Maybelline Color Sensational Red Lipsticks Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Maybelline Color Sensational Red Lipsticks.

Price: P399.00/each
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all Maybelline counters in leading department stores, drugstores, and supermarkets.


Do you remember when drugstore red lipsticks used to look...err...tacky? They used to look diluted and pinkish to me. :p

Thank goodness it's different now because of Maybelline and their Color Sensational lipstick line-IMO, this line has really great- looking Reds that one won't think they're super affordable!


Color Sensational is Maybelline's color and moisture- rich lipstick line infused with Honey Nectar and Pure Pigments for vibrant, sensational color. This line features 88 shades.

 Detailed review on this product HERE.

Swatching these gorgeous Reds for everyone after the cut!

Are You Red-dy?

- A creamy, bright Red shade.

 This soft, vintage Red kinda' reminds me of Red Velvet Cupcakes and is a dupe of Avon Ultra Color Absolute in Red Velvet.

Red Revival

- A warm red shade.

To those who are looking for a sultry, night time Red from Maybelline Color Sensational, why not try this shade?

Very Cherry

- A midtone Cherry Red shade.

Unlike most Cherry Red lipsticks, this more on the Red side than Pink, therefore it is unique and a good alternative for those who like it sexier.

I don't mind picking up these Reds if in case I leave my makeup kit or Red-Lippie-Of-The-Day at home because these are pretty and most especially, not tacky!

What's your favorite Red among the three? :)


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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. maybelline lipsticks were very affordable and easy to find, i love their new release ColorSensational Lip Polish in Glam#06 what i love about it is that color leaves a hint of color on your lips even if the product is gone. So, in a way, it’s better during important nights since you know you won’t have sickly pale lips by the time you have to kiss goodnight.

    i love their mascaras too =)

  2. I love Maybelline lipsticks. Aside from they're affordable, they're easy to find and the quality is okay naman. I love all the reds you swatched but I have the very cherry one, which I liked the most. During the day, I just put a little on my lips so as to have a light red shade. I darken it at night. :) Super red shade makes me look mataray nang bongga at daytime. :)

  3. I'm a maybelline baby because you're right they're good and affordable!
    Surprisingly though these great red lipsticks is also affordable. Lagi lang kasi maybelline lip balm gamit ko heehe! And nice to know they have 88 shades!! Their creative team are really creative 😍😄
    I'm currently searching for one that's dark red, not the reddy red but maybe really dark red the maldita look I think it's really nice and of course best to use it at night;)
    Thanks for the review Martha! Naalala ko tuloy the nice maybelline girls in sm everytime I ask for a makeup they're willing to do it:)

  4. By the way, the red lipstick you're wearing yesterday in beauty bar, it's so red but not tacky it looks classy on you. Maganda ka magdala 💋
    Sana on your blog anniversary may get together din please!!

  5. Red Revival is the first full on red lipstick I owned and it got me into bold colors.

  6. Maybelline is one of the best and affordable product. Whenever I need or want to try a new make up, whether lipstick, foundation or mascara, I never failed to check out maybelline counters first. They have a special promotion a few weeks ago and the lipsticks are on sale. I wish I got the same shades that you have here! :)


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