Commenter Of The Month For February + Gift For This Month's Commenter

Hey! It's March now. First three months of 2015 now gone. I can smell Christmas now LOL! :D

Anyway, I'm announcing February's Commenter of the Month and revealing my gift for this month's Commenter. Click READ More now! :)

Congratulations for winning the Pond's Age Miracle loot...


**Congratulations, dear! Please send your full name, complete address, and mobile number to

It's graduation month so I decided to be a little generous by giving away a brand new DTC Mobile Smartphone. It's the Speed Plus GT6 that runs on Android Jellybean, is 1.2GHZ Dual Core, and is Dual Sim. It's fully capable of Internet surfing and Facebook browsing, and has a 5MP back camera and 1.3MP front camera.

This baby is brand new, by the way. It's a very decent smartphone and I'm truly excited for this month's commenter!

Kindly read the mechanics below:

1. The commenter of the month will start on the first day of the month until the last day of the month.
2. The COM will be picked and announced via a blog entry at the end of the month, or the first day of the succeeding month.
3. The chosen COM should send his/her contact details, full name, and complete address to
4. Unclaimed gift/s within 10 days will invalidate the win of the chosen commenter, and another commenter will be chosen.
5. All bloggers are welcome to join. It is not necessary that you are a follower of my blog or from Blogger. If you are not a blogger but would still like to comment on my posts, you're still a qualified candidate.

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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. yay! congrats ms anna! oh dear the march commenter will surely enjoy the prize! --ehem Merry Christmas by the way Ms M! (Kidding!) hehe

  2. Congrats to you Ms. Feb COM :) and 2 thumbs up for Ms. M for being so generous as always!

  3. Congratulations to the lucky winner! Bongga ng prizes monthly!:)

  4. Congrats Anna A! Your loot is really awesome. Perfect for me time. :) And as for this month's winner, you would be really lucky. Ms. Martha is really really generous. :)

  5. Yehehey! That's all I can say!
    Wootwoot! I feel so happy! :D

    I have just been staying at home for a substantial amount of time because of health issues. Thank you so much, The Beauty Junkee, for taking me out of the four corners of our house and making me experience life in the "outside world" again (vicariously)! Keep coming up with interesting, well-thought-out, and well-written posts!

    And wow, I'm really excited about the Pond's Age Miracle loot! I turned 40 last year and now I don't mind product labels with the word "age" in them. Hahaha! Will share with my mom and sister. Maraming salamat!

    Thanks to blog readers too for the congratulatory messages. :)

  6. Wow! Congratulations for winning the whole ponds age miracle set.

  7. Congrats to the winner !! Bongga ng prize for this month hihihi !

  8. You are so generous! This is a very nice gift. Goodluck to everyone! :)

  9. You are so generous! This is definitely a very good grad gift. Wish I could win because my sister's graduating this year. Hihi. Goodluck to everyone and more power to you! :)

  10. Hello sis swerte ng COM mo for March.
    I'm hoping to win too (obviously haha!) and because I like the sincerity of your reviews magaan syang basahin.
    So from now on I will make sure to frequent your blog na din. Again, obviously to score a loot like that! Mwahaha!
    Btw, saw you yesterday during Project Vanity 7thanniversary love your hair😍

  11. And congrats to the beautiful winner ang swerte mo kapatid! I hope you share your blessings to your mom or siblings:)

  12. The benefit of being the cellphone capital of Asia is the wide range of affordable smartphones made available to Pinoys. :)) Love how extensive the local market is that you'll find a phone suited to your needs, even if you're super specific. I think DTC is a great contender in the arena of affordable Android providers.

    That phone looks awesome, judging from the quality of the lock screen alone. Congrats to Anna A, and good luck to March's COM.

  13. Lucky you Ms. Anna for winning the whole Pond's miracle set :) Congratulations!
    I will make sure to visit your blog site from time to time to read reviews :)
    Goodluck to March's COM!

  14. Wow! How generous you are :) I am hoping to be as lucky as Ms. Anna. Goodluck to us all.

  15. Congrats to the winner of Pond's loot. I do want to buy age miracle products for my mama. She needs it already since her wrinkles are starting to show up. It would be a great help to make her skin look younger. It is an instant confidence booster specially that she have to look good and confident in front of her students and co- teachers.


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