest Talc- free Face Powder and Benefit The Porefessional Agent Zero Shine Shine- Vanishing Powder. If this is not enough to control oil on your T-Zone, just keep in hand a blotting powder.

3. Rehydrate

- Always bring a makeup finisher/facial mist with you to freshen your skin and soothe dry areas while you're out. For this one, you don't have to spend a lot: Just buy a small atomizer bottle, fill it up with water and you're done! If you have extra budget, look for Rosewater essence to mix with your DIY Facial Mist-Rosewater is a very good hydrating ingredient.

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4. Use a Creamy Spot Concealer

- When choosing spot concealers, opt for a softer cream concealer or a liquid one.

Now here's the 'and then some' part of this post:

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Breaking out on the forehead could mean that you're allergic to certain ingredients in shampoos and conditioners such as SLES. Aside from that, it could also be caused by certain foods that you're allergic to but you're unaware of, or a sign that something is wrong with your overall health. Better check with a doctor or dermatologist to pinpoint the real problem.

Hope you find this post helpful, Sarah. :)

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I haven't experienced the same thing but this post is really helpful. Moisturizer is really a must. I'm amazed with the explanation too! That's why we love asking you Ms. Martha. You just don't answer the questions, you give explanations and more information too!

  2. Oh my god! Thank you so much Martha!
    Thanks for answering all my questions, I now understand why your blog is so successful--it's because you're so accomodating to your followers! Thank you so much for the help! :D

  3. Hello after reading your letter, Martha is right I think it's more of dehydration problem and you shouldn't use makeup for few days to allow your skin to breathe. Or Stick to basics muna :)
    I feel you I have oily skin too and can be acne prone esp if my period is near, when that happens I just splash my face with water lang and don't underestimate the power of drinking water at least 8 glasses a day! Hehehe
    Best if you use lemon water:)

  4. as much as i can i always apply moisturizer before sleep, and for concealing dark spots (like spots from the pimple marks) i use elf correcting concealer you just have to mix to attain the desired coverage

    i always tend to have spots on my chin area =( it is the most sensitive part of my face. i dunno if anyone is experiencing it too or is it just me

  5. This question is just in time with my current problem. Just last week, my cheeks, forehead and jaw started having pesky pimples. I don't really know why it happened again (I suffered from the same thing last year)But I'm currently using the belo acne gel to dry out the pimples and a moisturizer and I drink lots/tons of water (hehe. tons talaga :D) to be hydrated from within. I'll try your other suggestions Martha. Thanks ♥


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