NEKKID Beauty Skin Care: Being Naked Never Felt This Good + Top 5 NEKKID Beauty Products

There's an up-and-coming skin care brand in town and it's by no other than my beautiful Beauty Blogger friend, Sabs Hernandez of The Makeup Maven. Sabs is one of the coolest and funniest Beauty Bloggers I know, and I also believe we were once best friends in another time and place as we both laugh at the same jokes, share the same love for bags, and we're both die- hard food lovers. These are just some of the hundred reasons why I love this girl and why she's one of my closest pals in the Beauty Blogging circle.

This great girl deserves an introduction. Sabs has been Blogging for the last five years and she's been a makeup artist (and a very successful one at that) for the last 10 years, catering mostly to Bridal clients here and abroad. Sabs actually graduated as a chef, but her love for beauty and makeup is stronger so she took this path instead. Occasionally, you'll still see her posting her recipes though @themakeupmaven.

But beyond all her love for pigments, brushes, lipsticks, and blushes, Sabs is also a self- confessed skin care addict, thus she started NEKKID Beauty in September 2014 along with a couple of friends. Oh, to follow your heart and let it amaze you!

Proudly homegrown brand NEKKID believes that more than having a beautiful body, it is also important to have beautiful skin, skin that we feel comfortable in even when we're naked. It's sad that most of the time, we're ashamed of being naked even if it's just with ourselves because we're not proud of how our skin looks and feels-NEKKID wants everyone to know that there's something we can do about that through their products that promise to give everyone smooth, glowing, and healthy skin so we can look and most especially, feel good naked. ;)

Baring further details on NEKKID after the break! ;)

NEKKID is a basic skin care line made with all- natural ingredients and fragrances. NEKKID also believes that your skin care products shouldn't puzzle or scare you so they made their ingredients list pure, simple, and readable.

The NEKKID products I have here are the following:

NEKKID Ginger Peach Bath Gel- P220.00
NEKKID Whipped Peach Body Butter- P300.00
NEKKID Creamy Body Scrub in Olive Oil- P350.00
NEKKID Unscented Cleansing Cream- P350.00

All products can last more than one year provided that they are unopened and unused. Most opened and used products can last for one year and nothing is above P750.00!

Presenting the 5 best- sellers of the brand!

NEKKID Pineapple Exfoliating Creamy Body Scrub (P350.00)

- Made with natural Apricot Kernels to slough away dead skin cells effectively and naturally. This  tropical pick-me-up scent will get you singin' in the shower!

NEKKID Ginger Peach Bath Gel- P220.00

This deep- cleansing shower gel comes in sumptuous scents that will uplift your mood. Ginger Peach is the best- seller!

NEKKID Body Scrub (P320.00)

This all- natural Body Scrub has beautifying and therapeutic effects, plus it's naturally scented to inspire your senses and clarify your thoughts.


An all- around salve that you can use as a post- waxing and shaving treatment to soothe nicks and cuts, and prevent Chicken Skin.

NEKKID Whipped Peach Body Butter- P300.00

A lavish Body Butter that makes skin feel oh-so-soft and smell oh-so-delightful!

Time to embrace your nakedness with NEKKID! I'm currently addicted to the Creamy Body Scrub and Body Butter! :)

You can order NEKKID via their official website. Visit NEKKID BEAUTY on Facebook for more information about this brand.

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I'm into shower gels and body wash lately as my skin no longer got breakouts from them and I'm glad all these babies are affordable!! I admit that I am more addicted to skin care products than makeups :)

  2. been ms sabs blog reader too and already saw this on her ig posts, the prices were very much affordable and im curious with their Coffee Coconut Body scrub for im somewhat addicted to coffee =)

  3. These are lovely products, I'd love to try the Coffee body scrub :)

  4. These are the interesting products I saw when I visited the site. I'm now decided to try those as they're so affordable. :D And I would love to support local products. Hope the products would work on me well.

  5. This looks yummy! Never tried a product with combination of Peach and Ginger. I love peach and I love ginger. Will definitely try the shower gel.

  6. Packaging looks classy🌸
    I think the brand name Nekkid speaks of being naked or being natural/ bold, just being you! Naks maiconnect lang!
    Anyway, Thats a really nice introduction for your friend Sab, it really is nice to be with someone who we can laugh your hearts out with. I'm sure she's lucky to have you as a friend as well 💕

  7. Also one of the body showers I tried very recently (uh yesterday and this morning) smells like wine hahahaha ang lakas maka mayaman I hope Nekkid has the same version too bec Nekkid is more affordable.


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