Maybelline White Superfresh Powder Foundation in Honey 04 Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Maybelline White Superfresh Powder Foundation in Honey 04.

Price: P299.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all leading drugstores, department stores, and supermarkets (Starting February 28, 2015)


For someone who has oily skin, it is always a challenge for me to look fresh on any day, especially when it's hot and sunny outside-I think it's a challenge for anyone who's living in the tropics and I also think this is why the matte look will always be a staple here in our country. :p

Being matte is one story and having a long- lasting matte finish is another. Another challenge for us is finding a matte base that's very affordable and stays put for a long time. On that note, Maybelline has recently brought to the country White Superfresh, a powder foundation that's super, duper affordable and lasts for quite a while.


This new face base from Maybelline features the Clean Touch Powder Technology, resulting to a formula that absorbs oil and sweat five times better than regular talc and promises to stay put for up to 12 hours, and has SPF 34 PA+++ as well. Locally, we have four shades available for this product.


Got no time to retouch? Don't worry, this product will save your face! More about this product after the break!

By far, this is the Maybelline product that has the neatest packaging-I am loving the chic, crisp white color. Because White makes anything look expensive. :)

It comes with a sturdy sponge, but I find it too stiff and if used with considerable hand force, it has a tendency to remove your current layers of makeup such as primer, foundation, BB/CC Cream, or concealer. :p

Honey 4 is a fair beige shade and unfortunately for warm- skinned gals like me, this is their darkest shade. Maybelline has been around since forever here in the Philippines and they should know by now that there are morenas living here too. Oh well!

Anyway, this powder has a sheer texture, matte finish, and light to medium coverage. You will need to use concealer with this product to cover up imperfections. It also has a dry texture so you will need to prep with moisturizer prior to usage. Otherwise, it will highlight dry patches like in the second photo below.


Skin with Inglot AMC Creamy Concealer and Zero Kuma Concealer

Two layers of Maybelline White Superfresh

The powder has a really matte finish, but there's something youthful and not 'flat matte' about it. It's 'fresh matte' in my opinion (if there's a term like that in the world of makeup), which makes it good enough for teenagers. However, as I said, it tends to highlight dry patches-check out the dry pimple on my cheek: the powder has highlighted it. :/

TIP: Here's how to go around that stiff sponge: Hold the sponge loosely (but tightly enough that it won't slip from your fingers) and use a light, sweeping motion when applying the product onto your skin. This way, you'll be able to get better coverage and you won't let the sponge remove your current makeup.

Indeed, it has really good staying power, around 6 hours tops (haven't worn it for 12 hours straight so I can't tell you if the 12- hour wear time is true) and you can even go to a meeting without retouching and you'll look just fine, but if you really want to look much fresher, you still have to retouch it at least once during wear, imo-this is the case for my combination oily/normal skin and I don't know if it will be the same for those with really oily skin types. I even wore this product to one of my Circuit Training sessions in 360 Fitness and after the workout, it still looked quite fresh. Cool. :) However, it yields a white cast so I'd only use this product during daytime and not in events slated at night time.

I like this product because it's so affordable and the wear time has passed my standards, but I still find their darkest shade too light for my skin tone and coverage is a lil' sheer for a powder foundation. BUT--it's not so bad-I can still see myself wearing it to the gym or on a very casual day.

I wouldn't recommend this product to dry- skinned gals though because its texture is dry, but if you are in the fair and medium side of the shade spectrum and you've got oily skin, congratulations, you'll be able to enjoy this product thoroughly.


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19 Lovely Thoughts

  1. the box says MADE IN CHINA (im confused? maybe this new released product were manufactured in China but addressed to USA)

    i love mattes mostly when it came to foundation (MK) and lipstick (WnW)! and im curious with this face powder (the matte effect!)

    i do love the packaging too ms m, it was simple and neat! (i saw huge mirror hehe) this compact costs 299php how about the refill ms m?

    i love how affordable this is!

  2. Now, I have another product to add to my wishlist. haha. As soon as I empty my current pact, I'm gonna try this!

    Thanks Ms. Martha!

  3. I do really like Maybelline foundations and other makeup under this line, very affordable.. I agree it doesn't cover enough of a matte finish but it's pretty fine though with its price :) packaging looks classy..

  4. I too have an oily skin and will definitely try this one. It's a plus that it has spf and I'm kinda intrigue with its 12hrs staying power. Hope this will suit me coz I don't one to do several retouches even when I'm just inside the office. Have to buy this soon. thanks for sharing Ms. M :)

  5. Nagulat ako when I saw the price. It's so affordable for something that doesn't look cheap. Nice!

  6. Several cosmetics brands now guarantee a 12-hour no-retouch look, and that is a very attractive promise for many women. What I like about Maybelline is that it offers an affordable alternative. I used Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Pressed Powder for many years. Thanks for letting me know about White Superfresh! Looks good on you. :)

  7. This is why I've never kept a maybelline foundation. I bought the mineral powder one before but there's just something off with the shade on my skin tone. I'm very particular with undertone matching and they just don't have shade for me.

  8. More and more powders are now claiming to have long lasting coverage ha. And halos sabay pa silang naglabas ng bagong powder ni L'oreal. Will try them both

  9. I've been using Maybelline foundation since it gives me my desired matte face and after this one comes out I hope my experience will be even better.

    Miss Princess Diaries

  10. Rhain: Maybelline's headquarters is in the USA, but this product is made in China-that's what that means. :)

    As for your question, not sure if it has a refill, dear. :)

    Princess Mikee: Hello and welcome to my blog! Great for you! How I wish I could just use drugstore foundation like you-it's always a struggle finding my shade match in drugstore brands! :/

    Abegaill: I think this is geared towards the young due to its price. :)

    Rae: Ditto!

    Anna: I used Clear Smooth Powder in high school and I remember, I loved it so much. :)

    Deedee: Yes! I love the white compact! :)

    Simplyme: You're welcome! If you're gonna stay in an air-conditioned room the whole day, just make sure to moisturize. The matte finish of this powder and cold temperature might dry out your skin!

    Newbee: Welcome! :)

  11. yay thank you for clarification ms m =)

  12. You always look good with powder foundation. i might try it pagnaubos na yung ZA ko. Hope you will post more powder foundation reviews

  13. Hi miss Martha; I've been using this product for two weeks straight and no breakouts! This product is amazing! Also, regarding the stiff sponge, I accidentally washed mine with baby oil and my sponge became super soft. Though it did get a little bigger. :/
    But it still fits in the compact, haha!

  14. Hi Ms.Martha, as far as I know meron ng refill, P199 ata? Perfect to for me since I have really oily T-zone and I sweat too much pa tapos napakatamad ko mag retouch. Btw, Ms. Martha do you think it is a cheaper alternative to loreal mat magique? O malaki pa din ang difference nila when it comes to longevity?

  15. This White Super Fresh is now my new favourite! True to it's name, it kept me fresh the whole day.

  16. Sarah: Awesome! Lucky you, you found a shade. :) Will try that washing technique on the sponge. :D

    Hazel: Thanks for the info. :) Nope, longevity for both products is pretty much the same. :)

    Mommy: Yes! Really love it wear time. :D

  17. Hi Ms. Martha! Is this product non comedogenic?

  18. Hi! Will this do great on skin even at night? I've been wondering if products with SPF content will have side effects if it will be used at night. I'm working on a night shift and I don't know if I should avoid using products with SPF.

  19. Hi Martha,
    Just read your review and noticed that you picked the Honey variant. They now have an even darker shade now called Sand Beige and I was wondering if you have tried it have any thoughts on it. When I visited my nearest Watsons branch the saleslady suggested I use Honey but I found it to be a tad too light (I have a medium-dark skintone). I ended up following my gut and purchasing Sand Beige which I still have yet to try. Let me know if you've tried it as well, I'd love to hear your take on it!


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