L'Oreal Mat Magique Matte Transforming Powder in G2 Golden Ivory Review + Swatches

Here's a review on L'Oreal Mat Magique Matte Transforming Powder in G2 Golden Ivory Review.

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If you find Maybelline's White Superfresh Powder a tad bit sheer and teeny- bopper for your liking, go and check out this powder called Mat Magique from its sister makeup brand, L'Oreal. In a nutshell, it promises a lasting matte finish. Come, let's scrutinize this powder.


Mat Magique contains the highest concentration of Volcanic Perlite-a natural oil- absorbing ingredient-at 30% and promises shine- free coverage for up to 12 hours. This Asia- exclusive product comes in five shades.

Funny thing is, the packaging of this one is more teeny bopper than Maybelline's, but good thing I love Fuchsia (or anything Pink for that matter) and besides, the adults are getting younger nowadays, right? HA.


More about this product after the break.

Mat Magique comes with a soft, flexible sponge that doesn't smell anything like rubber-it's easier to use than the one in Maybelline White Superfresh.

I mentioned that this range has five shades and I'm only missing one here, which is N1 Nude Ivory (for very fair skin tones). Here's to give you an idea which shade will suit you. I'm going to use MAC's shade system as reference:

N2 Nude Vanilla: NC20- NC25 (Fair skin tone, Yellow undertone)
R1 Rose Ivory: NC20-NC25 (Fair skin tone, Pink or Neutral undertone)
G1 Vanilla Ivory: NC30 (Fair/Medium skin tone)
G2 Golden Ivory: NC35- NC40 (Medium skin tone)

For Medium Dark ladies like me, sorry, no shade for us except G2 Golden Ivory, the darkest shade in the line.

G2 Golden Ivory is a medium Beige shade with a yellow undertone. It has a dry yet smooth texture-the smoothness gives it some sort of slip, thus I can spread it on my skin easily. It's unscented and produces no powder fallout. 


Two layers of Mat Magique in G2 Golden Ivory

Well, what can I say about the shade? It's too light for my complexion! :p

This powder gives me a flat matte finish, but it's not cakey and doesn't look as if it's sitting on top of my face. Flat Matte has always had this infamous reputation of being 'outdated' and 'unnatural- looking', but this powder proves that this finish can look modern and natural too-it's just a matter of choosing airy pigments and mixing 'em in a formula that melts on the skin! Coverage is light to medium and breathable, and it makes skin appear smoother as well.

I know that what everyone here wants to know is if it stays put for 12 hours, as advertised. The thing is, it said that it stays put for UP TO 12 hours-UP TO is the loophole there meaning it may or may not stay for 12 hours depending on the weather and your skin type (this also applies to all products that claim to stay for X number of hours). But I did an experiment with it anyway and wore it for 12 hours and by the 9th hour, coverage has faded already and my nose felt pretty greasy so nope, it doesn't stay put for 12 hours.

On average, I can go on without retouching for 6 hours and it still looks okay, but if I want the finish to look more decent and fresher, I retouch. I wear this to my workout too like Maybelline's White Superfresh and just like the latter, it can withstand my sets of cleans, pull- ups, and deadlifts.

Mat Magique and Superfresh don't really differ so much from each other in my opinion as they virtually have the same use and quality, and deliver the same results so let me just put it this way: L'Oreal Mat Magique is for adults because 1.) It has thicker coverage to improve the look of mature skin. 2.) Price point is targeted towards this segment. Maybelline White Superfresh is for young adults because 1.) It has lighter coverage that compliments young skin. 2.) Price point is targeted towards this segment.

So which one do I like the most? This. Because I belong to the adult segment already plus I find that the darkest shade here suits my skin tone better. If you have oily or combination oily/normal skin and you want an affordable, mattifying powder foundation that yields light to medium coverage (plus comes in a funky Fuchsia packaging too!), get this. ;)


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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. That's why I like reading your blog. You really compare products and give your thoughts on which you liked more. :) I agree, the shades are few and leaning towards fair skinned people. I have tried this one too in nude vanilla and stayed on my face for 9 hours too, but it's pretty matte still that time. For everyday use, maybe Maybelline's is better and more economical. :)

  2. oh dear.. after reading your post about this one i got bit disappointed ms m it wasnt true that they would last upto 12 hours.. okay i have decided i will get the maybelline instead =)

  3. I love the comparison and honest review! I have both powders from Maybelline and L'Oreal. I haven't used them yet because I am still using up several powders. I will probably open them soon because of all the good reviews. I usually oil up on my t-zone so I am hoping that this will keep it matte for a longer time. :)

  4. So this is the face powder that everyone has been talking about! I like your smooth skin and nice lip color in the last picture. I think 9 hours are good enough. I can't imagine not checking/cleaning my face for 12 hours anyway. :)

  5. I think I still go for Maybelline :D

  6. I think this product is very promising :) But i'll still go for Maybelline. Oh and btw I never knew that Loreal And Maybelline are sister brand. Thanks for that!

  7. Buti nalang I didn't get the recommendation of the SA before. feeling ko kasi talaga G2 will suit me best.. maputi pa pala ng konti sayo. halos pareho siguro tayo skintone sis. Great help..

  8. I've been wanting to try this powder as its cheaper than my Revlon powder foundation. I havent uses a Loreal powder foundation in years. Will give this a try once i finish my Revlon one.

  9. True the packaging is no teeny bopper unlike other face powders. I think this is the only fuschia colored casing powder casing I seen so far. And to think it's from l'oreal medyo mura na yung 499 pesos.
    However I stopped using powder foundation anymore after I seen my colleague looking fresh and ganda talaga ng aura nya and jealous kasi infairness maganda talaga genes nila haha! So she's not using any makeup except baby powder.
    But for someone like me na oily and and pimple prone ang face esp if my period is near, I need a good powder foundation that won't make me look slobby.
    But then again these powder foundations are almost the same, patyagaan talaga maghanap ng babagay sa skin mo yung hiyang. So right now I'm more focused of having nice skin I temporarily stopped using any powder foundations but this packaging is too cute I hope to stash it in my bag even if I don't use it often. Only if there emergency cases like impromptu date diba!😍🍷


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